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Descent from Weary


A Weariness

Rests in the Sinews --

Mere Surface Fluctuations,

Galvanic Skin Responses.


Today was a Good Day.

Crispy Cold with a Biting Wind;

A Bright, Unrepentant Sun

Resting on its Laurels of Light.


Deep, Chasm-like Breaths

And the Weariness lifts slightly.

The Muscle Aches go for R & R.

The Mind seems to know No Limits.


Even on a Contorted Path,

A Random Walk of Twists and Turns,

The Sky, Stars, the Universe are Always There,

If I but lift my gaze upwards.


Thoughts of Descending into Hades,

From Whence All Good Things Come.

But Were Already Here.

And Its Time for a Glorious Event,

An Immaculate Reception.


For Life is But a Symphony --

A Triad of Movements,

With an Added Scherzo.

Dan S. Ward



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