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Fictional Works

Those who prefer the more indirect (and potentially less shocking) approach to learning and experiencing new arenas of life, may prefer this short cut to the various works of fiction contained on this website.  While these efforts are indeed fictional works, they are reality-based and thus can serve to illustrate many of the paradigm shifting facts contained elsewhere in this and other websites.  It’s much like learning ancient history from reading such works of Mary Renault’s The King Must Die, The Bull from the Sea, The Persian Boy, and any other of her excellent novels.  Or perhaps James Clavel’s Shogun or King Rat, Jennings’s Aztec, Raptors, and all the other excellent historical fiction treatments.  

Many of the links below also lead to fictional works which are less historical and notably more in the vein of metaphysics and/or comments upon our time.  All contain humor -- albeit in varying degrees -- but all carry a message of one form or another.  Some lead to humorous (in some cases satirical) treatments of the world in which we live, while others tend more toward the dramatic.  But in every treatment, the primary intent is to entertain -- ultimately the point of any fiction.  There are novels, stage plays and screenplays, poetry with a point, and several short stories.  

It might be noted for those unaccustomed to reading stage plays or screenplays that they are, in fact, often easier to read -- and certainly quicker -- much like short, tersely worded novels.  For example, the action generally must occur within a one or two hour time period, and a great deal depends on succinct and to the point dialogue.  Such treatments consist of something akin to a “no frills” fiction.  In one case, you even have the option of reading the novel or the screenplay.  Or if you’re really intrigued, both.  

Whatever your selection, enjoy.  


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 Copyright Notice

 Many of the works in this section are copyrighted.  Permission is granted to copy small portions of this website (“fair use”) for educational and research purposes, provided that: 1) full credit is given (along with a link or reference to both this website and the author/title of work), 2) nothing is taken out of context or intentionally misconstrued, and 3) nothing is used for subsequent commercial purposes, without specific, prior contractual arrangements being first concluded with the author.  Otherwise...

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