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Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is the fusion of nuclei at temperatures approaching room temperature.  This is a process distinct from Hot Fusion, in which experiments for the last forty years have attempted to duplicate the temperatures and pressures of the Sun (hot and intense!) by the use of plasma physics and such things as Tokamaks and other clever, but useless devices.  The difficulty, of course, is that hot fusion has been receiving millions upon millions of dollars annually for four decades in a vain attempt to create a fusion reactor capable of providing energy.  The very idea that this massively funded attempt is a total waste of time, money, and talent -- and the whole thing could be done in the kitchen or a garage workshop -- is a bitter pill for the priesthood of the scientific establishment to swallow.  

Well, they've done it again!  And we can all, for the nth time, try to incorporate yet another paradigm shift in our thinking to account for the latest in the science originally termed "cold fusion".   To quote Norman Horwood's [1] increasingly appropo comment, "Life is difficult enough without people inventing things."  How true!  And in today's world, scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs of every stripe are inventing things on a massive scale -- and in the process, making life difficult for virtually anyone with a vested interest in the status quo (which by recent estimates, amounts to about ninety-seven percent of the population).           

To put it all into perspective, however, it might be worthwhile to consider a brief history, a review of the past years when cold fusion (which has become identified with:  "space energy", "Zero-Point Energy", "vacuum energy", "quantum energy dynamics", and in a more logical term, "nucleodynamics") has become a household word.  It all began, of course, with the well-publicized announcement of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons on March 23, 1989, of their having achieved "excess heat" from what was supposedly a simple (at least in theory) electrolysis experiment [2].             

This was followed by a mass denial from "establishment" science (particularly the now increasingly defunct "hot fusion enthusiasts"), and replication of the phenomena in laboratories which had the technical competence and took the time to properly conduct the experiment.  But the overall furor generated by the initial news conference and its immediate aftermath was enough to send any rational cold fusion scientist underground for many years.  Small wonder, considering the viscous and wholly unscientific nature of the attacks on the experiments -- not to mention the experimenters!           

Within five years, however, when the results of the Fourth International Conference on Cold Fusion, began to make their presence felt, it was clear cold fusion was rapidly maturing and had begun the laborious process of gaining adherents, including those with financial backing.!  But it was the fifth conference (ICCF-5) in Monte Carlo in April 1995 that really brought cold fusion into the mass consciousness.  For it was in Monaco that the "Demonstrations" began, when Hal Puthoff's "One-Watt Challenge" [3] was answered in a host of ways.   

From the solid state proton conductors with their alleged huge power factor of available electricity to the water-implosion devices with their excess shaft horsepower, scientists of every stripe were presenting devices which apparently generated power in useable quantities and forms.  Legitimate denial was no longer possible in the face of these devices which provided excess energy in such convenient packages.  I say "legitimate denial", because it was this same conference which generated the incredible, and what with hindsight one can only label abhorrent, backlash from vested interests.           

Foremost among the attackers, of course, were the utilities; at least the ones who had the foresight to see their industry doomed.  The automobile, trucking, railroad, and airline industries did not immediately see that they were but a different species of dinosaur, but they soon weighed in as well with their attempts to deny, discredit, and denigrate cold fusion and all that it represented for the future.  To be honest, one can appreciate an industry, such as the utilities, wincing a bit when they see their massive infrastructure turning from an enormous financial asset to an equally enormous liability.  Still, it is unfortunate they chose to use such despicable tactics, ones which, incidentally, with the aid and abetment of governments such as the United States, very nearly succeeded.  But such is the stuff of momentous, earth-shaking paradigm shifts.             

Sadly, much of the scientific establishment chose to attack cold fusion and nucleodynamics as well.  Even the relatively simple concept of distinguishing electrodynamics (the science of electrons in motion) from nucleodynamics (the science of protons and nuclei in motion) was a paradigm shift too large for many establishment scientists to make.  Given this reluctance, it is all the more obvious they would have difficulties with such challenges as:  

* Experimentally-supported, theoretical understandings of such concepts as inertia, the EPR Experiment,  faster-than-light protons, capillary fusion, and multiple-dimensions beyond our known space-time.

* Demonstrations of successfully combining the theories of the Zero-Point Energy, Prigogine's Self-Organizing theories, and Chaos Theory.

* Excess energy, in the form of heat, electricity, and shaft horsepower, being generated in a variety of ways in which the only common ingredient is the use of protons and/or nuclei in non-linear motion.

* Enhancement of excess energy effects when experimental apparatus were subjected to ultrasonic and/or pulsing, non-linear magnetic fields.

* Development and manufacture of small power units suitable for use in homes, buildings, and modified automobiles.

* Environmental restoration, based on the rapidly decreasing levels of power-generating air and water pollution from utility power plants, automobiles, and other fossil-fuel devices.

