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New Page -- 6 August 2003

Updated -- 11 August 2004

Additions -- 1 May 2006

Abraham once said, "It is not possible for any of you to earn anything.  'Earning' is a physical misunderstanding.  It is all vibrational."

Before you begin an exhaustive search through the Book of Genesis in quest for where and when did the biblical patriarch Abraham (alias Abram) say that, perhaps we should note that the above quotation derives from a group of nonphysical beings called Abraham, who teach through the physical apparatus of Ester Hicks of Bourne, Texas.

The fact the biblical Abraham may be misunderstood in this context is no great surprise; Abraham is often misunderstood.  For example, many people think he was a shepherd, when in fact he was more likely the commander of an elite cavalry division.  [See, for example, Genesis 12:14-16.]

Ester Hicks' Abraham, on the other hand, <http://www.abraham-hicks.com> is something entirely different.  Abraham and Hicks in this case do not have 318 well trained and armed men available on a moment's notice to rush into Dan, Hobah, and/or Damascus.  What Abraham of this web page is equipped with is a proliferation of Wisdom.

For example, in The Science of Deliberate Creation, Quarterly Journal [the first quarter of 2002]...


We have:


Your feeling of dissatisfaction is your biggest hindrance.

"When a new desire is born within you, and it has not yet manifested"... "your most common hindrance is that feeling of dissatisfaction about something that you want, that you do not have. Either there is something that you've got that you don't want, and you're unhappy that you can't get rid of it, or there is something that you desire that has not yet come fully to you, and you are irritated or depressed that it has not yet come. Your feeling of dissatisfaction is your biggest hindrance, and it is also the simplest one to release once you understand how it all works."

"Many of you have heard it many, times: When you ask, it is given. Whether you are a cell in one of your magnificent bodies, or in a plant's body, or you are the fully conscious personality that you know as you, when you ask for something -- and you are asking constantly whether you use words or whether your experience just helps you to conclude the desire -- when you have desire, it is always answered, every single time."

Three Points of Creation:
1. Your Desire Asks.
2. Universe Answers.
3. Allow Your Desire to Manifest.

"There are three points to this fulfilling legacy that is yours: The first point in creation is the desire, or asking. That happens just by your association with your experience. So, the asking happens.

"The second point is the answering to that asking. Universal forces, some call it God Force, we call it Creative Life Force -- always gives the answer in the moment of the asking. The third point: You, who is asking, must then receive. You must be in the place where you allow the thing that you are asking for.

"So, if there's something that you have been wanting that is not yet manifesting in your experience, it isn't because of one or two: It isn't because you haven't asked, and it isn't because the Universe has not yielded it. It can only be that you are not in the receiving mode.

"You are willing to put forth endless effort. You'll work 24 hours a day. There is no end to the work or struggle that you are willing to put forth in order to try to achieve. But if you are not in the proper vibrational mode, no matter how much energy or effort or time, or money you put into your endeavor -- you don't lock on."

"Whether it feels good or bad is the indicator of whether you are in the receiving mode or not. So it is always accurate to say that whatever you are living, abundance or poverty, wellness or sickness, joy or despair -- whatever you are living, in this moment, is a perfect vibrational match to your mode of allowing. Whatever you're getting, that is where you've got your [satellite] dish focused."

All of that stuff you don't want, whether you name it violence or sickness or poverty or pain, all of that is a product of someone being disconnected from Source Energy.

"The way you feel is your indicator of whether you're letting it in. Letting what in? Letting in Well-being. Letting in the clarity that is really you, and letting in the abundance that is natural to you. Letting in your resilience, your physical stamina, and your flexibility. Letting in your ability to intuitively know your path. Letting in your sensitivity to your surroundings, your opportunities to expand, and your joy and appreciation. Letting yourself be who you really are. Letting in whatever you desire."

"All of that stuff you don't want, whether you name it violence or sickness or poverty, or pain, all of that is a product of someone being disconnected from Source Energy. Disconnected is too strong a word; you can never be disconnected, you just get it pinched off pretty good.

