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Communications provide for the dissemination of ideas and information, stupid jokes, understanding between diverse viewpoints, and unfortunately, a means of manipulation and control.  When focused on such things as Media propaganda and/or narrowly based Education, communications can become a bane of civilization.  As a communication device, for example, Language is considered to be one of the fundamental curses of the Kali Yuga -- the Hindu’s enormously long epoch in which we find ourselves today (and where we have been for the last tens of thousands of years).

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Native American Indians, for example, had a curious piece of advice which effectively said:  “Live your life as if you cannot speak.”  In other words, without the ability to speak, we find it much more difficult to manipulate others with words and argument, and at the same time, to explain away or excuse ourselves for various infractions -- be they lapses in  Manners and Courtesy, or items of a more serious nature.  Suddenly, we are left with our actions speaking louder than words!  And that is the means of true communication!  

As a communications device, Language has provided a means by which individuals can benefit from the prior experiences of others, and thus civilization has been able to progress (or at least proceed in some direction or another at a greater speed).  Language itself has been changed in the process, but often on the basis of a more history-revisionist manner.   

On a more fundamental level, language:  

            1) Can deceive us about the true nature of reality, shaping our Paradigms, and limiting a thing by naming it.  

            2)  Encourage us to fragment a diverse world into cubbyholes, categorizations, and Groupies; creating fixed structures of entities both unique and undergoing change, to overlooking uniqueness in terms of relating it to something already familiar.   

            3)  Can be a basis for maintenance of an established paradigm -- even one in which its fundamental shakiness is readily evident.   

            4)  Often allows specialization to triumph over generalization -- despite the latter being the only means in which we can fully appreciate the unlimited, interconnectedness of all things.  

            5)  Worse yet, can provide a means of control and manipulation of one individual or group over another.  

The archetype of communication has always been a well known entity -- from a variety of “gods” such as Ningishzida (Sumerian), Thoth (Egyptian), Hermes (Greek) and Mercury (Roman) to modern day evening news celebrities.   

But these so-called communicators all suffer from the same flaw:  They are uni-directional communicators, providing instructions (overtly or covertly) from the masters to the lesser beings.  These Archetypes are just the mouthpieces of the Gods and Goddesses, authorities, or overlords.  The ideas, goals, or dreams of the “lesser beings” are not really relevant -- although they could always pray or beseech a master for mercy.  

For a long time, the words from on high were simply proclaimed and promulgated without any expectation of resistance, or anyone questioning the authority to issue such orders.   This was done on the basis of an underlying threat of terrifying consequences for anyone who might doubt or question the authority for such directives.  The immense power of the pinnacle of authority -- i.e. a wrathful god -- was always sufficient to ensure that most any conveyed message would be quickly and expeditiously obeyed.

In more modern times, however, for some potentially inexplicable reason, blatant threats of dire consequences for refusal to heed directives from on high have been a bit more rare.  Not that they’ve totally disappeared -- what with some law enforcement head honchos still making inane statements to the effect that anyone questioning authority was a terrorist -- but it has become an article of faith that carrots work better than sticks.  Better yet, just the appearance of a carrot!  

Accordingly, the skills of the go-betweens (whether priests, prophets, journalists, news anchors, doomsday channelers, or crazies on the street -- there being a great deal of similarity in all of these types) have become ever more sophisticated, with the archetypes of communications now using marketing research to understand the mind of the beholder, and thereby phrase their words in such a way as to be the most likely of easy receptivity.  Ideally, a tool or an opportunity for individual growth, language has in fact been used ever more exclusively for the purpose of directing and controlling the masses.  

As to why covert manipulation has become more fashionable than overt dictatorial threats, there are a couple of possible reasons.  One is that the energy expended in forcing issues down unwilling throats is considerable.  It’s not efficient.  It has, instead, proven to be much more expedient to impose a near continuous and universal deception on the various recipients of orders from on high, such that there is little or no resistance to these lesser beings swallowing most anything.  The vast majority of people simply do not take the time or make the effort to discriminate between truth and the garbage which is regularly being disseminated by any number of means, and by any number of controllers (aka authorities).  

A second possibility concerning the shift from dictatorial to manipulative techniques is more interesting.  In fact, this second alternative may be the greater part of the underlying reason for a less threatening atmosphere of coercion in the last hundred years or so.   

There’s the distinct possibility that there is now more than one disseminator of directives from on high, and that these Cartels, Factions,Gods and Goddesses”, or what-have-you, have wildly different agendas, and while one Faction might wish to use force to accomplish their goals, this is countered by opposing forces who prefer an alternative end result.  This second possibility seems to be far and away the more rational, logical reason for the lack of overt dictatorial directives in our daily lives.  [This does not, however, eliminate the possibility of some authorities attempting all manner of overt dictatorial control over our lives, but this is more indicative of the stupidity of the pseudo-dictators than their ability to actually, blatantly impose their will upon others.]  

There is a corollary to this second possibility that is even more intriguing (and speculative) than merely the conflicting agendas of a profoundly dysfunctional ruling class.  In essence, there is considerable evidence of an increasing degree of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) and its application in ordinary humans.  From the fascinating appearance in the last twenty years or so of Indigo Children (and their kin by any other name), to the demonstrated fact of ever more individuals developing extraordinary powers of the mind and spirit, ESP is slowly eliminating the negative power of language -- not to mention: the lies, deceit, disinformation, and covert manipulation and control.  This possibility implies a profound change in the human species, potentially the relatively abrupt evolution or transformation of Homo sapiens sapiens to something more akin to Homo sapiens sapiens sapiens!  

The best part is that with increasing Discrimination of the motives and hidden agendas of the ruling elite, their efforts to control become less threatening and almost laughable.  The lack of apparel on the Emperor is increasingly obvious.  

But we’re just getting started.  Pursue, for example, the following (or above) links and see where this marvel of communications -- a series of webpages in an extended website within the cyberspace of the Inter Net -- might lead.  Keep in mind that any of these facts, ideas, and speculations could be truth or deceptions.  Or just error.  In any and all cases, think about it!   Just like the other or so voyagers.

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(And for some special insights, see the DoK!)

The basic branches in this particular tree include:  

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Or you can take the full tour beginning at The Library of Halexandria, including Synthesis, Halexandria Foundation, The Fool's Journey, and others along the way.  Just keep in mind the following:

Ye shall know the truth,

And the truth shall set ye free. 

But when ye first learn the truth,

Ye will likely be really ticked off!  

Get Ye Over It.


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