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Consciousness is not always a favorite topic of scientists and other thinkers in that it is hard to define.  The dictionary includes awareness and a state of being awake.  For our purposes, a more comprehensive definition is, “the totality of a person’s thoughts and feelings.”  Note that this would include emotion, thinking, and physical bodily reactions.

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On the one hand, one needs to distinguish between Consciousness (the apparently unique quality of humans being aware -- “I think, therefore I am”), a transcendent mind (which has no physical basis and may be construed as the Consciousness vehicle without portfolio -- or physical reality), a mechanistic brain (which depends upon electrochemical interactions), and the body (the physical presence we normally associate with a reality which includes matter -- the latter the “stuff” of the physical universe).  Quantum physics has, for example, demonstrated the links between Consciousness and Physics -- and also shed enormous light on Mind-Body discussions, as well as Mind-Matter interactions. (6/1/05) There is also what might be termed a Christ Consciousness, or the ultimate in Intermingled Realities.

The French philosopher Michel Foucalut once claimed, “All modern  thought is permeated by the idea of thinking the unthinkable.”  Perkins has said: “Some physicists even think there might be bizarre links between gravity, the weird properties of the quantum world, and that most enduring of human mysteries -- consciousness.” [1]  Well, yeah!  Duh!  

Unfortunately, Consciousness Research has been largely ignored by the physical sciences.  This is despite an array of encounters in modern physics which keep alluding to consciousness, but which manage in some way to avoid ever calling it by name.  

For example, there is the fundamental problem of an observer affecting a measurement by the simple act of taking the measurement -- as embodied in Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (and in accordance with its varied interpretations).  Moreover, the attitude of the observer, or even the ability of the observer to see a result (i.e. not being blinded by an overriding, contrary Paradigms), can make a profound difference in the outcome of an intended or accidental experiment.  Essentially, what we cannot imagine, we cannot see.  

Another problem arises from Maxwell’s Demon, the devilish mental concept which forced physics to elevate information up to the same level of importance and impact as energy when dealing with the Laws of Thermodynamics and reversing the direction of Entropy.  Information is about Communication, the transmission of knowledge, intelligence, even enlightenment.  In this context (Maxwell’s Demon, et al) information constitutes: a means by which an unordered structure can become ordered (i.e. Entropy reversed).   

In physics, this was acknowledged by identifying information as a form of energy.  However, not to have taken the immediate, logical route of calling the solution to the enigma posed by Maxwell’s Demon a form of consciousness (instead of the more benign word, information), is one of the more fascinating examples of the blind leading the blind in the practice of physics.  

Wave-Particle Duality and Quantum Knowing have contributed to the information link to experimental results, and in fact, created the unique and demonstrable “proof” that observation (the access to information) changes the results of experiment.  This is the stuff of Creating Reality, creating matter or events by simply acquiring information, by simply observing what is transpiring.   

There is no way to overemphasize the importance of modern quantum physics and its impact upon our understanding of a transcendental mind with consciousness.  

Consciousness can be described as taking unconnected and chaotic properties or bits of data and correlating them into an ordered structure or schema.  Consciousness is thus anti-entropic to the extent of individual systems within the universe being anti-entropic, and both information and consciousness begin to take on some of the same properties with regard to physics.  Both information and consciousness become forms of energy.  

Consciousness may require the transformation of more traditional forms of energy in order to accomplish consciousness’ ability to correlate -- to be anti-entropic.  However, the physics of The Fifth Element, Zero-Point Energy, and so forth -- as well as countless traditions and philosophical understandings from the beginning of recorded history -- have concluded that there exists an energetic connection between all aspects of the universe.  Thus the energy requirements -- which utilize means outside the pathways currently prescribed by mainstream science -- become irrelevant among systems within the universe.  

Furthermore, the basic objection to any supposed violation of the Law of Conservation of Energy (i.e. the “second law” in the Laws of Thermodynamics) is incorrect because the law is only valid with regard to a closed system.  Because of the energetic connection between all aspects of the universe, there are no closed systems within this universe, and only the universe may be regarded as a closed system.  (Of course, if there are Multiple Universes, even this proviso may not be strictly obeyed.  Sorry about that.)  

Arthur Young has referred to the third derivative -- equivalent to The Fifth Element’s third derivative term -- as “control”, and in doing so implied that consciousness is the underlying aspect of the added term in the equations of physics.  But why should this term leap from a simply description of a small aspect of physics to that of consciousness?  

Arthur Young tried to answer this by likening the situation to the case where all machines ultimately require a form of control.  Such a control is intentional, and is based on the physical distinction between accelerating and causing acceleration.   

