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A paradigm is a not merely twenty cents.  Rather it is the fundamental world view of an individual or society, which includes the basic unstated assumptions and understandings that individual or society holds and which dictates how they comprehend their experiences and in turn how they live their daily lives.  A paradigm is an unconscious picture of how we view and interact with the world around us.  

A paradigm shift is when a deeply entrenched assumption of a societal paradigm is found to be inadequate, and thereafter rewrites all of the rules.  Historically, one such shift is the Copernican revolution in which a belief in the world being flat was first challenged by the invention of the telescope, and then with the progression of science, discarded.  A modern shift in progress stems from the advent of computer based electronic mail and the Inter Net as it challenges the assumption of costly long-distance communications.  

But these paradigm shifts are almost trivial when confronted with the possibilities inherent in the Time Wave theory of 2012 A.D., or for that matter the nearer term (or possibly a key ingredient in the former) is the paradigm shift being brought about by the incipient energy revolution.  Now this baby is a particularly profound Paradigm Shift!  


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