"Two factors are involved in what makes people feel the way they are feeling: There is the factor of desire: how much focused desire there is. And then there is the factor of allowing: how much allowing is going on. When you see someone in poverty, in anger, in violence, in pain, or in sickness, rather than judging the correctness of their desire, which none of us have the ability or the right to do, instead just stop and evaluate (if you are wanting to be of value) whether they are connected fully to the Source of Well-being, or whether they have found some way of pinching themselves off."  [emphasis added]

"You Are Here Because It's Fun

"We don't need to teach you about what to want. That part comes naturally to you. It's not anybody's business what you want, anyway; you are freedom based Beings who get to choose. We don't need to tell you about who you are from Non-Physical; you innately know who you are: You are Source Energy expressing in this physical body. You're not here to prove some kind of worthiness. You're not here to fix something that is broken. You are here as expanding Beings to assist with the expansion, not because it needs your assistance, but because it is fun. It is fulfilling.  [emphasis added]

"In this inevitably expanding Universe, you genius creators said, "I will go forth into this contrasting experience, where all kinds of choices will be laid before me. And out of this buffet of opportunities, I will conclude -- sometimes unconsciously, sometimes fully consciously -- new desires; in some cases, desires that have never been unto this Universe, or any other, ever before. And when that new rocket of desire is born within me, my work is done, because when that rocket is born, the asking is now in place. And when the asking is in place, the answering is in place. And so, the expansion of the Universe happens joyously, naturally, creatively, and eternally.  [emphasis added]

"We [Abraham] come forth in response to your asking, not because your lives are inadequate, but because it thrills us when you deliberately line up with your own desire."

It is not our desire to guide your desire.

"When you made the decision to come forth into this physical experience, you knew there would be enormous variety that would help you come to conclusions. And you knew that you were, then, a part -- and would, in this body, be a part -- of a Universe that is freedom based. Which means, no one seeks to control that which you identify as your desire.

"This gathering is not about that. Desire happens. This gathering is about assisting you in achieving vibrational harmony with your own desire, so that you can, right now this red hot minute, express yourself in the fullest sense of the word."

"Now, that's frightening to some. They say, "Abraham, if everyone really felt free to desire anything, wouldn't we need to hide out from a lot of them?" And we say, we don't think so, because everything that everyone wants -- no matter what it is -- is always because they believe they would feel better in the having of it. And we have noticed that when you align with that which makes you feel better -- no one would ever need to fear you."

Catch yourself in the act of doing that thing that you do.

"It would be helpful if you would begin to catch yourself in the act of being locked off your signal. Because we hear so many of you saying, "What's going on here? I want it. I've been saying I want it. I know I'm using the right words. I know I've got the right expression on my face. Why isn't it happening?" The answer to that is: it is because you keep doing that thing that you do that locks you off the signal."

"What happens is, you tend to evaluate the content of your now experience so fully that you find the more familiar vibration of what-is, rather than finding the better feeling vibration of what you desire. And that, right there, is the only thing, the only thing, that ever holds you apart from anything you want."  [emphasis added]

Pay Attention to Emotions

"Your emotions tell you everything that you need to know about your relationship with your Source Energy. Your emotions tell you how specifically focused you are, which means how strong your desire is, and how much of the Source Energy you're summoning through your focused desire, right now. And your emotions tell you whether you are, in this moment, a vibrational match to your desire or not -- whether you are in the mode of allowing or receiving, or not.

"And so, by paying attention to your emotions, or by paying attention to the way you feel, you are getting a very clear indicator of what your vibrational offering is.

"We want you to be aware of your vibrational offering while it is in the emotional stage rather than waiting for it to be in the manifested stage, although that works too. You can pay no attention whatsoever to the way you feel, just offer your thoughts, and therefore your feelings or vibration, all over the place, and the Universe will match you with perfect vibrational matches. And as you receive the manifestation, you can say, "I would have rather this truck did not fall on me." And then, it is a little bit more time consuming to bring yourself back to your fully unflattened state. Although it can be done -- it is cumbersome.

You are extensions of Source Energy.
And the more you are allowing the fullness of your Source Energy to flow through you -- the more you thrive.

"Source Energy is likened to your electricity that flows through your walls. And some of you are having rolling blackouts, we notice. Not only in your houses, but in your day-to-day experience, as you find things that you use as your excuse to pinch yourself off from the Source Energy that is You."

