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Revised -- 6 August 2003

Synthesis Annex -- Part 2 of 9

The Eyes of the Beholder


(aka: Aphrodite, Freya, Isis, Inanna, Lahamu)

The basis of the universe is form and pattern.  Beauty is in the eye of the geometry.  The universe is numbers.  And therein lies the mathematical beauty.  

Philosophy, in the manner of the language curse, is said to involve the use of reason and interactive communications in seeking truth and knowledge.  It is said to be a laudable goal, undertaken in an attempt to understand reality: i.e. the causes and nature of things, the principles governing existence, the material universe, the perception of physical phenomena, and the analysis of human behavior.  Philosophy also sounds like a lot of language, jargon, communications and miscommunications, with multiple opportunities to go off on tangents of limited value.  On the other hand...  

Philosophy is in the form and pattern of the beauty of mathematics.  Sacred Mathematics in fact represents a wholly contained and internally consistent philosophy -- a philosophy which describes physical reality, its cosmogony and every aspect of its science.  The Greek Philosopher, Plato, has said: “Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent.  Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge.  It is knowledge itself.”  

Pythagoras and his followers made no distinction between music, mathematics and magic. Music and Magic, for example, were found to be based upon mathematical laws (albeit, sometimes very subtle ones).  Furthermore, everything in the universe followed these mathematical laws and the universe was created out of the geometrical relationships of the numbers, and thus constituted the true basis of reality.  

Aristotle believed that matter without form was not quite real.  Quantum Physics now describes quantum waves (Vibrations) as a third type of wave, one which requires no material medium to propagate.  These waves are actually empty, and yet, carry energy! Lothar Schäfer has put it succinctly:  “They are simply numbers, numerical relations.” [1]  

Nevertheless, these empty propositions comprise the network of the universe, in which all observable order appears as a manifestation of their interference.  Form brings matter into reality.  Laying out a geometry -- as, for example, practiced by Wicca’s drawing of a five pointed star -- is in effect, Creating Reality.  Heisenberg has said, “At the foundation of reality, we find numerical relations -- non-material  principles -- on which the order of the world is based.  The basis of the material world is non-material.”  

The words, mother and matter, have a common root.  That which gives birth, gives birth to form.  Such form(s) manifest(s) in Cycles, Vibrations, Music, and the Harmony of the Spheres.  If something sounds good, it’s also mathematical and geometrical, a mixture of shape and ratio.

Life is also, curiously enough, more likely to be curved surfaces than straight lines.  Nature -- in the guise of the Mother or otherwise, seldom if ever limits herself to linear thinking.  This is the reason for there being curves in the Tree of Life in this website, instead of the more traditional straight lines that connect the Sephiroth in a block fashion.  The fact the end result resembles the ancient “Venus of Willendorf”, one of the more notable representations of the matriarchal age, is not exactly an unexplained coincidence or accident.  (Equating beauty with mathematics may strike some with a sense of foreboding.  Is it really essential for an understanding of the universe to be able to add and subtract (i.e. read and write), or even do long division?  Yes.  [Get Ye over it.]

But there is hope.  Mathematics, as a second language, has the benefit of universality, precision, and logic.  (That’s the bad news, perhaps.)  The good news is that the manipulation of mathematics by fundamental rules leads us to more and greater understanding of the cosmos, the hall in which we perform our stage plays of both the drama and comedy varieties.  Equivalent manipulation in the case of language only leads us to politicians, lies, and deceit [pardon the redundancy].  But math can be tweaked in a precise manner and yield truth upon truth.  

The essence of life, as Yanni might describe it, is to romance it -- to treat life as if it were a potential or continuing lover.  In terms of mathematics, it is to marvel at the form and the shape of all things, and how they relate in simple harmonies, ratios, or juxtapositions.



[1] Lothar Schäfer, In Search of Divine Reality; Science as a Source of Inspiration, The University of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville, 1997.


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