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Motion Sciences

Joe Firmage is the main force behind Motion Sciences, a not-for-profit advanced physics research and development organization dedicated to pioneering breakthrough technologies for 21st century life.  A key factor within this organization is the consolidation of many of the research institutions currently involved in advanced energy and propulsion research and related fields -- including: Zero-Point Energy, Superconductivity, Superstrings, Casimir Effect, Cold Fusion, Inertial Propulsion, Levitation, and Mass; as well as other aspects of Connective Physics, including Hyperdimensional Physics and The Fifth Element.  From Mr. Firmage’s perspective:  


“Imagine that we discover by 2005 a breakthrough in energy generation -- a device that can produce electricity with almost no fuel, cost, or waste.  Imagine limitless conversion of seawater to fresh water by 2015.  Imagine that by 2025 we no longer need an electricity grid. Imagine a pollution-free atmosphere by 2030. Imagine a permanent end to the growing snarls of freeway traffic by 2040. Imagine a society which recognizes a human right to move about as freely as the goods of its economy -- across any border, any time; or a reusable transportation vehicle that can take you into Space, driven by a field of force rather than ejection of propellant. Finally imagine a green Africa with a vibrant society of human and natural life in 2051.  

“Sounds like science fiction, doesn't it? In fact, the vision described above portrays precisely the kind of future emerging from the implications of some of the best physics research underway in the world today. A group of talented scientists and engineers began quiet collaboration a few years ago, and have now publicly joined forces in and with Motion Sciences, bringing essential collaboration to a very challenging set of research and development projects, a collaboration that we hope can soon extend to engage complementary teams around the world.”  

“Our mission is about the possibility of sharing with the world one day tools that could reverse environmental decline, end starvation and poverty, and make wars a horror of the past.  

“Our mission is about helping to enable a renewal of human civilization, and Nature as a whole.  

“Our mission is about the possibility that we will someday be able to explore the Milky Way Galaxy in an interstellar spacecraft.  

“Our mission is about scientific knowledge that shouldn't be owned by a commercial corporation.”  

Firmage's Motion Sciences was launched August 13, 2001 to support an international network of individuals, institutions, and businesses, pioneering together breakthrough technologies for 21st century life. It is “conducting fundamental theoretical and experimental research relevant to the discovery of physical principles that might enable breakthroughs in propulsion and energy generation technologies.”  

The theoretical group within Motion Sciences has “confirmed and indeed strengthened the proposed connection between inertial mass and the quantum vacuum. In recent years, the explorations of the relation between mass and the quantum vacuum have been extended with possibly significant insights into the nature of gravitation. Possible implications of this and of a rapidly widening body of work in the domain of quantum vacuum physics are that:  [emphasis added]  

“1.  It may be possible to generate propulsive forces without the ejection of material propellant or reaction masses.  [i.e. Inertial Propulsion systems!]  

“2.  It may be possible to extract energy from the quantum vacuum.  [e.g. Zero-Point Energy devices.]  

“3.  Both inertial mass and gravitational mass may be electromagnetic phenomena, which would open the door to the possibility of manipulating inertia and/or gravitation.  [See, e.g. Mass, Experiment and/or Levitation, Gravitation Revisited.]  

“The theoretical concepts underlying these possibilities are based on an extensive array of peer-reviewed publications in mainstream physics journals.”  [emphasis added]


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