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Extraterrestrial Life

The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe is fraught with difficulties.  As Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise (of Star Trek fame) observed while on Earth in the Twentieth Century, “Beam me up, Scottie.  There’s no intelligent life down here.”  

Or as the famed philosopher, Pogo Possum’s friend Porky, observed, “There’s only two possibilities:  Either we is the most intelligent life in the universe, or there is life out there which is more intelligent than we are.  Either way, it’s a mighty sobering thought.”

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Typically, any “Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence” (SETI) is looking beyond Earth for evidence that there’s a form of intelligent life of which we’re not yet aware.  This in turn involves two questions:  1)  Is there intelligent life beyond Earth? and 2) If so, what is the nature of that intelligence?  

The first answer is, “Yes.  Duh.”  In polls on the subject, a clear majority of Americans and/or Europeans are definitive on the subject that yes, there is something out there.  If you then add anyone believing in a supreme being, angels, divas, gods and goddesses which derive from or spent most of their time off the planet, then by definition, all of these people believe in extraterrestrials.  (And probably interdimensional beings.)  Finally, there is the conclusive evidence of the Sumerian-described Anunnaki being extraterrestrials from off-world, who have spent an inordinate amount of time on this planet, influencing the development of human beings and in general causing “Prime Directive” Violations.  

What is the nature of that intelligence?  Again, “Duh.”  Ancient mythologies from through out the world have described them in great detail, including their dysfunctions, archetypal characteristics, and rivalries.  We already know a great deal about the Anunnaki, as well as the Gods and Goddesses from every culture on the planet (and who have acquiesced to their titles, even when not necessarily claiming them as such).  

However...  Given the nature of the Anunnaki, et al, of which we know about from our histories, this does not necessarily imply that we know a great deal (or even anything at all) about other species of extraterrestrials.  What about the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Orions, the Grey’s, the Reptilians, the Morks...  What in the world are we talking about!?  Sirians?  Are you Sirius?  Well, yes, if you can believe The Dogon Tribe of Africa.  

A question that is particularly relevant is what is the current evidence of visitations?  

One portion of the answer lies in the subject of UFOs (aka “Unidentified Flying Objects”, aka “UFOlks)”.  And therein lies a real can of worms (pardon the possible pun).  But if the so-called “Disclosure Project” has any merit -- and there seems precious little evidence to suggest it is not legitimate -- then the human race is in contact with extraterrestrials on a continuing basis of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” [(7/1/7) Another website worth visiting on the subject is UFO Encounters.]

There are also events and on-going experiences throughout the world, which are not easily explained by anything other than an assumption of someone (possibly extraterrestrial or extradimensional) who is operating with something beyond state-of-the art technology (or at least technologies which are not known to Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, or other unclassified sources of information.  An example event is the Tunguska Explosion, while some of the on-going experiences come under the category of Crop Circles.  

There is also an enormous effort by various earth-based governments to write off any hint of extraterrestrial involvement in the affairs of mankind.  This is obviously in their best interests in that if it were generally known that extraterrestrials are at the door waiting for an invitation to enter -- complete with their potentially enormously better technology, all of which could be used to greatly improve the quality of life on Earth -- then what power would any government have?  It’s like your older brother trying to impose his will upon you, when  you know it’s just a matter of getting a parent’s or other adult’s attention to put things in perspective for “Big Brother”.  

Curiously, the US government has somewhat let out of the bag the proverbial “cat” (who, considering the attitude of cats toward their “masters”, are probably extraterrestrial gods and goddesses, themselves).  The kink in the government’s armor against the very idea of UFOs and extraterrestrials is contained in what is known as Space Law.  If, for example, the idea of extraterrestrials is so far-fetched (as the “authorities” would have us believe), then why are there literally laws on the books forbidding contact between humans and extraterrestrials?  


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