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One of the more intriguing discoveries with respect to 2012 A.D. are the results of a new phenomenon called Novelty.  This phenomenon “is thought to be the basis for the creation and conservation of higher ordered states of complex form in nature and the universe.”  The TimeWave, as described by  http://levity.com/eschaton/sheliak, is considered to be nothing more than a graphical depiction of the process which describes the ebb and flow of Novelty.  Such a process “is describable within the framework of piecewise linear mathematics in general, and vector mathematics in particular.”  

Of particular importance to the end-of-the-world types is the fact that the end of the wave -- scheduled for December 21, 2012 -- shows an extraordinary “ingression of novelty into spacetime” or in other words, represents change itself accelerating to incredible levels.  This is equivalent to an acceleration of current or velocity -- the essence of the radical change of pace incorporated in The Fifth Element and Connective Physics.  This is the third derivative, which in turn provides an unlimited and universal connectedness.  This is Arthur Young‘s “control” and Consciousness aspect.  

In one summary, it was noted that this last cycle extending over 384 days contained more transformations than in all previous cycles. [Essentially all of the year 2012 and then some.]  Furthermore, there was also associated with the longer cycle, a 6-day cycle when things began accelerating even faster. [Presumably, December 15-21, 2012 A.D.]  In the last 135 minutes, 18 barriers comparable to the appearance of life or the invention of language, would be crossed, 13 of which would occur in the last second.  

This sudden collapse of the TimeWave, with the attendant massive transformations of the world in its stead, represents, if true, “the mother of all Paradigm Shifts”!  It simply cannot be treated lightly -- provided that the mathematics are correct.  And there is considerable evidence that the mathematics are indeed correct.  [This is the same sort of revolutionary criteria shown in The Fifth Element, where on the assumption of a correct mathematical description of physics, one can “prove” the connectedness and universal unlimitedness of all beings and things within (and without?) the universe.]  

Key to the Novelty phenomena are the complementary aspects of Novel and Habit.  New and revolutionary understandings (such as relativity or quantum physics, the flight of the Wright Brothers, etceteras) occur in Novelty troughs or Novelty descents, while wars and other habitual-inspired events occur in ascents into Habit (the antithesis of Novelty).  When events include both, there can be a moderation of each, such as in the example from TimeWave History of the WWI period coinciding with the advent of Relativity Theory.  In more modern terms, a War on Terrorism would be an ascent into Habit (i.e. a very bad idea!), but one which may be moderated by advent of the Novelty Inter Net and the understandings which such communications can and do provide.  The implications of the distinctions between Novelty and Habit is particularly profound.  

There is also contained within the phenomenon of Novelty, the fundamental importance of cycles (as in the Harmony of the Spheres), Death and Rebirth, and the flow of Yin and Yang energy.  This seems to arise in the forward/reverse expression of bi-directional waves in everything from physics to philosophy.  Sheliak equates this to the shamanic journey -- immersion, engagement, and return.  “Correspondence can also be found in science, in the fields of cosmology, astronomy, astrophysics, and quantum physics - the life cycles and motion of heavenly bodies, quarks, and universes; the harmonic and holographic nature of light and wave mechanics; and the cyclic transformation of matter to energy, and energy to matter.  The reflection of all natural phenomena and processes over the continuum of existence, from the smallest scales up to the largest scales, must surely include whatever process is occurring in the I-Ching as well. The question is, are we clever and conscious enough to decipher and express it correctly and appropriately?”  

In this regard, Sheliak notes that in the process of revising the original TimeWave (which contained a mathematical error), the original result of a “singularity” (or end of time) was changed to reflect the possibility of a “singularity” at both the end and beginning of time.  This closure of the continuum “is also an argument for a closed system that may be undergoing some kind of cyclic renewal process - perhaps each cycle expressing ever higher ordered states of complex form, or Novelty.”  

