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In the Beginning was the Void,

And alone therein the One.

Interacting they produced Unity;

Which when combined with itself,

Brought about Duality.

Combining Unity and Duality,

Produced the Triple, the Triad, the Triangle.

Space was thereby born in two dimensions.


The next step, less obvious, skips a beat,

Conjoins the combo of double and triple

And yields the Pentagon, the Wicca Star.

A precedence has thus been set,

Building always with the most recent.

For combining a triple pentagon,

Produces the Octagon, the eight sides.


The sequence takes a life of its own.

The number of a coven follows,

And then the traditional age of consent.

Thirty Four, Double Five, and Eighty Nine.

The Square of Twelve makes its appearance,

Followed by 233, 377, 610, and 987.

Thereafter, always more and more digits.


Curiously, taken to the extreme,

We find complementary ratios of adjacent numbers

To be alike... except for unity,

I.E. 0.618033987... and 1.618033987...

And in the Golden Mean, The Golden Ratio,

All else in the Universe is conceived.

Dan S. Ward


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