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Chronicles of Earth

The history of Earth can be somewhat arbitrarily divided into four ages:

            Ancient History -- from the Dawn of Man until roughly 600 B.C.E.

            Early History -- 600 B.C.E. to roughly 900 A.D.

            Recent History -- 900 A.D. to 1950 A.D.

            Current History -- 1950 A. D. to the present

Much of the history discussed in this website is ancient history, in the form of the Annals of Earth, the Epic of Creation, and Genesis.  Sumerian history is emphasized, inasmuch as it was the earliest well-recorded history of civilization.  At the same time, the critical, connecting threads which lead from ancient history into the modern day are also followed to some degree -- if only because it is in knowing history that we are afforded the opportunity not to repeat the negative aspects of it.

In all four histories, there is an officially sanctioned history, the story of events which are accepted by the establishment and/or the mainstream historians.  None of these histories are complete, and in fact are so woefully inadequate that they surely constitute fraud and misrepresentation in being presented as if this version is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Not only was history written by the victors in any given conflict or event, but it was then revised by whoever took over from the victors, and by whatever means they came into power.  Mainstream history is, therefore, a double edged sword to be wielded at will in order to justify and legitimize the rule of a select group over others.

Mainstream history is not all lies.  A fundamental rule followed by organizations such as the National Enquirer is that one always begins with some acceptable truth, and thereafter speculates about what might have stemmed from the truth.  The kernel of truth contained therein is what provides the appearance of legitimacy, and those people who lack the basis of Discrimination, often blithely accept the illogical and irrational arguments and stories which stem from this truth, but which themselves are no more than creative fiction.

Mainstream history, by its very nature, cannot be trusted.  It is mainstream because it is accepted by so-called authorities (historians, politicians, and those in the employ of the elite and powerful).  It serves the agendas of those same authorities, and is therefore nothing more than propaganda or an adherence to the “party line.”

Alternative histories are those histories which challenge the authorities, the party line, the mainstream, and then attempt -- hopefully -- to research and present history in terms of what actually transpired, and not necessarily what might make someone or something look good.  Alternative histories are not necessarily any more legitimate than the stuff served up by the mainstream -- they can have their own agendas as well.  But an earnest effort into discovering historical truths can be very enlightening.

The study of history is really about considering all or most of the alternatives and applying Discrimination in deciding what in fact was the truth, what actually happened, and what does it mean to us today.  “Yea shall know the truth and the truth shall set yea free.”  But truth often comes at the price of homework, of an open mind, and an ability to let go (after perhaps a momentary period of anger at having been deceived) of any and all notions and preconceptions -- in effect, being primed for a Paradigm Shift.

Any investigation into ancient, early, recent or current history, one must always bear in mind that anything written in the past is just as likely to be a history written by the victors (as the modern day “spins” of current events).  Therefore even the most ancient and revered document might have been written with a political agenda.

This latter point applies to the first five books of the Bible, which were written at the time when the Hebrews were being held captive in Babylon, and which was influenced by the apparent lack on the part of the Hebrews’ God to prevent their defeat and captivity.  An critical item of such history was to explain why the “chosen people” were not doing at all well at that period of time.  Admittedly, much of the information in Genesis is an accurate account of what transpired at the time, but ancient and modern interpretations are often fundamentally flawed, and thereby lead to erroneous conclusions.

Abraham, for example, had access to sheep (as in substituting one for the sacrifice of his son).  There does in fact seem little doubt that Abraham did have flocks in his life.  This truth, however, is then interpreted in such a way that many think Abraham was a simple shepherd, a man in the business of herding sheep.  And yet, when his nephew, Lot, was in trouble, Abraham just happened to have arms for 318 trained servants, who in an effective military operation, rescued Lot.  In effect, Abraham was a commander of an elite military calvary.  Any sheep running about, was due to the fact that any army of the time, took their food with them in the form of livestock in order to feed the troups.

Another often flawed interpretation is often associated with Joshua 12:13, wherein the history is reinterpreted as allegory, in order to claim legitimacy.  But as shown in Sun Stand Thou Still, the biblical version is quite likely a true, accurate appraisal of events.

The alternative history given in the pages below, are an attempt to present reality, or what is perceived as such.  Inasmuch as the histories involved are ancient or traditionally secret (esoteric - for the few) implies a degree of speculation. 


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