“There are concepts emerging from the field of quantum cosmology that may describe an analogous cyclic process.  This is a theory in which universes are treated like quantum particles that inhabit a larger, or higher dimensional domain called a multiverse.  Michio Kaku [1], a theoretical physicist and co-founder of string field theory, has described a process where universes emerge from the vacuum or Zero-Point Field, go through an evolutionary process, then perhaps return to the zero-point field at the end of the cycle. This cycle may then repeat itself, possibly with increased complexity and Novelty.  Could this be similar to the process that the TimeWave and Novelty Theory attempt to reveal?”  


<http://serendipity.magnet.ch/twz/gyrus/river.htm>, an excellent review of TimeWave theory, is entitled “The End of the River”, and is authored by Gyrus.  It constitutes, what it calls, “A critical view of Linear Apocalyptic Thought, and how Linearity makes a sneak appearance in TimeWave Theory's fractal view of Time...”  A few highlights of this work include:  

“The TimeWave graph is supposed to depict the ebb and flow of ‘novelty’ and ‘habit’ in the universe. When the timeline climbs up, habit (routine, convention, ruts to get stuck in) increases. When the line dips down, novelty (creativity, connectedness, weird shit) increases.  A built-in feature of the wave is that at a certain point it hits the bottom of the graph — it goes off the scale. Novelty is maximized, as far as the variables of this system (the universe) go.


“With this graph in his hands, McKenna tried mapping it onto the historical record, looking at key points where things seemed to have really taken off, and matching them to the big dips in the line.  Specifically, he opted for the bombing of Hiroshima as an unarguably ‘novel’ event. The structure of his TimeWave dictated that extremely novel events unfolded in cycles of 6 x 64 x 64 = 24,576 days (67.29 years). [64 being critical to the I-Ching.] Adding this sum to the date of Hiroshima gave him an end-date in November 2012 A.D..  It was well after settling on this date that he found out someone else had come to a very similar conclusion. The calendar of the time-obsessed Mayan culture appears to come to the end of a 5,125-year cycle on 21st December (the winter solstice) of the same year, and McKenna adjusted the end-date to conform with this venerable tradition.”


“As it stands, the TimeWave’s predictions for the run-up to 2012 A.D. are staggering.” Comparing our own age... we can see that the start of the 90s resonates with the emergence of life onto land 400 million years ago, and the hominids’ debut 4 million years ago. Furthermore, McKenna states that, due to the acceleration of novelty’s ingression, about half of the total evolution of our 72-plus-billion-year old universe will occur in the last 0.3 seconds before 6:00 am on 21/12/2012 [December 21, 2012]!  If we take the formation of the cosmos, the rise of life, or the discovery of language as examples of key ‘barriers’ that universal evolution passes through, McKenna’s calculations tell us that thirteen such barriers will be passed in the last 0.0075 seconds!!


“This theory is staggering, unimaginable, and inspiring in a way that’s intense but very hard to grasp (until you smoke DMT, I suppose).  It’s also amazingly ‘West-centered’ (never mind human-centered).  Post-industrial cultures appear to be going through an ever-intensifying series of changes that could point to a major transformation in the next 15 or so years.  But what about ‘undeveloped’ cultures, and those whose religious/calendrical systems have nothing special on the cards for the near future?  Were the hidden forces that dish out the inspiration for sacred calendars having a laugh when they gave these people ‘wrong’ time-scales?  ‘Look at those dorks, they don’t know what's gonna hit them!’  And what about the (admittedly very few) indigenous tribes still relatively untouched by the ‘progress’ of the last 10,000 years?


“McKenna’s answer to this at his presentation of the TimeWave at the ICA, London, in 1996 was that ‘history isn’t politically correct’ — i.e. it’s untouched by our liberal concern for humans who haven’t been caught up in its vortex.”  


<http://reality.sculptors.com/~salsbury/Articles/singularity.html> is another excellent source on “Novelty Theory and the Singularity of Dec. 21, 2012”.  For example...  

