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Intermingled Realities

The idea of having Multiple Choice among Multiple Universes and Multiple Timelines may have a lot of appeal.  Itís like the advantages of a multiplex theater with ten to twenty different blockbuster movies available with great seating.  You can choose whatever grabs you, and quickly find yourself in another reality, Shifting Dimensions on a whim. [Or take the less traveled path of resonant viewing.]

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Intermingled realities, on the other hand, is having all of the movies shown on a series of screens which surround you, and your chair on a swivel, allowing you to check out each and every scenario happening around you.  There may be one movie which is particularly appealing, but undoubtedly there are also several with sound (multiple decibels) and fury (the latest in explosive special effects), which have a tendency to be very distracting.  The fact that virtually all of them -- especially those with sound and fury -- signify nothing, is not generally considered sufficient grounds for you to be able to ignore them.

Itís all a question of focus.  What you direct your attention toward, is what becomes your reality.  The fact you can change your focus in a second does not change the fact that your focus is your reality.  And itís not like you have a remote control, where you can click from one to the other.  Theyíre all going on at once, and in order for you to focus on the really delightful reality, youíre going to have to be able to ignore the others.  

This is not a prescription for indulging in fanciful and irresponsible Illusions.  This is not burying your head in the sand or the delusional wing of the local psychiatric unit.  This is choosing not to become emotionally involved in realities that do not complement your chosen path.  Inevitably, you must be consciously aware of the other realities, you must often formulate your plans on their existence, and you must recognize otherís choices to fully embrace any or several of the other realities.  But you need not be vested in them.

 Consider the idea of the United States of America attacking the country of Iraq, and make the assumption -- for the purposes of this example -- the attack is unwarranted, immoral, and based entirely upon certain vested interests having access to Iraqi oil reserves.  This may be the reality, but it need not be your reality.  Not your reality in the sense that you join in a patriotic fervor or protest by screaming your outrage in marches on Washington. 

 Choosing another focus means you are aware of the attack, it may change your vote at election time, and you may avoid actions which would involve you in terrorist retribution.  You remain mentally aware, but emotionally, your attitude is more of a recognition that there are many who will choose this drama of good and evil duality.  You need not so choose.  You can cease to support the action, but quietly and calmly.  A simple, mental decision, but without any emotional energy being expended thereby.  

For example, 9-11-2001 was a dramatic and horrendous event.  But so is the poisoning of countless individuals with Aspartame, the lives impacted by cancer from EMF Hazards, the deaths from students withdrawing from Ritalin, et al and going on shooting sprees.  Why does one form of disaster receive so much Media attention and effort, while other tragedies -- with far greater numbers of victims -- get ignored?  

Clearly Scapegoatology plays a role, in that foreign, non-English-speaking individuals are far more easier to demonize than the domestic and Transnational Corporations which routinely prey on innocent victims.  Furthermore, film of two of the largest buildings in the world collapsing is the ultimate in TV drama.  From the viewpoint of the Media, the WTC collapse was a made for TV, blockbuster mini-series.  

Anyone choosing to focus on 9-11-2001 is not wrong.  Many doing so may find comfort and pleasure in responding to the grief, and the sense of unity created by the event.  They may become disheartened, and even outraged, should evidence arrive of a complicity of the U.S. government in the disaster, but everyone still has the choice to become vested in the emotional turmoil of 9-11-2001.  

At the same time, anyone choosing to not focus on 9-11-2001, or to become emotionally involved in the incident, is equally right in his or her choice.  There is no lack of patriotism or callousness; and in fact, standing up and questioning a government one believes to be wrong can be a much greater example of true patriotism.  

A collective reality that impacts us, is also a collective reality which impacts each of us to a greater or lesser degree.  And each of us chooses the degree of impact!  

(6/1/05) In the midst of all of this is something which might be called the collective consciousness. This is the stuff by which a threshold number of individuals doing some task in a particular fashion will somehow permeate the underlying consciousness and soon most other individuals will adopt the same fashion -- even is such adoption of an idea if wholly unconscious. In discussing what it terms a Christ Consciousness, the ka-gold website speaks precisely to this subject, specifically what is known in some circles as the 100th monkey effect. In other words, get enough monkeys doing the same thing and all monkeys will follow suit. However, in the Christ Consciousness, one is so intimately connected with all of the rest of the universe, that it's no longer just so much monkey business. It is instead, choosing our reality from the collective smorgasboard.

This is the essence of intermingling realities.  The degree of impact to which each of the many movies in the multiplex theater of life attracts our attention, elicits a mental and emotional response (the two which can be very different), and affects the future decisions of our lives... is all a matter of choice.  Our choice.  Each individualís choice.  

As Carolyn Myss <www.myss.com> recounted, it is possible to drive through an ongoing riot without becoming involved.  Itís a matter of focus, of detachment, of Discrimination, and of choice.  Itís called Free Will.

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