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Acceleration of Reality

In his book, Awakening to the Zero Point: The Collective Initiation, Gregg Braden [1] makes the argument that a profound and astounding acceleration of earth changes are occurring, but that these changes are not necessarily catastrophic -- at least, hopefully, not catastrophic for those willing to accept tremendous changes within their own bodies.   

One of Braden’s primary contentions is that the base frequency of the Earth (known technically as the Shumann Cavity Resonance) is increasing from 7.8 Hz (a value which had been considered a constant until 1987) to a value of 9.0 Hz, and with the expectation of increasing to a value of at least 13.0 Hz.  Simultaneously, the magnetic field of the Earth is decreasing, leading to what Braden believes will be the long awaited Rapture -- a shift leading to Ascension.   

While Braden’s predictions, as well as the increasing value of the Earth’s base frequency, can be questioned, a more interesting speculation is why there does in fact seem to be an increasing rate of change in our realities -- collective and otherwise -- and whether or not this represents yet more “Prime Directive” Violations.  Perhaps, violations of this kind are not necessarily bad, but may in some cases not be in our best interests.            

Meanwhile, the Earth is alleged by others to be in the early phases of massive earth changes which will shake and perhaps destroy our current patriarchal paradigm (not to mention our modern civilization).  For example, during the next twenty five years, Floyd Hand [2], a Lakota Spiritual Advisor, expects “a lot of lives will be lost!” This would include the greatest drought in world history, worldwide starvation, and new governments (the latter an example of the possible good news).  He believes the primary signs to be:  floods, forest fires, earthquakes, and man-made disasters (such as the Oklahoma City bombing). Marcinak [3] agrees with much of these predictions, noting that the Astrology of coming years strongly implies drought, followed by flood.  

Marcinak [3] also expects sudden, shocking, surprising changes in the coming years.  From her point of view, “nothing is as it appears to be.  It’s all much bigger.  And it’s much more than simply us against extraterrestrials or us against governments!”  Marcinak believes that the coming devastation is for those who choose not to wake up.

Furthermore, she contends that the Earth’s magnetic alignment is being set aside, with the magnetic grid opening to allow other spatial dimensions to reemerge.  She also believes that everything is accumulating and expects the changes to reach full fruition by 2012 A.D.. Significantly, she expects 20 million people to be missing in a single afternoon!  

The massive, predicted changes are not necessarily limited to “local” Earth changes, as the collision of the comet Shoemaker-Levy with Jupiter has confirmed some years ago.  When 21 separate fragments collided with the planet Jupiter in July of 1994, astronomers were elated and delighted, despite the fact that the event represented an example of what could happen to the Earth.  Had Shoemaker-Levy hit the Earth, the devastation would have been far, far more than anything the Earth has (apparently) experienced in the past.             

A year after Shoemaker-Levy, another comet, Hale-Bopp, was discovered at the extraordinary distance of 7.2 astronomical units from the Sun (1.0 a.u. equals 93 million miles), and more than a year and a half before it’s perihelion (April 1997).  In the interim, three comets were visible at the same time (an unusual event) in the Earth skies in early 1996. The acceleration of events in the Heavens may be analogous to the acceleration of events on Earth.  “As above, so below.” 

 Are such “cosmic encounters” being more numerous, therefore, an indicator of extraterrestrial intervention?  It’s a possibility.

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[1] Braden, Gregg, Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation, Sacred Spaces/ Ancient Wisdom, Questa, New Mexico, 1994 (copies available from LL Productions, PO Box 3010, Bellevue, WA 98009).

[2]  Hand, Floyd, Lecture at the Star Knowledge Conference, Lakota Indian Reservation, South Dakota, June, 1996.

[3]  Marcinak, Barbara, Lecture at the Star Knowledge Conference, Lakota Indian Reservation, South Dakota, June, 1996.



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