“Technology, population, speed of travel, food and materials production, communications capabilities, computing power, the decrease in computer size, amount of information known to humanity, and a gamut of other things, are all increasing at an accelerating rate.  That is, they are increasing, and the rate at which they are increasing is increasing.


“Some mathematicians plotted the asymptotic graphs of all of humanity's technological developments and projected them out to the point where they all, relatively simultaneously, hit infinity.  The day that they arrived at is December 21st, 2012.  One projected date of ‘The Singularity.’  That's the day that some say is when everything as we know it will...change.  Drastically.”


“Essentially, if we take a look at some of the really species-changing events in our history, we see 3 really major developments that changed the entire course of human history. 1) Agricultural Revolution. 2) Industrial Revolution. 3) Information Revolution.  Thirty thousand years ago, we learned how to farm.  350 years ago, we learned how to mass-produce machines.  About 50 years ago, we learned how to build computers.  As you can see, the rate of change is increasing, as is the ability afforded by the change.  With computers, we have the ability to build more efficient things, fly planes and spaceships, educate more people, etceteras.  Each of these enabling technologies will build further development, and at a faster rate.


“According to the mathematical model, we should see approximately 61 more of these species-changing developments before 12/21/2012!  All of the same magnitude as the three noted above!  Again, it’s only a model, but they predict 18 of those changes on the last day, and 13 of those to happen in the last fraction of a second, as things accelerate towards that infinity point.


“Near as I can figure, that’s going to have to do with massive amounts of overlapping and interlocking technologies. For example: Nano-technology producing microscopic computers (that are millions of times faster and more powerful than the supercomputers of today) which sit inside of your cells getting rid of disease and making sure you have a proper nutritional balance, so that you can live longer. And nano-machines that make just about anything and can do it for free by re-arranging the atoms from waste products elsewhere. Or space technologies, which enable further population growth, and zero-gravity research, and practically unlimited energy and material resources from space. These may eventually lead to things like fusion power, faster than light travel, and/or teleportation technologies.  While these are currently beyond the scope of our present tech, they may come about someday, and each new technology provides a stepping-stone for future development. There’s no doubt that any of the above-named developments would change the course of our evolution drastically. Much as did the Agriculture, Industry, and Computer Ages.”


[There is also the potential of the “Qubit”.  According to Time Magazine [2], “In the latest of a steady stream of small developments, researchers in the Netherlands and Japan reported in the journal Science last week that they had caused an electrical current in a superconducting ring to flow simultaneously clockwise (representing 1) and counterclockwise (0).  the result was a ‘qubit’, a quantum representation of both the digits of binary arithmetic.  In other labs, qubits have been devised from single atoms.  Whatever is used as the quantum abacus beads, the result is an exponential explosion in computing power.”  This is the “quantum computer”, where with just 14 atoms, one could “do more calculations in tandem (16,384) than the fastest supercomputer in the U.S. -- a machine at Los Alamos National Laboratory so voracious that it draws several megawatts of power.”  Not surprising is the need for Superconductivity, the critical ingredient of the ORME and its potential to increase human Consciousness to the omniscient level!]  


A channeled entity known as “Abraham” is fond to relating the concept that when one doesn’t like the end results of their actions, then they can do a “pivot” and head off in the opposite direction, and thereby change one’s life for the better.   

Quite possibly, the End of the Mayan Calendar, 2012 A.D., the upcoming singularity of the TimeWave, is the pivot by which the entire Earth reaches a Zero-Point, a fundamental singularity of its own kind, and thereafter re-expands into a whole new, almost unimaginable direction!  

Rather than any possible trepidation at the idea of an “End of Time”, one should always remember that in cyclical (or circular/spherical locations such as the Earth), what might seem like “the end of the world”, may in fact be “the beginning.”  


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[1]  M. Kaku, “What Happened BEFORE the Big Bang?”, Astronomy, May 1996.

[2]  George Johnson, “The Purr of the Qubit”, Time Magazine, February 24, 2003.



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