* Transmutation of elements, including Biological Transmutation and the straight-forward incineration and elimination of toxic and nuclear wastes (as opposed to previous attempts at waste management),.  

The transmutation of elements, the stuff of Alchemy, was probably the straw that broke the back of most of the remaining, inflexible scientists.  Or the work of such stalwarts as Komaki [4] and Kervran in the area of non-radioactive, biological transmutation of elements.  For it is in this arena that recent reports once again challenge our credulity.           

We could perhaps tolerate such challenges to our lives as:  

* Vehicles which fly without wings (the only purpose of wings being to save fuel, and with nucleodynamics, no issues of energy availability).

* The virtual elimination of international borders as customs, immigration policies, and other relics of the past face the reality of virtually unlimited mobility of technologically-advanced humans (who, incidentally, have no need for highways -- their construction, maintenance, or traffic).

* The potential for weapons which kill with the sheer immensity of the amount of power available, and the same potential for defensive systems. (If one can take energy out of the vacuum at will, it follows that one can put any amount of energy back into the vacuum and thus nullify the effects of a massive surge of energy being use in an attack).

* The societal upheavals as people discover they must learn whole new skills in order to cope, and simultaneously, realize they can live anywhere in the world. (With unlimited energy, one can modify the immediate environment at will and have the mobility to go anywhere they choose.)

* Recent demonstrations of controlled, Levitation devices which use many of the techniques which have tapped into the zero-point, space energy, and which affect the space-time continuum in some very interesting ways.

* The near-term potential for private interplanetary vehicles, piggybacking onto the commercial possibilities of NASA's successes in utilizing the power from nucleodynamics to make a manned landing on Mars and the journeys to more distant planets (in particular Jupiter and Saturn).  

Perhaps we could indeed, deal with these challenges to our paradigm, all of these New Energy Ramifications.  But now, we are faced with the culmination of the "cold fusion paradigm shift", a shift spanning a decade and one which is easily the most significant in the history of civilization; a singularity to end all singularities, a bifurcation point which will inevitably lead to chaos and a wholly unknown, unpredicted and unpredictable, new self-organization.  It is the idea of biological transmutation of elements implying that living organisms may be already, regularly tapping into the Zero-Point Energy.   Furthermore, it is recognized that water, with its unique and incredible properties being only now fully realized, is the predominant player in nucleodynamics.  Thus it is a natural, logical extension that humans, being living organisms with an abundance of water in their physical bodies, may well have the same capabilities,  The speculation now being put forth, which challenges us all, is that humans, with only the stuff of their minds, may be capable of all the incredible technology which we have seen introduced in the last decades!           

Many skeptics may claim that the idea of a human capability which can transmute elements, tap into the Zero-Point Energy, connect Consciousness with The Fifth Element of Connective Physics, manifest reality in whatever manner the human mind determines, is just so much poppycock.  Unfortunately for such naysayers, the last decades of scientific innovators successfully transmuting "poppycock" into scientific and established reality does not bode well for a too-quick dismissal of this concept.           

More recently, in February 2002, Infinite Energy magazine reported on an official U. S. Navy Technical Report 1862, in which a Dr. Frank E. Gordon (Head, Navigation and Applied Sciences Department, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego) made the following statements:  “As I write this Foreword, California is experiencing rolling blackouts due to power shortages.  Conventional engineering, planned ahead, could have prevented these blackouts, but it has been politically expedient to ignore the inevitable.  We do not know if Cold Fusion will be the answer to future energy needs, but we do know the existence of Cold Fusion phenomenon through repeated observations by scientists throughout the world.  It is time that this phenomenon be investigated so that we can reap whatever benefits accrue from additional scientific understanding.  It is time for government funding organizations to invest in this research.”   

There is also the disturbing report of one journalist, who recently visited a research facility known for its track-record of credible contributions to nucleodynamics.  According to the journalist, he was just outside one of the laboratories when he distinctly heard someone yell, "Shazzam!".  This was immediately followed by a distinctive flash of lightning just above the building, along with a deafening clap of thunder.             

All of which must make one pause and begin to wonder.  Or link to:  


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[1]  Horwood, N., quoted by Tinsley, C., "How the oil age ends", Cold Fusion, Vol. 1, No. 2, June 1994.

[2]  Pons, S., and Fleischmann, M., Business Week, May 8, 1989.

[3]  Puthoff, H. E., "Alternative Energy Sources: Good News/Bad News and 'The 1-Watt Challenge'," Proceedings of the International Symposium on New Energy, Denver, Colorado, May 12-15, 1994.

[4]  Komaki, H., "An Approach in the Probably Mechanism at the Non- Radioactive Biological Cold Fusion or So-called Kervran Effect (Part 2)," Poster presentation at the Fourth International Conference on Cold Fusion, Maui, Hawaii, December 6-9, 1993.


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