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Minor Revisions -- 6 August 2003

When all is said and done, the final Synthesis for this particular universe in general (and for this website in particular) is one of love.  

 Unconditional, Unlimited, Universally-Connected Love.  

That’s about it.  Sorry if you’re disappointed.  

If there is any purpose or destiny of our individual souls -- or any collective of said souls -- it’s all about creating, discovering, and encountering new and unique manifestations of unconditional love.  We arrive on this third planet of a sun far removed from the center of the local galaxy, in a state of forgetfulness.  This allows us to search for, stumble upon, and joyfully strive for new ways to express love -- and in that manner join all the other souls in the collective quest of increasing the sum total of love in our particular universe.  

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(And for some special insights, see the DoK and Rhyme)

In one of the Dances of Universal Peace, the lyrics include, “God is love, lover, and beloved”.  If we read “God” in this context to mean more specifically, “God, Goddess, All That Is”, then it’s just a matter or recognizing that we are all part of the sum total of things, and that the end game is love.  


Given this “synthesis”, and notwithstanding Douglas Adams' claim that the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is “42”, one might ask:  Why all the fuss and bother of this website in terms of science, mathematics histories, esoterica, social studies and so forth?   

Or for that matter, why all the sound and fury of the myriad and fascinating ideas, events, and personalities of the full breath of Cyberspace and its related communiqués (things like books, magazines, letters, and all the means whereby we’ve handed down from generation to generation all that we seem to think matters)?  If the total synthesis all comes down to love, then what’s the point of all the other “stuff”?  

There are at least three answers that come readily to mind:  drama, virtue, and freedom.  

I.  The first answer seems to be that we crave drama, trauma, and oft times mamma -- a craving we seem to have in plentiful supply.  This is possibly part of the equal opportunity policy of the universe, to encourage every individual, no matter their station, to practice unconditional love.  Doing the love thing oft times requires drama -- or at least comedy!

Furthermore, a critical part of the drama is the urge to grow, to go where no television series has gone before, and reach beyond the furthermost extent of our arms.  In reaching for the stars, however, it’s nice to have a point of departure, a tentative script to which we can zealously adhere, flaunt with unconscionable ad-libing, and/or, upon occasion, forget exits and entrances.  The script to which we have apparently all collectively agreed is the series of dramas and comedies to which we can choose to attend or choose not to attend.  It is the “reality” of all the possibilities, and the carefully selected Illusions in which we choose to participate.  

We can of course choose, as my friend, Catheryn the Great, once phrased it, “willful ignorance.”  We just don’t have to go there.   But if we want to know or experience as much as possible of what reality may really hold, then we need to continue the quest of investigating, researching, checking out all of the various paths in the wood, and in so doing, use any number of different means.  We can change paths (or horses) in midstream.  We can ford every stream, climb every mountain, wander about aimlessly, or just stand around looking bewildered.  But in all cases, what is essential is that we participate in life.

Such participation may be in the guise of challenging the status quo, Going with the Flow Hopi Indian sytle, or just resting or our laurels and exhibiting the Symptoms of Inner Peace.  It makes no difference.  Simply live!  [pardon the pun]

This website then is one interpretation of our collective reality.  Its purpose is not so much as to add to the drama, but instead, to put it into perspective.  The idea is to allow us to consciously choose when we will be on stage in full costume, participating in the script -- and when we will be cavorting backstage with the choreographer.

II.  Another reason to go beyond the Love Synthesis is based on Socrates’ famous dictum, “The unexamined life is [simply] not worth living.  [Curiously, with Connective Physics, it’s become apparent that the unexamined, unobserved life is not quite real -- much less worth living!]

A corollary to this idea is Socrates’ sense of relating virtue to knowledge, i.e., “What we know about physical reality must affect our way of life.  Thus, To live in accordance with the essence of things, as Socrates said, is the premise of the moral life.  One cannot live in peace of mind without at the same time being in harmony with reality.”  “The premises of a moral life is based on a covenant with reality.  No life is authentic that is in conflict with the order of the universe.” [1]  

Lothar Schäfer has said, “Striving for a life in harmony with the order of the universe demands assuming personal responsibility for being reasonably well informed, enlightened, and for making an effort to overcome the complacent views of common sense.  Do not adopt as a fundamental standard of conduct any view of the world that is in clear contrast with what is reasonably known about the nature of the universe.” [1]

We need to include caution, modesty and tolerance, the impossibility of perfection, the willingness to forgive, teach, and learn, and an understanding that, “The rules of the physical order of nature are inexorably enforced, but the rules of the spiritual order of nature do not assert themselves in the same way.  Their actions are subtle.  They are there for human beings to accept of their own free will.”  “The maxim of harmony advises us to be inquisitive, not ruminative; curious, not merely interestedUncertainty in knowledge -- is what I think true? -- allows for creativity.  Uncertainty in ethics -- is what I do right? -- allows for Free Will.”  We “have inherited the need for explanation, the profound disquiet which forces us to search for the meaning of existence.  That same disquiet has created all myths, all religions, all philosophies, and science itself.” [1]  Going beyond the Love Synthesis is the craving for knowledge, the craving for explanations and purpose in life.

