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Shifting Dimensions


I was passing through a wasteland,

When suddenly my mind drifted,

My spirit lifted,

My location shifted,

And I found myself in a new dimension,

A fifth dimension,

A wondrous dimension.


Was this someone's intention,

With the use of some strange invention,

To crash my dimension?

What pray tell would be their intention?

Aye, what would be mine?


For the dimensions of a shifting mind,

Drifting into a dimension not thine,

A dimension without time,

Might not be sublime.


But surely shifting among dimensions,

Would require mindful intentions,

And no wondrous inventions,

Could relieve our conventions,

Of how to live in other dimensions.


More would be needed than tact,

Even more than making a pact,

Before one could act,

Cause preceding effect.


By the slightest sliver of time,

The manifestations of my mind,

The dimensions of my mind,

No longer buffered by time.


For now is the time,

To make that pact,

To clean up my act,

Before I leave this dimension,

Shift my intention,

And discard my invention.


Before I lift my spirit,

And depart this wasteland,

Of my mind's shifting dimension.


For in that fifth dimension,

There will be all manner of invention,

Solely from my mind's intention,

And relieved of all convention,

Other than those from a higher dimension.



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