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The official homepage of Dan Sewell Ward

Dan Sewell Ward -- also known as Daniel Sewell DocPtah Ward, Dan S. Ward, Daniel Alexander Nightwolf, HRH Daniel of Riordan, and variations on the same person -- is delighted to announce:

The Library of ialexandriah Website

ialexandria.org (or .com) is a Synthesis of new physics, Sacred Geometry, ancient and modern history, Multiple Universes & realities, Consciousness, the Ha Qabala and ORME, Extraterrestrial Life, Corporate Rule and politics, law, order and Entropy, Trial by Jury, monetary policy, scientific anomalies, and a whole host of other subjects ranging from Astrology and astrophysics to Superstrings and Sonoluminescence to biblical and geologic histories to Numerology, the Tarot, and Creating Reality. Most of the contents are factual, although there are reality-based Novels, Poetry, Screenplays, and Stageplays just for the sake of completeness. Okay, so it's a large, extended website.

ialexandria's primary author is none other than Daniel Sewell DocPtah Ward, a being of infinite jest and... well... whatever. Visually, he looks something like... (over there, on the left)


Daniel holds (there's not much else to do with it) a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as a Bachelor of Engineering Science from the same university. He is the author of over one hundred and fifty technical and semi-technical articles in a variety of scientific journals, magazines and conference proceedings, and has been doing research in a wide diversity of scientific disciplines and esoteric subjects for over three decades. (Actually longer, but he's trying to think young.) These subjects include nuclear and elementary particle physics, solar energy (including building the world's first solar heated and cooled house), the economics and politics of alternative energy systems, Zero-Point Energy, Cold Fusion, Sacred Geometry, ancient history, goddess-related topics, Hyperdimensional Physics, the enigma of Crop Circles, and the list goes on and on. As a true synergistic generalist, Dr. Ward is also a teacher, prolific writer, theoretical and experimental researcher, futurist, and unrepentant humorist (specializing in puns). He is currently President and Chief Scientist of Quantum Genesis, L.L.C., and CEO and Chancellor of ialexandria Foundationh. Just for the fun of it, he has also assumed the following titles (for those impressed with such things):


HRH Daniel Sewell DocPtah Ward

Scion de En.Ki.

Comte de Blase

Duc de Excalibur

First Earl of Cameseldom

Patron of the Royal Order of Riordan

Beloved Consort to the House of Inanna/Isis/Astarte

Technomagick Fellow of the Hermetic Order Excathedra

Beneficent Iron Dragon in the Court of Queen Boudicca

Knight Grand Commander of the Texas Protective Rangers

Supreme Exalted Chancellor of Halexandria

Head Honcho, Quantum Genesis. L.L.C.

Humble servant of Antarah of Scorpio

Sumerian Historiographer Royal

Sacred Geometrist of Orion

Jester without Portfolio


The latter title implies that Daniel is a Jester, but one who is currently not attached to any established royal court. In other words, Daniel is "nobody's fool". (This should suggest the level of legitimacy of the other titles.) But if one really wants to get down to the nitty gritty, there are also the enclosed resumes -- hardly sufficient for anyone so prolific (or just able to type very, very fast), but enough to provide a few clues. The first rendition of the resume is somewhat out of the ordinary, but then again, so is the second version. One might even conclude that the author/subject is also out of the ordinary. But then, Uniqueness Implies Value. So there!



Daniel Sewell DocPtah Ward

Loveland, Colorado 80538 USA

e-mail: dansward@frii.com __________________________________________________________________________________________


Dan discovered The Epic of Gilgamesh at age twelve, by reading The Time Masters by Wilson Tucker -- the story of extraterrestrials stranded on Earth whose extreme longevity depended upon access to a particular form of water -- in the story, "heavy water", or Deuterium Oxide (Deuterium being an isotope of Hydrogen, with roughly twice the mass). This led to an early and life-long interest in Sumerian history. Thus his library over a period of time benefited from such items as: P.R.S. Moorey's UR of the Chaldees, E. A. Wallis Budge's The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer's Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Susan Ferguson's Inanna Returns and Inanna Hyper-Luminal, all of Zecharia Sitchin's books, Arthur David Horn's Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins, Laurence Gardner's Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Genesis of the Grail Kings, Realm of the Ring Lords, and Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, and so forth and so on. (Dan reads a lot.)