III.  Yet another reason is to recognize the Paradigms which control and limit our lives, often to our great detriment.  It is essential, for example, that we recognize the degree to which mainstream science’s commitment to mechanism has influenced our lives.  If in mechanism, physics takes the view that the universe is like a clock, closed, and entirely predictable on the basis of unchanging laws, then in biology, it implies that all aspects of life, its evolution, feelings and values, are ultimately explicable in terms of molecular properties. The same logic leads to a legal system which assumes that precise procedural technicalities constitutes Justice, or a political system which asserts that finely formulated personal rights constitutes an ideal democracy, or that responsible public service manifests itself by the enforcement of finely split bureaucratic regulations. 

All of these attitudes are the attitudes of barbarians.”  It is, in effect, “the easy view of classical science and of common sense.  In epistemology, mechanism is naive realism, the view that all knowledge is based on unquestionable facts, on apodictically verified truth.” [1]  Almost all of our Assumptions are, inevitably, wrong or incomplete.  There is, furthermore, no more dangerous barbarian than the person who is convinced they are absolutely and irrevocably right.

“The mechanical lawfulness of nature, originally postulated by classical science, now emulated by all the pseudosciences, and mindlessly reiterated by an educational system that tries to be popular rather than instructive, is often depressing to us.  The discovery of the quantum world is a liberating experience.”  “...what Kundera called the unbearable lightness of being.” [1]  

[BTW, a fourth answer to going beyond the Love Synthesis is that putting all the pieces together is an enormous load of fun!  In other words, we are obligated to go beyond the metaphysical urge to simply love one another, if only to fully participate in and laugh at life.  And thus the reason for all the stuff contained herein.  Think of everything encountered in life as material for your standup comic routine in the afterlife!]  


One approach to checking out all of the stuff on this particular website is to take the local path known as the Executive Summary.  This is essentially the Synthesis, albeit in somewhat more detail

This is also the path for those who aren’t yet interested in the details, haven’t initially the motivation of attempting to discriminate between true and not-so-true allegations, who may even doubt their ability to really know the truth, may prefer to have an overview before delving into the messy subplots, and/or just want to see from the outset if the rest of this website is worth their time.  (Trust me:  This website is definitely worth my time!)

Some executive summaries are limited to a single page.  This is not one of those executive summaries.  There is, nevertheless, a degree of rhyme and reason to its presentation.  It’s called the Tree of Life, and like its namesake is continually in a state of growth.


Executive Summary  

Included in this website -- and synthesized in this brief treatise -- is a random and not-so-random selection of materials from a diversity of sources which all seem to constitute the branches or the Sephiroth of The Tree of Life.  The “tree” is known by many names: ranging from Ha Qabala, Kabbalah, Caballah, or Qaballah, to Variations on a Theme (of trees).  Its “Foundation” (aka Malkuth) is the soil in which the tree grows.  All aspects of this website are ultimately rooted in the foundation known as Earth.  

The process of investigating, understand, and gaining wisdom from The Tree of Life has as many paths as there are souls.  Nevertheless, one common, broad outline includes The Fool’s Journey.  Each of us enter the world as The Fool -- the essence of childlike simplicity, represented so succinctly in the persona of Forest Gump.  The journey then takes us through life, and upon completing the trip, we then find ourselves once again The Fool -- only in the latter connotation, personified as the legendary Lao Tzu.

The Tree of Life consists of Ten Sephiroth, or ten nodes of the tree.  These Sephiroth are routinely and symbolically identified by their respective planets [although this website has a specific version of assigning the planets which is notably distinct from the vast majority of other versions (See Variations on a Theme)].  Each Sephira [singular of Sephiroth] is worthy of study in and of itself -- and such a study would naturally go far beyond what is encountered herein.  Also worthy of considerable study are the “paths” between the Sephiroth -- represented by the Major Arcana of the Tarot, i.e. the basic ingredients of The Fool’s Journey.  

The combination of The Fool’s Journey and the Sephiroth of The Tree of Life constitutes the stuff of understanding of what we as human beings are all about.  It is the ultimate in Synthesis.  It’s why we’re here.  

For Updates, see also the Halexandria Forum
(And for some special insights, see the DoK and Rhyme)

The Executive Summary consists of Nine Parts, all of which fall in a natural sequence.  The sequence is:

Part 1 -- Who's on First -- Next!

Part 2 -- The Eyes of the Beholder

Part 3 -- Action at a Distance

Part 4 -- Who Did What When

Part 5 -- Who is in Charge

Part 6 -- Who is in Hiding

Part 7 -- Who's Who

Part 8 -- Who is Creating

Part 9 -- Who is Going the Extra Mile


The alternative is rush in where used car salesmen fear to tread and forge ahead to:


Wisdom         Abraham         Curiosity         The Fool's Journey



[1] Lothar Schäfer, In Search of Divine Reality; Science as a Source of Inspiration, The University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville, 1997.



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