The position of something, or even the fact that an object is in motion, or is changing its motion, is not a matter which requires choice.  These are deterministic in that they follow the natural laws of science.  They just are.  It’s here, it’s moving, it’s moving under the influence of gravity, and that’s about it.  There is no further need for action, for initiating a change for some purpose, or for redirecting the motion of an object.   

Significantly, each of the three variables -- position, velocity, and acceleration -- all come under the purview of obeying the natural laws.  Any object anywhere in the universe is being influenced by the laws, and the only actions occurring due to these influences are changes in position and/or velocity.  There are no natural physical laws which induce a change in acceleration.  [Although there can be changes in the direction of acceleration.]  

The third derivative, i.e. the rate of change of acceleration, is therefore outside the natural physical laws as we typically envision them.  There may be other deterministic physical laws which govern the third derivative, but these same meta-physical laws, these additions to what we now know as the laws of physics, appear to include choice, control, intent, and ultimately, consciousness.  In other words, there may be the Laws of Consciousness, but while we may have experienced them from our inception, we have yet to formulate them in the form of equations (equations often being the goal of mathematical physicists).  

Consciousness -- The Mother of All Connections  

Fundamentally important with respect to the Connective Physics of The Fifth Element is the potential for a human consciousness to act as a “channel” for the universal energy flow.  On a more esoteric level, loving another human being may be simply the act of channeling the love of the universe through the lover and in the direction of the beloved.  The delightful part is that the love traversing the lover is also leaving the effects of its passage within the lover.  By the same token, hate would accomplish the same effect, but with less desirable results.  The relevant question is whether or not, all such channelings or passages of universal energy flow through the body, leave their effects as well.  

Bruce Lee has been described <http://www.brucelee.com> as accomplishing astounding feats with the power of using his body to motivate others in an appropriate (Lee-selected) direction.  But there is also the very real possibility of his consciousness being a key element in the process -- potentially even of far greater importance than his skill at practicing his own brand of martial arts!  The same can be said of karate or homeopathy. In effect, Bruce Lee may have been “channeling” energy, and moving it in a very specific direction, for a very specific purpose.  

However, if Bruce Lee and other practitioners of the martial arts are simply channeling vast amounts of love, hate, power, and/or energy through their bodies, and in the process reaping a fair amount of residue/effect of the universal energy (in any of its myriad forms, both esoteric and exoteric, good and bad), an essential requirement for the practitioner’s mind and body would be a conscious state conductive to the process and at the same time, one capable of utilizing the energies to advantage.  

In something we might term the Bruce Lee Effect, there is the distinct possibility that too much energy flow for a given consciousness state or mental capacity might result in a situation where the body of the energy’s channeler suffers significantly.  Trying to channel even a healing energy through a body for the benefit of another might in some cases result in overpowering the capacity of the body of the healer to compensate.  Funneling love in large quantities is unlikely to cause any negative effects, inasmuch as the very nature of love would be, at the very least, to soften any possible negative effects, and in the more likely scenario, simply leave the lover awash in love (possibly a very desirable condition).

But other forms of energy, even when positive in their intent, could be overdoing an individual’s ability to “carry the current”, so to speak.  Just as too much current can overload a circuit (and burn it out), too much directed energy can burn out the circuits of the channeler through which the energy is flowing.  This may be the problem, for example, of anyone approaching the Ark of the Covenant who is not in resonance with it, who has not taken the ORME and prepared themselves (consciously and physically).  [See below.]

 In the case of an energy flow with negative characteristics, the probability of negative results in the perpetrator’s mind and body quickly approaches unity (i.e. it’s guaranteed).  For example, hating someone intently -- flowing universal hate energy through the body -- is without question, deleterious to the hater (and maybe the hated).  A traditional tale tells of a person hating someone sufficiently intently that the initiator of the hate is likened to holding a hot coal in his or her hand, while waiting for the opportunity to throw it at the target of the person’s hate.  The moral of this situation is that the hater will end up with a very burned and damaged hand, while the hated may likely escape because of the bad aim of the already wounded hater, who when he or she finally lets the hot coal go in the approximate direction of the intended victim, misses.  Too bad.  [pardon the pun]  

For those intrigued by the idea of channeling energy in any of its many forms, be advised that channeling negative energies is decidedly not a good idea.  This implies, of course, a prerequisite of a soul being able to discriminate between positive, negative, and negative-attempting-to-appear-positive energies.  However once the appropriately selected energy is determined, one can then begin a process of directing energies to others.  