In graduate school, Dan began looking into the books and theories of Immanuel Velikovsky (and acquired the complete sequence of issues of Pensee magazine). This research led to his writing several papers which were intended to substantiate many of the physical aspects of the ancient records. These include, for example, Sun, Stand Thou Still; A Consideration of the Possibility, a conference paper where he described the physics which could justify the possibility of the phenomenon described in Joshua 10:13 actually having occurred. (It's actually fairly simple physics!)

A decade or so ago, he became heavily involved in metaphysics and in order to put it all into perspective, he wrote Reincarnation Is Making A Comeback, a study of the interconnectedness of many new age topics. These subjects included, obviously, reincarnation, but also near-death and deathbed experiences, out-of-body and pre-natal experiences, entity possession and release techniques (including especially treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), multiple personalities, dreams, Divination, extrasensory perception (ESP), telekinesis, channeling, and other equally strange and bewildering topics. In the process he was able to develop this menagerie of topics into a cohesive theory. A greatly condensed version of this was included in a conference keynote paper and presentation some years back entitled, Theory of the Paranormal.

Along the way, he acquired fifteen years experience in researching and evaluating alternative healing modalities (including researching and co-authoring a paper with William Baldwin, PTSD and the Release of Earthbound Entities). He was also interested in new science theories and applications, a host of astrological and numerological topics, goddess-oriented mythologies, ancient histories, various aspects of sacred geometry and hyperdimensional physics, and the list goes on and on. These efforts, as well as his early interest in Immanuel Velikovsky, led him in the direction of considerable research into past (and future) catastrophic earth changes, and ultimately into his writing several research papers, including: A Brief History of the Future as Predicted by Cycles, and Magnetic Pole Shift -- A Proposed Theory and Specific Future Date. Both efforts included a basis of physics and astrology.

Perhaps more significantly, this also brought to the fore, the subject of extraterrestrials and their influence in ancient history (as well as the plausibility of their continuing presence on Earth). This led to his writing such treatises as: Are the Extraterrestrials Who First Came to Earth Still Here? and Violations of " The Prime Directive" (both of which involve the circumstantial evidence that the Anunnaki are still present and influencing the affairs of Earth). Coincident with this developing interest was a studied effort into goddess-related belief systems. Two papers he wrote and considers significant to this subject are:

1) Astrology According to the Goddess (demonstrating the patriarchal revision of placing Aries on the Ascendant in lieu of Taurus -- and the result of placing the solar male over the lunar female), and

2) Initiation -- The Descent into Hades (the philosophically profound meaning of Inanna's descent into the underworld, both from archetypal and practical considerations).This interest also led to his conducting workshops with such titles as: Return of the Goddess, Emissaries of the Gods, and Ancient Extraterrestrial Histories.

He also wrote a novel, Heir Apparent, which involves something on the order of 100 characters (all taken from so-called mythology; predominantly Greek). The primary character of the story is Hermes (or his archetype), and involves essentially the transfer of overriding power from Zeus to his son born of Metis (a secret birthing, after Athena's birth), and thence to his son's consort, a young goddess. But all of the primary gods become involved, some in support and others resisting (and often bewildered thereby).

In a slightly separate area, he has done considerable research into the physics and historical basis of the work of David Hudson and what David coined as "Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements" (i.e. ORME). This led to a novel and screenplay entitled The Golden Tear in the Eye of Horus. The story includes details about the ORME, its implications, and its connections to Sacred Geometry and sacred sites around the world (e.g. Teotihuacan, Machu Pichu, Aksum Ethiopia, Egypt, Crete, and in England, Glastonbury). The story also includes as principal characters: Gilgamesh, Inanna, Ninkhursag, Enki and Enlil, Ninurta, Ishkur, and Ningishzida (Thoth). This story is goddess-related as well, and suggests the possibility of a further evolution of the human species to what might be homo sapiens sapiens sapiens!

The novel also connects with the astrological, numerological, and tarot aspects of Ha Qabala. In effect, he had been studying these three intriguing disciplines for a decade or more, and their connecting link in the Ha Qabala. [Incidentally he suspects that the typical description or assignment of the planets to the various sephiroth is incorrect (i.e. still part of the hidden understanding), and that a slightly revised design more accurately addresses the "veil" and other aspects of the Tree of Life. As for the charge that a Ph.D. in physics sees the validity of astrology, he takes the same stance as Sir Isaac Newton did when he was asked how in the world he could believe in astrology: "I have studied the subject, Sir. You haven't."

