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It should be readily obvious that the “God” who has been identified as the “Creator of Heaven and Earth” is by definition an extraterrestrial -- inasmuch as creating Earth implies both predating the Earth and not being “of Earth” at the time it was created.  This Creator God, however, is not necessarily the God of Genesis, nor the gods and goddesses of the other religions of the ancient world.  In fact, mankind may have very little traditional literature which describes this Creator God.             

As for the “local gods and goddesses”, numerous authors have discussed in great detail the stories of their lives (Mythologies, Ancient Myths, Descent into the Underworld), personality characteristics (Archetypes), the dysfunctional relationships between them, and to a lesser degree, their origin.  Zecharia Sitchin [1], on the other hand, has argued in seven exhaustively researched books that the so-called gods and goddesses of the ancient world (including the god(s) of Genesis) were almost certainly extraterrestrials -- more specifically: mortal beings from another planet.  Sitchin’s work explains the particulars of the arrival of the Anunnaki (“those who from heaven to earth came”), and why these extraterrestrials are believed to come from a 12th planet called Nibiru.  

Sitchin also describes the genetic experiments to create mankind, the story of Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, the events surrounding the biblical Flood and Deluge, and the early history of the world up until the time of Abraham (circa 2000 B.C.E.), including the reality of what happened at Sodom and Gomorrah and the Tower of Babel.  Laurence Gardner [2] has independently described many of these same events, and also discussed the importance of Monoatomic Elements, the ORME, Star Fire, and related subjects.  In Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, Gardner, in fact, goes into considerable detail about how the Anunnaki are connected to the all important subject of Gold.  [This book is really a must read!]  

The work of Gardner, Sitchin, and others makes it clear that the extraterrestrial “gods and goddesses” were intervening and lording over the human species with a vengeance!  The Anunnaki, specifically Enki and his half-sister Ninki, were responsible for the genetic experiments which combined Anunnaki DNA with that of Homo erectus in order to create Homo sapiens sapiens, thus placing the human evolution far ahead of schedule and with the added ingredient of extraterrestrial DNA.   

There is also the possibility that these experiments may have been responsible for the creation of Neanderthals (perhaps the early version), and even certain mythical creatures (in terms of genetic mishaps).  While some of the later generation of Anunnaki were born on Earth (thus making them “terrestrials”), the “Prime Directive” Violations by these Anunnaki were extensive and far-reaching.   

One of the best examples of interventions is the long lifetimes of The Adam's Family, the Biblical Patriarchs from Adam to Abraham.  Prior to the Flood and Deluge, all of the patriarchs lived for roughly nine hundred years.  (One exception is Enoch who did not die, but was taken up to heaven by “God”.  The other is Lamech, the father of Noah who lived a “mere 777 years”.)   

After the Flood and Deluge, however, there was a step wise reduction in the patriarch’s lifetimes, from Shem (600 years) to roughly 450 years for the next three patriarchs, to an average of 222 years for the next six -- including Abraham.  A curious result is that the five generations between Eber and Abraham were already dead and presumably buried, at a time when the four generations beginning with the son of Noah, Shem, were still alive (and presumably kicking).  [Waiting for an inheritance must have been a lost art!]  

Today, of course, average lifetimes are far less than a hundred years. This suggests a very directed and specific extraterrestrial intervention.  This intervention is likely due to denying humans the ORME, Star Fire, or Monoatomic Elements, which may have been the key ingredients in keeping the patriarchs and their kin living to very ripe old ages.  

One might also mention that there is nothing in Gardner’s, Sitchin’s or any other author’s works to suggest that these extraterrestrials ever left the Earth!  Just so you’ll know.  

On the other side of the planet, American Indian traditions have asserted that there are hundreds of extraterrestrial races which have routinely involved themselves in the affairs of Earth (and who are apparently continuing to do so).  Specifics include: Jesus Christ allegedly being a Star Man [3], White Buffalo Calf Woman being an extraterrestrial -- who incidentally is returning in the immediate future [4], extraterrestrials being heavily involved in Iroquois traditions for tens of thousands of years [5], and 12 extraterrestrial cultures currently interested in the Earth, including the Pleiadians, Sirians, and Orions [6].

Other authors, such as Graham Hancock [7], William Bramley [8] and Erich Von Daniken in Chariots of the Gods have provided extensive documentation of advanced technologies in the Chronicles of Earth being held or wielded by peoples, who are now considered members of pre-historical and ancient civilizations -- and who supposedly had no such technologies.  All of these authors have concluded, either mankind’s previous civilizations were remarkably well advanced (and then later dissolved for some unknown reason), or that Earth was being visited on a regular basis -- and quite probably interfered with -- by extraterrestrials of one or more different cultures.           

The evidence from ancient histories of extraterrestrials representing themselves as gods and goddesses is massive and virtually without alternative explanations.  A review, for example, of such works as The Egyptian Book of the Dead [9] makes it clear that strange-looking, non-human beings were actively involved in terrestrial affairs.  The traditional view that such depictions were based on mythological archetypes or fantasies of the allegedly backward ancients is nothing more than mainstream science burying its head in the traditional sand.  Quite deeply, in fact.  

Tricia McCannon [6] has stated explicitly, “All the ancient pictures are of real beings!”  Beings from the constellation Pegasus, for example, are supposedly flyers.  The Egyptian goddess, Isis, was, according to McCannon, a Sirian, while those from Sirius B had their mouths on top and looked to be a cross between a human and a fish.  Drunvalo Melchizedek [10] places the Hathors (Hippo-like beings) as being from Venus.  McCannon [6] also believes that Jehovah was definitely an extraterrestrial, but suspects that Yawyeh was more likely the “true God”.           

In effect, we already have picture galleries of extraterrestrials, and ample evidence of multiple “Close Encounters” of the most far-reaching kind. As Barbara Marcinak [11] once said, “The best secrets are carved in stone or on the ceilings.”  


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