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New Energy Ramifications

The implications of Connective Physics are enormous.  Society, in virtually every aspect, could be transformed with the introduction of the accompanying technology and/or the understanding by the collective consciousness.  The end result would be a Paradigm Shift of incredible magnitude.  

The impact of Connective Physics technology and its large-scale understanding on modern society would constitute the leading edge of a paradigm shift of universal (pardon the pun) dimensions (pardon the second pun).  The driving force (...another pun) would be an energy system which:  

·         Provides an inexhaustible source of practical, electrical energy,

·         Utilizes the entire universe as its so-called fuel source,

·         Is ecologically sound with no deleterious waste products of any kind,

·         Constitutes the ultimate in local or on-site control and operation,

·         Has no cost other than its initial manufacture,

·         Is conceptually simple enough for easy manufacture and operation, and

·         Operates continually with little or no maintenance.  


One of the most fundamental commodities which form the basis of civilizations is energy availability and usage.  Historically, the “fuel source’ which runs a civilization has ranged from domestic animals, human slavery, wind, solar, hydro and other so-called natural resources, the burning of wood and fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas), and nuclear energy.   

All of these energy sources constitute limited fuel sources -- over which civilizations have waged war and otherwise competed.  Some early civilizations simply ceased to exist when confronted with diminishing fuel supplies, a specter which now applies to the entire world.  

The specific characteristics of an electrical generator based on Connective Physics (as described in The Fifth Element, Zero-Point Energy, or any of a host of others) being used as a universal energy source has multiple advantages.  These include, but are not necessarily limited to:  

·        Eliminating competition (war) for limited and scarce fuel supplies,

·        Phasing out inherently dangerous nuclear power plants,

·        Conserving oil, gas, and coal for petrochemical and plastics uses,

·        Removing the electrical grid of distant power plants, towers and power lines across the landscape, local power stations, telephone poles, transformers, roadway debilitating underground utilities, and the largely unacknowledged health problems associated with EMF Hazards,

·        Decentralizing the control of energy, and thus the removal of highly visible and vulnerable targets for terrorism and nightmare scenarios,

·        Elimination of seemingly inevitable, massive, regional power outages,

·        Reducing the vulnerability of individuals to weather induced crises, and

·        Providing for energy availability anywhere and at anytime.  


The positive availability of universally unlimited energy is complemented by eliminating the waste products of energy generation.  With a Connective Physics electrical generator, for example, one doesn’t have to burn anything!  This implies:  

·        A massive reduction in air pollution including smog, “hazardous air days”, congestive health problems, acid rain, and other hazards,

·        Reduction of water pollution in steam cycle cooling water discharge,

·        Elimination of radioactive, chemically toxic and other waste products, including radioactive waste dumps with thousand year legacies,

·        Reduction in coal mine disasters and strip mine gouging of the earth,

·        Recovery of “wild rivers”, salmon runs, and other natural essentials.  


The availability of clean, fresh water is essential to life and health, and in many respects water is a commodity even more critical than energy.  But with the large scale availability of inexpensive, unlimited, nonpolluting energy, the availability of water for human consumption, agriculture, and ranching can be greatly increased.   

·        Salt water can undergo desalinization with sufficient energy input,

·        Dehumidization can extract water from the air (and reduce humidity),

·        Untapped, freshwater rivers (e.g. the Mackenzie River of Canada which now flows into the Arctic Ocean) can be diverted to flow through more populous areas,

·        Icebergs from either pole can be towed to more temperate climates and thereafter mined for fresh water on site (e.g. Long Beach harbor),

·        The ability to deliver agriculture products to market can be increased by freshwater canals -- combined transportation/water delivery systems.

·        The specter of famines can be reduced by the increased agricultural production in arid regions, and

·        Tensions between nations for water can be drastically reduced.  


An Inertial Propulsion system which does not use reaction mass of any kind, requires no fuel or medium to push against.  In effect, such an Connective Physics propulsion device would allow, literally, universal travel.  Combined with the matching energy system, one could travel anywhere!   

This includes a weekend in the middle of the ocean deep sea fishing, a quick trip to Antarctica to see the Penguins, and a round trip to the planet Mars in something less than two months.  (The latter is, of course, feasible because of the fact that one’s spaceship can accelerate for half the one way trip and decelerate for the remaining half -- as contrasted to the rocket’s propensity for a relatively short burn and a very long coasting period.)  

