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Revised -- 6 August 2003

Synthesis Annex -- Part 1 of 9

Who’s on First

(Mercury and/or Chiron)

(aka: Hermes, Woden, Quetzcoatal, Thoth, Ningishida, Mummu, and/or King of the Centaurs)  

The essence of collective human beings, the prime manifestation of his and her abilities to create their own reality by cooperation (or competition), is to achieve Wisdom.  Essential to this goal are Communications, Education, Health.  There are a host of diverse forms of communications -- from Abraham to the basic gist of Lights On to the Five-Paths to being a Bozo-Sattva -- but the one most utilized is the one that begins with Language.  And therein lies the rub.  

The ability to communicate among a species can be enormously beneficial to the growth of that species.  But when such communications are limited or constrained by something as reductionist as language -- whether they be oral traditions, The Art of Writing [emphasis on the Art], speeches, monologues and dialogues, or loosely defined words on a page or in the air -- the full ability of members of the species to cooperate can be notably lessened by the limitations of language.  For example, simply defining words limits their ability to communicate meaning.  Such limitation may be construed to be beneficial (and with any luck, reduce confusion), but adherence to the strict letter of the law is a severe and serious limitation on Justice, Order, and Law.  

Language has also been called the “curse of the Kali Yuga”, the latter being the period of time we now find ourselves.  Language is a curse simply because it limits.  Furthermore, it limits human beings, who by their very nature, are unlimited and fully capable of Creating Reality in the most magnanimous and incredible ways.   It limits even more when one has The Tower of Babel imposed upon humanity.

Additional, self-imposed limitations on human beings are their perceptional history, their Paradigms.  Reality appears to be bound, only because of our prior history, one that from birth seems limiting.  So-called physical laws act as constraints, but such “laws” are in reality only theories or mathematical constructs -- theories which are often self-limited by the inability of mathematicians to do the math.  And while physical laws may indeed limit physical bodies (including brains), the only limits for the mind or soul can be unequivocally proven mathematically to be on the order of the universe.  Essentially infinite.  

Humans are in general limited only because they have been taught to be limited, and the Media has perpetuated such a paradigm out of its own ignorance, incompetence, and occasional greed.  The Inter Net has been useful in superseding the imposed limits of Media -- as well as Education -- especially in terms of its diversity, connectedness, and universality.  But both of these possibilities for disseminating truth have fallen short of the glorious possibilities all humans are heir to.  

A key factor in the limits imposed by Communications, Media, and Education, at least as practiced, is the apparent lack of Discrimination by its recipients.  An inability to separate the truth from the lies and deceits (or from the simple incoherent, inept, or viscous gossip) is the greater threat to the freedom and happiness of individuals than most any other single factor.  All too often, human beings practice a strange version of the Conservation of Energy, in that they conserve their energy by not bothering to think long and in depth about any particular fact, idea, or propaganda that they encounter in the course of a day.

The flaw in this attitude is the unwillingness to take responsibility for our lives -- not just for our various overt, conscious actions, but for our unconscious actions as well.  It is not only our sole responsibility to practice Discrimination in interpreting the words, symbols, experiences, and realities presented to us, but to accept Health and Responsibility as our God-given, inalienable right.  Our Creating Reality includes our health!  The fact that we may have made some of our future health decisions (including everything from Dyslexia to premature birthing), and have made those decisions prior to incarnating does not relieve us of our inherent responsibility for manifesting all the health dramas and traumas of our lives.

If the latter seems a bit much, it is.  At least according to the paradigm we’ve had foisted upon us, and which we’ve then chosen to accept.  The Media, the Inter Net, the Education we’ve been plagued with... are not the responsible parties!  They are our challenges, our stimuli designed to keep the blood flowing in our veins and arteries.  They are the dramas and the movies in which we’ve selected to invest our emotional energies.  

There are indeed Secrets and Conspiracies which influence our lives.  There exists a many and varied effort to control our lives -- essentially from the fear of the CEOs, perpetrators of the ill-advised Department of Homeland Insecurity, and other would-be controllers of what we might become were we not controlled.  There is the frustration we experience when we encounter the difficulties of avoiding such control.   

But there is also the knowing of safe, divine protection for any Fool on his or her journey.

Because the bottom line remains love.  It’s our choosing love that connects us to the infinite.  It is love which is the reason for life, the reason for the universe.  It is love which prompts the “Aha!”, the moment of seeing the face of divinity.  

In the course of The Fool’s Journey, we quickly learn how little we know.  It has been said: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set ye free.”  And upon first learning the truth, ye will likely be really ticked off.  It is your choice to: “Get Ye over it.”  It is our opportunity to become a Bozo-Sattva, or follow the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy -- although we might want to recall the Desiderata as we plod forth.  

There is also the sense of recognizing the Illusions, the unreality of so-called reality.  It’s all a dream with a cast of thousands and a surprise ending.  (And if in fact Reincarnation Is Making a Comeback, then there are and will be plenty of prequels and sequels!)  


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