His interest in the physics of the ORME -- specifically the nuclear forces involved in the nucleons and the potential for Superconductivity -- has also led him in the direction of new energy research. He has now studied inertial and gravitic-inertial field theories, over-unity circuitry, propulsion without reaction mass, " Cold Fusion", Zero-Point Energy (vacuum polarization), geometrical configurations of new energy devices, Casimir Effect, Sonoluminescence, relativity, the EPR Experiment, astronomical alignments and anomalies (such as John Martineau's work) and various other aspects of state-of-the-art quantum physics and science. Papers he has written on these diverse subjects include: Relativistic Space Contraction, Brown's Gas Technology: The Staggering Implications, A Paradigm Shift to Make Earth Changes Look Mild, Planetary Zero-Point Energies, The Harmony of the Spheres: A Cyclical View of Planetary Connections, Phi Lo Sophia (Elements of Sacred Geometry), The 9 in Sacred Geometry, and The Fifth Element, the latter now entitled Connective Physics and the most recent summation of the state-of-his-art.

n the process of this diverse research, he has traveled to Egypt, Machu Pichu, Teotihuacan, Crete, Persepolis, Greece, several parts of Europe, and of course, England. In particular, he spent three glorious weeks in 1996 running about the English countryside studying crop circles, and investigating the ancient sites of Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Brent's Knoll, Weston Super-Mare, as well as the smaller scale duplication of the Cydonia region of Mars around and near Avebury. The subject of crop circles has fascinated him for many years. Thereafter, he worked extensively with the geometry of the crop circles, and has conducted workshops and presentations on their meaning, possible implications, and their continuing development and evolution.

Other writings include a decidedly metaphysical screenplay, Multiple Choice (which includes a great deal of inter-dimensional travel -- as well as the profound message of creating one's own reality). He is also author of We the Jury, a screenplay about the critical importance and power of trials by jury. This is in addition to a "journey" screenplay entitled Cindy, et al, and yet another metaphysical novel, Flight of the Zygo Mati. The latter is more on the order of Voltaire's Candide, and is a delightful read.

Early writings include two other novels, Paint Out the Numbers (a submarine story) and A Glancing Blow. As a playwright, his efforts designed for the "legitimate theater" include: Kingdoms, Perceptions, What Now?, The Play: P.T.S.D. and one being revised, Survival of the Fittest.

Then there's the novel, Dawn, The Chosen, which he wrote many years ago based on a dream that he had had as a youth. While the novel is essentially a science fiction love story, the intriguing aspect of it from the perspective of his current interests is that it describes a society where the "gods" maintain the culture, but in the type of covert manner which allows the people to assume responsibility for their own lives. One might liken this to a covert monarchy -- perhaps from other dimensions -- doing the same for modern society on the planet Earth. Hmmmm... a distinct possibility?

To date, Daniel has now written Nine Novels, his latest being The Myth and Legend of D'PTah.

Or... if you prefer the more traditional form of a resume:_______________________________________________ Daniel Sewell Ward

Loveland, Colorado 80538 USA

e-mail: dansward@frii.com _________________________________________________________________________________________ Objectives

To learn. More specifically, to actively conduct innovative, creative, scientific and metaphysical synergistic research and utilize over thirty years of experience in a wide variety of technical fields and expertise. (Interestingly, inasmuch as it's all connected, such efforts are not that hard.)

Primary Qualifications

He is an upbeat, industrious, intelligent, responsible, and synergistic generalist -- someone who can do a lot of things well. He is capable of bringing diverse elements together and making them into a cohesive whole. As a "Renaissance Man" (someone else's descriptive phrase for him), he is a Ph.D., Nuclear Physicist, Teacher, Metaphysician, Futurist, Prolific Writer, and Humorist (specializing in puns). He also has a sense of humor, leadership abilities, a talent for written and verbal communications, and an eclectic background with broad worldly experience. (He's still working on humility.)