"Discover how to clean up your vibration so there is not so much resistance within you, so that you can be the fuller receiver of that which you are asking for. It is not a difficult thing to do, once you are understanding the process --it is really about setting yourself into vibrational harmony with that which feels good. We would encourage you to ask yourself on a regular basis, maybe hundreds of times in every day, 'Am I letting it in? Am I letting it in?' Letting what in? You could call it Creative Life Force, God force. 'Am I holding myself in vibrational harmony with those things that I have identified that I'm wanting to experience?'

The only reason that something that you want is not coming to you, is that you are holding yourself in vibrational harmony with something other than what you want.

"The good news is: every single time you're doing it, every single time, without exception, you are feeling something less than positive emotion when it happens. So if you are asking yourself on a fairly regular basis, maybe two or three hundred, or a thousand, times every day, and if you're catching yourself in the act of doing it now -- it won't take 30 days of being aware that you're doing it now to stop doing it now.

"Once you realize what the receiving mode feels like, it is such an easy thing to hold yourself in vibrational harmony with the Well-being that is natural to you. And that is what the Science of Deliberate Creation is about."

"You are vibrational Beings much more than you are flesh, blood and bone beings. You are more vibrational, you are more electrical, than you are anything else. And the way that you read the vibration of your Being is through your emotions. Your emotions tell you everything that you will ever need to know about your relationship with your Source Energy. And we can't think of anything that is more significant for you to be aware of than your relationship with your Source Energy -- because the Source Energy is life itself.

"When you are fully connected to and fully allowing Source Energy, you are the extension of that. You are that Blended Being. You are allowing the whole of You to flow through and live this physical experience. In that state of being, eagerness would be your most common emotion. You would vacillate between saying things like, 'Oh, this is interesting,' to 'Oh, this is satisfying,' to 'Oh, don't you love that,' to 'Oh, I'm really enjoying this,' to 'Oh, this is interesting!.' All of those feelings of life-giving emotion are the natural way that you are, and the way you felt as you came forth into this physical experience, to begin with, -- and the way you would always feel once you get the hang of catching yourself in the mode of doing that thing that you do that keeps all of that from happening."

"You are eternal Beings, which means you never get it done. How does that feel? You never get it done. If that feels like, 'Oh good,' then you are hooked up with Source Energy; you are recalling who you are; you are eagerly anticipating the unfolding; you are remembering that the destination has never been what it's about. The destination just gives you something to focus upon so that the Energy flows, so that your journey is exhilarating.  [emphasis added]

"When you realize that you are eternal Beings, that must mean that there's way more before you than there could ever be behind you. In other words, eternity means forever. And so, when you get in sync with eternity, doesn't it make you sort of want to relax and enjoy, and savor?"

"What's the big rush? What is the clamoring toward one destination or another? Why not kick back a little bit; take in the perfection of where you stand? Think about where you're going; reach for feelings, past present or future, that feel good -- and enjoy who you are in your powerful and pointed now."

"Freedom is the basis of all life. Joy is the goal of all life. Growth is the result that flows from freedom and joy." "Your emotions are you indicator of what you are doing. Your emotions don't have any power. All of your power is in your choice of thought. All of your power is in your ability to focus your mind upon those things that cause you to feel good when you focus upon them. That's the power of your emotions."

"You must be selfish enough that you are willing to feel good. You have to reach the place where you say, "Nothing matters more to me than that I feel good."

Then on June 19, 2004, I was able to gleam (make notes like crazy) the following:

"Running away from something is motivation. Running toward something is inspiration."

"Instead of facing reality, create reality."

"When one gets specific in their anger, one tends to find compassion for the specific target. Then frustration becomes amusement."

"What makes your juices flow? It's not what do I want. It's who am I, and then what do I want?"

"Impatience is good, if it creates new, fresh desires."

"Releasing resistance will always feel like relief."

"Instead of trying to change circumstances, change your feeling about the circumstances. And the circumstances will change. Consciously feel good in order to attract your desires."

"Quantum leaps is like eating all of the food for the year immediately."

"Harder work is in the higher levels of enlightment. One is pickier here. A negative emotion goes a lot further now."

"If you are depending on any other person to make you happy -- you will be disappointed."

And something I coined (albeit inspired by Abraham): "The one thing you can do in any situation or circumstances is to find the humor in it and laugh accordingly."


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