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In predicting possible future interventions, i.e. more “Prime Directive” Violations, any such predictions must be based on four considerations:

            1.  First and foremost, Are the Extraterrestrials Who First Came to Earth Still Here?  This is the primary question.  

            2.  Would Extraterrestrials and/or Interdimensional Beings prefer not to be seen, are they allowed (by others or their own philosophy) to observe only, or do they covertly influence the flow of events in accordance with their own agendas?  

            3.  Is the government -- any government -- covering up evidence that interventions have already occurred, and out of respect for the government’s wishes (i.e. the authorities that represent the populace), extraterrestrials have made no dramatic, overt appearance?  

            4.  Why would extraterrestrials want to introduce themselves to us?  What could be their motivation in contacting us?  Are they waiting for something to happen, for our development to reach a particular stage, or for some sign of our readiness?  

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The first question is discussed in the link, and can be summarized as:  Probably.  

The second consideration raises the question of how would they avoid being seen.  One possibility arises from the admittedly radical idea that Earth’s Moon is an artificial satellite (see When the Earth was Moonless) [1, 2].  Given the advanced technology which allows a tour of the galaxy, what would be the preferred means?   

The use of very large comet-sized or moon-sized objects as a space craft would make a great deal of technical sense in undertaking interstellar voyages.  First, such voyages might require all the comforts of home for the length of the voyage, as well as the necessity to bring everything, including the kitchen sink (and possibly, a very large number of kitchen sinks).  Such voyages are unlikely to be done by sleek looking space craft in the style of. Star Trek’s Enterprise or Voyager).  The latter interstellar vehicles lack the availability of camouflage (and thus they appear hostile) -- instead of a non-threatening comet or moon.            

The concept of interstellar vehicles being moon-like in their appearance also has the advantage of possibly explaining a variety of perplexing problems in astrophysics.  The rings of the planet Neptune, for example, which, according to Jonathan Lunine [3], could only have survived for about 500 million years, and which “most likely arose from a catastrophic collision that shattered one of the planet’s moons.”  Was the “catastrophic collision”, perhaps, with a warhead or missile?  If spheres of moon-like proportions are the preferred means of interstellar travel, and if 500 million years ago there was a dispute over the initiation or results of the Cambrian Explosion, then the rings of Neptune might be the remains of destroyed interstellar spacecraft.  

Such a theory is highly speculative, but consider Beatty’s [4] discussion in Sky and Telescope concerning the rings of Saturn.  An object discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and dubbed 1995 S3 was initially believed to be a newly discovered moon.  However, “it should have been seen -- but wasn’t -- by one of the Voyagers or by HST’s camera during the later plane crossings.”  “A second false alarm was raised by the candidate 1995 S4, which was glimpsed briefly in May but not seen again.”   

Are these vanishing moons merely spacecraft changing positions?  Why not?  During Saturn’s recent ring-plane crossing (when the rings are seen on edge and thus no longer obscure other objects because of the rings’ brightness), “Moons not seen since their discovery 14 years ago were recovered -- but not necessarily where expected.  The wandering of Prometheus [a small 140 by 80 km “moon”] is particularly puzzling.” [emphasis added]   Beatty [4] goes on to suggest the possibility “that Prometheus collided with something massive enough to retard its orbital motion.” Or else, it’s occupants used its retrorockets to reposition itself for whatever purposes this particular batch or species of extraterrestrials had in mind.  And who in the world -- or elsewhere -- named this particular Unidentified Space Object, “Prometheus”!!?  Talk about Irony!  

The potential for extraterrestrials to use a mode of travel utilizing alternative dimensions in space and time, of course, solves many of the problems on how to avoid observation.  But there is also considerable evidence involving UFOs in general that would suggest that they have already been seen.  Furthermore, there is the spectre of the existence of a variety of extraterrestrial species or races, and thus what’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.  Thus there may have already been some covert contacts with some species, while other species are doing their own style of watchful intervention.  

However, the media-blackout surrounding UFOs may not always be the case.  While there have been failed predictions [5] of a public disclosure by a government before the Spring of 1997 (which was called “the Mother of all Press Conferences!”), there is the Disclosure Project, which has been making a lot of headway in just such a forthcoming disclosure.   

But knowledge is power, and those in power know that better than anyone.  The odds are very good that as long as the keys to the information storeroom are held by those who gain from non-disclosure, nothing will be forthcoming from that direction.  This still leaves the possibility, however, for extraterrestrials to show themselves on their time schedule.  

With the possibility of extraterrestrial and/or interdimensional beings in orbit around other planets of our solar system, and the possibility of these same beings having been on Earth in times past, it is plausible that they may be waiting for some event, or for some prophecy to be fulfilled prior to their return.  Without specifying the nature of her cosmic conveyances, Floyd Hand, a Lakota Spiritual Advisor [5], for example, has predicted the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman, arriving on the 21st day of the 21st year in the 21st century.  Along with Richard Boylan [6], Hand believes that White Buffalo Calf Woman is an extraterrestrial.  This prediction implies the Return of the Goddess which permeates many cultures and ways of thinking, and which may have a very strong basis in fact.   

Such Earth-shaking, massive paradigm shifting predictions are based on everything from the rapid fulfilling of Hopi Indian Prophecies, the coming End of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 A.D., and the plethora of predictions from huge numbers of psychics, mystics, shamans, and everyday househusbands.  These predictions are arriving in vehicles as diverse as Gregg Braden’s “Collective Initiation” to predictions of imminent invasion of the earth from space.  And yet, the public at large seems unaware of the possibilities, and blissfully ignorant of the potential dangers of attempting to sleep through the next years.           

The consideration involving what would motivate any extraterrestrial to make the first move with respect to contact -- contact in a overt, dramatic, light-of-day manner -- might easily be the status of the development of the human race.  Joe Firmage, in his Kairos web site, has said:  “Evolving in a place called Eden is a promising young civilization.  We grow more dangerous yet wiser each day.  Teachers have taught us through the ages.  They are watching us now. The cosmos is their ocean.  And they have been mindful of our need to develop.  At what moment in history...”   

The question is multifold.  One:  Is the large majority of humans ready to accept the fact of the existence of extraterrrestrials in the local neighborhood?  Two: Have we got our act together as a society yet?  Have we evolved enough to stop killing each other on a whim?  (And thus, is it possible that some portions might be contacted, and others not?)  Three, have we reached a state in our technological development where we could be accepted as junior brothers in a greater confederation of worlds?  In other words, do they want us in their organization as much or more than the European Union wants the countries of the former Soviet Union bloc in theirs?  

One requirement of any extraterrestrial contact might be what Joe Firmage describes as “The Fifth Test: Emergence of a Species Mind.”  Would any intelligent extraterrestrial, for example, want to get involved in a fight between different human groups?  Is there the necessity of a One World Order, or sufficient levels of interactive communication among the members of our species (as along the cyberspace avenues of the Inner Net), before we can be considered as a potential member of any collection of species from diverse worlds?  

Perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves, rather than the recently popular “WWJD”, the question: “What Would an Extraterrestrial Do?”  Alternatively, what would the Goddess do?  For in the Return of the Goddess, that may be the most relevant of all questions.

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