In this regard, there is unlikely to be any deleterious effects if one simply channels unconditional love and joy, without the slightest hint of attempting to infringe on another’s free will.  For those cases where a more active and focused intent is appropriate (perhaps in some cases of healing, for example), the channeler’s mind and body must be adequately prepared beforehand.  This might include meditation, prayer, or other mental preparations.  

Physical preparations for channeling might include being fully hydrated.  Water in the body in maximum quantities appears essential in order to absorb without any ill effects, the fluctuating energies in both channeling and DNA changes.  Dehydration, on the other hand, would likely cause major problems, because of the body’s inability to deal with the vibrational frequencies of any and all universal energies coursing through the body.  Water is an excellent buffer, when it comes to being sufficiently fluid for vibrational changes, and it needs to be present in the body in adequate quantities in order to do the work.

There is also the very noteworthy effects of attempting to channel ORME-related energy.  Traditionally, those without the proper attitude of “righteousness” have found themselves in deep do-do.  The best examples derive from the Bible, where in one case an innocent guard, seeing the Ark of the Covenant (the container for the ORME) about to capsize, reached out to prevent it, and promptly died from the effort.  While his goal might have been laudatory, his mental state was more likely that of anxiety or fear.  What was needed instead was for him to be in a mental/emotional state of righteousness before attempting to deal with the ORME or the Ark.  [See above. <g>]  

An even more definitive example occurred when there was a concerted effort on the part of Moses’s people to assume some measure of control over the affairs of the wandering Hebrews.  Moses and Aaron had up until that time, been the only individuals with access to the Ark of the Convenant, and ultimately to the ORME.  This exclusivity might be construed as a Moses-style control-issue, or more likely, the understanding by Moses of the inadvisability of allowing anyone -- perhaps without the essential prerequisites -- to have access to the ORME, and thus to be able to channel an enormous amount of energy, with its attendant negative or positive effects.

When the members of the uprising demanded an opportunity to access the Ark, and after some resistance by Moses and Aaron, the latter two led the penitents into the presence of the Ark and its ORME contents.  At an appropriate moment, the two leaders ducked, and the crowd behind them was blasted into oblivion by some power impulse originating from the Ark -- potentially a high voltage, discharging electromagnetic pulse.  Apparently, the crowd was not quite enlightened enough -- a charge which can perhaps always be levied on virtually any crowd.  In effect, the Hebrews received an instantaneous introduction of the Bruce Lee Effect, even if they had no clue as to this future individual.  (There were very few movies, including preruns, in the Sinai in those days.)  

A significant question is whether or not the channeling of energies can be accomplished with no negative impacts.  Better yet, how can extraordinary energies be channeled (inasmuch as we’re likely already channeling energy on a continuing and regular basis)?  

In a word, Superconductivity.  Current flowing through a circuit causes the circuit to heat -- a phenomena known as i2R heating (the current squared times the resistance).  In superconductivity, the resistance goes to zero, and thus there is no heating.  If there is no heating, there is no “burn out”, and thus no negative effects of channeling any amount of energy.  With “superconducting channeling”, therefore, one might be able to focus the energy without being attached to it (i.e. no resistance to its passage), and thus the channel accumulating no negative effects of the energy which is flowing through the body.  Obviously, the key is No Resistance!  And as has been said: “No pain; no resistance.”   

How does one convert their thoughts to a “superconducting channeling” focus?  Allegedly the answer involves the ORME, Star Fire, ORMUS, or the white powder of gold.  By taking what is known as Manna, the “What is it” of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, one may be able to achieve the ultimate in spiritual experiences -- to be able to channel in a superconducting mode.  The ORME is reputed to facilitate the ability of the consumer to transform his or her electrons into positrons (particles of light), and thus to shift into a superconducting state.  In such a state, the ORME consumer can channel and reap the appropriate rewards, hopefully without burning up the circuitry (also known as the “brain”).  (Meditation is also a possibility, but likely a longer path.)  

Then there was the orchestra leader, who upon being electrocuted in the electric chair, did not die -- supposedly because he was a lousy conductor.  On the other hand, if he had been a “superconductor”, the current passing through his body might have had no effect, and he would have been unharmed as well -- even if he had been a competent professional!  

Is there, perhaps, another way?  (Other than to learn how to conduct music.)  If the ORME is unavailable, or for any number of reasons we encounter the situation wherein the “white powder of gold” has become a tool of  Dem Wid de Gold; is there somewhere else we can turn?   

