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Connective Physics


Philosophical and spiritual traditions throughout the world have long assumed an unbounded and connected universe.  [3/10/05] For example...

"...and the ancients, who were superior to us and dwelt nearer to the Gods [the Anunnaki?] , have handed down a tradition that all things that are said to exist consist of a One and Many and contain in themselves the connate principles of Limit and Unlimitedness." [Plato, Philebus 16c]

There is, however, a profound distinction between having an intellectual understanding of such concepts, and having this understanding so firmly ingrained in one’s being that benefiting from this unlimited interconnectedness becomes routine.  This webpage and its assorted quantum leaps are intended to suggest a greater credibility to these basic truths, and thereby diminish or eliminate the lingering doubts which serve only as a time buffer to incorporating these truths into our daily lives.  

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The basis of these investigations begins with a fundamental extension of basic theoretical physics and its associated, “laws”.  This extension, when plumbed to its depths, is shown to yield a wealth of information about the most profound properties of the universe.  A basic Mathematical Theory demonstrates that in agreement with ancient philosophical traditions, all of the universe is indeed connected, and furthermore that there are no limits to the available flow of energy via such connections.

This new, relatively simple physical theory can then be shown to be connected to elements of Sacred Geometry, Hyperdimensional Physics, the Golden Mean and various anomalous events such as:  


            Spoon bending,

            Homeopathy and other health practices,


            Crop circles,


            Free energy systems,

            Advanced inertial propulsion systems,

            And the list goes on and on.   

In addition, if Consciousness is considered to have anti-entropic, connective properties (including ESP), then the theory connects with this aspect of reality as well.  

A principal point of departure is The Fifth Element, wherein we leap into the fray with a non-mathematical treatment (but with easy links to the mathematics -- in the guise of Mathematical Theory and More Math) of what constitutes the “best evidence” of our universal connections and unlimited resources.  Related physics includes Zero-Point Energy, Mach’s Principle, Inertial Propulsion (i.e., without reaction mass), Superstrings, Superconductivity, Sonoluminescence, David Bohm and the EPR Experiment (aka the Einstein-Poldalsky-Rosen Experiment).  

Lothar Schäfer [1] has noted in this regard that, “The nature of physical reality is non-local.  That is, an observation made in one part of the universe may have an instantaneous, faster-than-light effect on the possibilities of a second observer a long distance away.  

Ultimately, all of these topics form links to the subject of Consciousness, Mind-Matter (and Mind-Body) issues, Consciousness and Physics, the theories of Arthur Young, brief forays into useful perspectives on the Laws of Thermodynamics and other topics of mainstream (i.e. on which most everyone agrees) physics, science, and other intriguing perspectives. [4/1/05] The latter includes Maxwell's Equations, as well as a departure from mainstream physics, Creative Evolution.

Eventually, there is New Energy Ramifications, Sacred Mathematics, Conspiracies, Creating Reality, and the physics and promise of the ORME.  All of these have direct links to the basic theory of The Fifth Element.  

It’s a fascinating ride!  Just keep in mind -- for motivational purposes -- the fact that Socrates related virtue of knowledge.  People’s understanding of physical reality, their Paradigms, invariably affect their way of life. “If we know and understand, we can choose to be good.” [1]  While so-called Objectivity based science must exclude purpose from its description of nature, a true scientific objectivity inevitably forces us to conclude that living organisms incorporate purpose.  

Ultimately, “To live in accordance with the essence of things, as Socrates said, is the premise of the moral life.  One cannot live in peace of mind without at the same time being in harmony with reality.”  Also, “The premises of a moral life is based on a covenant with reality.  No life is authentic that is in conflict with the order of the universe.”  And not knowing the order of the universe constitutes a serious handicap in lving a moral life!  

For Updates, see also the Halexandria Forum
(And for some special insights, see the DoK!)


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[1]  Lothar Schäfer, In Search of Divine Reality; Science as a Source of Inspiration, The University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville, 1997.


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