Special Talents

Capable of seeing humor in most situations,

Willing to play co-ed, fun volleyball at the drop of a hat -- or the erection of a net,

Qualified with a .007 batting average and a 150 IQ (and counting),

Able to leap (off) tall buildings with a single... running start, and

Adept at saving the known universe from imminent domain on any given occasion.

Academic Credentials

Bachelor of Engineering Science, University of Texas at Austin

Ph.D. Nuclear Physics, University of Texas at Austin

Colorado Teaching Certificate, Colorado State University, Fort Collins

Certified Financial Planner, College of Financial Planning, Denver, Colorado

Professional Experience

University of Texas at Austin -- Research Assistant and Instructor, Department of Physics

University of Texas at Austin -- Instructor, School of Architecture

Colorado State University -- Associate Professor of Physic and Civil Engineering

Colorado State University -- Associate Director, Solar Energy Applications Laboratory (including manager for National Science Foundation and Department of Energy, major funding grants for three experimental, solar heated and cooled houses --one of which is the world's first solar heated and cooled home)

Rocky Mountain Research Institute, Fort Collins, Colorado -- Vice President for Research

Foundation for Scientific Research, Canoga Park, California -- Chief Scientist

International Association for New Science, Fort Collins, Colorado -- Vice President, Program Manager, and member of the Board of Directors

Association for New Energy, Fort Collins, Colorado -- Technical Analyst and Facilitator

IFECT Power Systems, L.L.C., Phoenix, Arizona -- Consultant and Chief Scientist

Quantum Genesis, L.L.C., Fort Collins, Colorado -- President and Chief Scientist

Halexandria Foundation -- Chief Executive Officer and Chancellor

Metaphysical Research and Writing

Co-editor of two semi-technical conference proceedings on Metaphysical topics (including new science, alternative health, crop circles, ancient history, goddess studies, channeling, UFOs, astrology...)

Technical Writing

Editor of two technical conference proceedings on solar energy applications

Author and/or co-author of over one hundred fifty technical and semi-technical publications

Author of numerous technical proposals to grant funding agencies

Co-author of two solar energy technical training courses for sheet metal contractors (under a grant by the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Housing and Urban Development, and the National Association of Home Builders Research Foundation)

Writer and technical contributor to numerous Inter Net web sites devoted to understanding technical and advanced scientific concepts and occurrences.

Educational Innovation


Developed and presented courses in physics, physical science, mathematics, economics, energy (solar, environmentally-safe, and alternative sources), civil and mechanical engineering, political science, and architecture -- all at the university/college level.

Developed and presented training courses (with manuals), short courses, and workshops in alternative and solar energy, ancient history, mythology, humor, human development, and accelerated learning.

Other Accomplishments and Experience

Consultant to numerous organizations and corporations -- including the U.S. Departments of Energy, State, and Commerce, Solar Energy Research Institute, National Bureau of Standards, National Park Service, U.S. Information Agency, Copper Development Association, Midwest Research Institute, Shell Oil Corporation, Universities of Colorado and Texas, American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor's National Association (SMACNA), and Yazaki Corporation of Japan.

Internationally recognized expert in Solar Energy (visiting Japan, Czechoslovakia, Brazil,Russia, Canada and India, as well as sites throughout the United States)

Conference Chairman for four international conferences (two of which were the first of a kind)

Program Co-Chairman for three other professional conferences

Naval Officer (Ensign through Lieutenant) United States Navy, Qualified in Submarines, and Administration/ Planning Officer, U.S. Navy Seabees (Vietnam Service Ribbon)

Home Building Contractor, Houston, Texas (self employed)

ENTEC Products Corporation -- President and Chief Financial Officer (Public Corporation)

Independent Business, Financial and Technical Consultant

President, Director, and participant in 18 plays -- local Civic Theatre

Treasurer and Director -- Local Council on Arts and Humanities

Father of three extraordinary children and nine outstanding grand children.

Current Interests and Goals

Research -- New Energy Physics, Sacred Geometry, Crop Circles, Esoteric Knowledge, etceteras.

Education -- Establishing ialexandria University, a college of the Inter Net specializing in esoteric, exoteric and universal knowledge, as well as paradigm shifting realities

Writing -- Screenplays, novels, technical articles, and Inter Net contributions.

Wow! Even I am impressed!




                                                                                      The Library of ialexandriah       

2003© Copyright Dan Sewell Ward, All Rights Reserved                     [Feedback]