In the physics of The Fifth Element, the third derivative (akin to Arthur Young’s third derivative) is a term nearly identical in form to the Resistance term, but with a negative sign!  In effect, the third derivative term might be thought of as a negative resistance!  (And if resistance implies pain, imagine what negative resistance implies!)  With a negative resistance in the circuit, energy or current can flow with even greater ease than in the superconducting case.  The negative resistance actually contributes to propelling the flow through the circuit.  Therefore, an ability to utilize the third derivative in one’s thinking might be an improvement over even the ORME’s ability to facilitate channeling without over heating.  But how does one do that?  

The critical aspect of the third derivative term is that it involves in the mechanical system, both mass, a time delay term, and a change in the rate of acceleration.  In the case of an electrical circuit -- our preferred analogy -- it involves inductance, a similar time delay term, and the acceleration of current.  Abrupt changes or impulses in the current, for example, increases the magnitude (given a constant inductance and time delay).   

This may be analogous to being able to mentally construct a thought (in the form of a sharp, mental impulse) and then immediately lets it go!  It’s much like parking prosperity where one visualizes a convenient parking space near their destination, immediately lets it go (i.e. doesn’t worry or think about it after the quick visualization), and then easily finds the parking place upon arrival.  All of this is the concept of an abrupt, sudden, radical change in one’s paradigm, and afterwards, just as in the case of faults, not dwelling on them!  (The foregoing pun, incidentally, was intentional, inasmuch as it was an example of a sudden change in thinking or perspective -- which is the basis of most positive humor, and possibly the basis of tapping into the equivalent of a superconducting state of mind.)  

What is the analogy of the inductance?  Inductance is “the property of an electric circuit that causes an electromotive force to be generated by a change in the current flowing.”  On the one hand, force can be viewed as the means by which manifestation is accomplished.  The current might then be construed as the channeling of energy, while a change in the current is about the rapid pulsings of the energy (i.e. the vibrations and/or frequencies being transmitted).  Inductance might, therefore, be akin to righteousness!

With less religious overtones, Inductance might be equated to Intention.  Neither good nor bad intention, but simply intention.  Intention, in turn, might be increased with focus or attention to specifics.  If the purpose of meditation is to eliminate distracting thoughts, then perhaps meditation is an exercise in increasing one’s mental Inductance.  (The idea in meditation of eliminating all thoughts and concentrating on nothingness is, perhaps, an unfortunate misunderstanding.  It’s good for exercise purposes, but ultimately, the ability to focus may have been developed in order to focus on specific, action-oriented thoughts.)   

In the third derivative term, there is also a time delay factor.  This term can be described in a mechanical system, as the time for the impulse force to reach the center of mass of the impacted object and return to the point of impact.  I.e. the larger the object impacted, the larger the time delay (assuming the same rate of propagation of the information or impulse in the object).  In an electrical circuit it’s the dimension of the circuit, i.e. the length of a coil, for example.  In diminutive systems, the time delay factor might be viewed as quite small and even approaching zero (thus the third derivative term also tending toward zero).  

However, if the extent of the “circuitry” is based upon the extent to which the system is tapping into the more distant reaches of the universe, then the time delay portion of the third derivative term becomes ever more significant.  This might correspond to the degree in which we embrace all of existence -- or at the very least, something extending beyond the immediate concerns of the up close and personal concerns of the individual ego.  The latter might be something termed, Expassion (i.e. an external compassion for all things outside of the ego).  The more one is reaching out and feeling connected (as opposed to being a shell hermit), the more likely one has a very large circuit... or network!  

It’s been said that the only viable Social Security is your friends -- i.e. networks are good.  Alternatively, Social InSecurity has some really serious limitations.

Does the ORME assist in this endeavor?  Certainly from the viewpoint of eliminating distracting thoughts (i.e. staking a claim to the remnants or expecting commissions on the energy flow), the ORME might indeed be an equivalent means of increasing Inductance.  Inductance does, of course, sound very much like conductance, perhaps even a form of superconductance.  (And of course, “ductance” refers to the ability of duct tape to be used on anything that moves and shouldn’t -- while grease is used for anything that doesn’t move and should.)  [I have no shame -- which is a good thing.]  

All things are indeed connected, including theories.  I.e. the third derivative of The Fifth Element could be related in a straight-forward manner to Superconductivity and the ORME (as well as Consciousness).  Consider the following:  

Inductance increased to Super-Inductance (Intention) and multiplied by the Expassion, times the frequency of the channeled energy equals the third derivative contribution.  In the ORME case, the contribution consists of the Superconductance times Righteousness times frequency of the channeled energy.  Pretty much the same thing.  

But ancient traditions have known this all along.  Right? 

Right.  So, what are you Intentions now in Creating Reality?  Think about it!

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[1] Perkins, W., “Care for a Cosmic Pretzel?”, New Scientist, Sep 27, 1997, pg 30.



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