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New -- December 15, 2003

Updated -- 20 March 2004

This is a strange and twisted tale of intrigue and adventure, translated from the original by the Master of the Inexplicable, Daniel Sewell DocPtah Ward, and brought to you by the makers of TummyShrink and other fine stomach remedies.  It begins in the beginning... Duh!  As in:

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” 

Assuming this quote from the Bible is a correct statement, it nevertheless does not necessarily imply that the “heaven” thus created consisted of the stars, the galaxies, or even our sun -- much less the entire universe.  There is, in fact, the distinct possibility that the act of creation described in the first verse of the first chapter of Genesis refers to the creation of the heaven and the earth as a simultaneous event.  In other words, the biblical heaven is only about 4.3 billion years old, in effect, the same age as the earth -- a significant deviation from the age of the universe currently celebrating its 15th billionth birthday!  The "heaven" mentioned in the first book of Genesis may actually be the outer planets, asteroid belt, or other heavenly bodies in the local solar neighborhood.

Would you believe the preponderance of evidence elicited from ancient and scholarly sources support rather precisely this radical view?

And if that one doesn’t grab you, would you also believe that:


Adam was the first test-tube baby some 250,000 years ago?


A single mother of the same era (Eve?) was the common ancestor of every human being currently living on the planet?


Extraterrestrials created Man in their own image?


Certain of these extraterrestrial “gods” sought the destruction of Man through the Great Flood (the Deluge) some 13,000 years ago?


Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by nuclear fission?


These extraterrestrial “gods” may still be among us?


It don’t rain in Indianapolis in the summertime?

If these fundamental and profound questions intrigue you or cause you to lay awake at night, you might consider the currently most effective cure of insomnia: listening to the speeches of former Vice-President Al Gore -- or Defense Secretary Rumsfeld reasons for unilaterally invading without cause another nation. 

Alternatively, you might want to learn the answers to these questions (or at least a brilliant attempt at the answers) and thereby swear never to listen to political speeches.  If so, then rush in where angels, gods, and even life-insurance salesmen fear to venture: Read, study, and devour the contents of the Annals of Earth!  Your life will never be quite the same as the result.  (The latter has got to be the best news you’ve heard this year!  Not that your life is drab, dreary, and generally dismal, but your best friend thinks so!)

Be that as it may, the Annals of Earth consist of:  

Episode I   The Beginning
Episode II The Beginning (Revisited)
Interlude I Nibiru ala Kepler
Episode III The Evolution and/or Creation of Life
Episode IV In Search of Eve
Episode V The Anunnaki
Episode VI “The Adam’s Family” 
Episode VII The Deluge
Episode VIII Everybody Out of the Pool!
Episode IX The War of the Gods
Episode X The Wars of Gods and Men
Episode XI  Ages in Chaos
Episode XII From Moses to Cleopatra
Interlude II MesoAmerica
Episode XIII A Brief Chronology

These are now available and ready for your inspection -- including the last three items, which are available as of March 20, 2004. Yea!



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