There is, of course, no limits for this Ultimate Recreational Vehicle either, in terms of allowing individuals and groups to live anywhere on the planet (or off planet).  With no roads or waterways required, there is no place that cannot be visited or homesteaded.  (There are also no marks, scars and other disfigurements of the landscape for the purpose of getting from one place to another.)  It even eliminates parking places, in that the URV could easily find air space to occupy while one is temporarily disembarked!  (It’s all remote controlled, of course.  The only remaining problem is who controls the remote!)  


In concert with the communications revolution already underway, individuals and families can now live virtually anywhere!  Any lack of energy or water essentials at remote locations is no longer a constraint.  The far-reaching implications include:  

·        Areas closer to the geographical poles now have the energy resources to maintain comfortable surroundings for individuals and families,

·        Communities can be established on tropical islands or even artificial mobile islands located in the middle of oceans and seas,

·        As communities remove themselves from the power grid, decentralized independence and “grass roots” politics can flourish,

·        Resurgence of direct involvement in political decisions can, in turn, lead to a greater sense of controlling one’s own destiny (and removing the pervasive frustration experienced by many of a world out of control),

·        Decentralization of societal needs (based on free energy and expanded communications) imply greater individual mobility and travel potential,

·        Greater individual autonomy will, in turn, generate reduced expectation of external support and validation, and

·        A new mind-set of freedom and independence will inevitably lead to more free time, less stress, and more attention devoted to the pursuit of mental and physical health, as well as learning to live together in peace.  


Consider a world several hundred years ago, when electricity was a mere curiosity for a few creative scientists such as Ampere, Watt, Faraday and Maxwell.  Then view the modern world of personal computers, the Inter Net and e-mail.  How could anyone of that paradigm have predicted the computer chip and its effects on society?  Even Jules Verne, an exemplary future looking mind, did not think of computers or create them in his science fiction.  To predict the scientific ramifications of free energy would be equally constrained, both in imagining the progress of an unleashed science, and the radically shortened time to make it a reality.  The equivalent shift of flying a kite in an electrical storm to computers can be expected to be years and decades (instead of centuries).  


The Connective Physics electrical generators have several profound properties:  

1.      The fuel source derives from the interconnectedness of the universe,

2.      There are no limits to the energy reserves, except a universal one,

3.      The universal fuel source is available without regard to geographical cultural, national, or other boundaries of any sort, and

4.      The technology opens up a new frontier with astounding potential.  

The concept of no limits in energy sources, by extension, implies no limits in all areas of life.  Instead of an old paradigm of the Zero-Sum Games -- where one can only gain by someone else losing, there is now the potential for everyone gaining.  Everyone can have enough.  And by extension, anyone can do anything!  

Competition for limited resources fades, while cooperation across national, cultural and geographical boundaries increases.  If you can’t beat ‘em -- or more importantly, there is no need to beat ‘em -- join ‘em.  Education can become increasingly less competitive, and tend instead toward greater cooperation, recognizing a common interconnected value.  

A new frontier without the limitations of not enough energy provides for a Grand New Purpose (with the potential for cooperation and spirit glimpsed in World War II), both for society and the world.  And without the death and destruction of war, humanity may be able to begin a search for an elusive common destiny (or uniquely diverse destinies).  


It is a human characteristic that people resist change, even when it has the potential for improving their lives.  Much of this resistance is based on fear of the unknown, but also stems from vested interests who have no desire for change.  But in chaos there is also opportunity.  The potential chaos of a new energy world may make one pause to think and be concerned.  But the opportunities are mind-boggling.  The early “chaotic melting pot” of the United States was also the “land of opportunity.  

But even Chaos Theory allows for prediction, and planning can be accomplished to offset the painful aspects of this grandparent of major paradigm shifts.  The keys are  

·        Incorporating existing vested interests into the new paradigm,

·        Involving people from all walks of life and vesting them in the process,

·        Creating associates instead of reactionary enemies, and

·        Adding healthy doses of stimulation and awe-struck wonder.  

Change is often resisted, as in Eric Hoffer’s the Ordeal of Change.  Chaos is often feared -- in that it’s unpredictable.  But the Chinese glyph for chaos is also the one for opportunity -- while change brought about by each individual Creating Reality in their own unique, and highly individualized style, is nothing short of exciting!   

Now is the Time!  (The latter being one of the more profound puns in existence -- with no apologies for its insertion.  After all, Creating Reality can be likened to creating fun!)  


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