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by Daniel Sewell DocPtah Ward


It is possible to be a pig, without eating pork;

To be bull headed, without consuming a stitch of beef,

(With apologies to all you Taureans);

Even to act like a sheep without eating lamb.

The question is...

Can you eat pork without being a pig?


Nada Brama, The World Is Sound.

From the infinitesimally small Superstrings of the physical universe,

Vibrations of empty space in ten dimensions,

(Or some say twenty seven, just to account for subtleties),

To everything else in the universe that matters, or is matter,

Vibration is inevitably at the very heart of the matter.


Every electron is but a bundle of vibrations,

Just as is every emotion, every  thought, every physical entity.

And these vibrations can be noise or disjoint sound.

Or they can be music, harmonizing with the spheres,

Allowing us to make beautiful music together.


In homeopathy, a substance that when mixed produces one result,

Can be diluted over and over and over again,

Until there is a negligible chance that even one single molecule,

Of the original substance continues to reside in the diluted mixture.

And yet, that same diluted mixture can produce the same result.

The vibration of the original substance lives on,

Allowing it to carry its vibrational message,

Through the most insubstantial of physical reality.


The vibes are always with you,

In everything you eat, consume, experience, or contemplate.

And thus you must ask yourself...

Is it possible that this carrot led a prior terrifying existence?

Are its death throes still with it when you nibble upon it?

Or did the carrot joyously give its all,

(Carrying its joyous vibes with it),

And thereby allow you sustenance,

Generously seasoned with joy?


And our pig?

What life did it lead?  What vibes did it create?

Vibes which you will include in the orchestration of your growth!

They say that Buddha ate meat on occasion.

But probably not factory beef approved by the USDA.


Everything you experience,

And most intimately, what you consume,

Carries its own vibes which you will incorporate in your being.

Perhaps it might be wise to select your edibles as carefully,

As, for example, you select your lovers.


The above dissertation was conceived and written down,

At approximately 3:33 in the morning.

Is there something in the vibration of three that caused the result?

What about the fruit sweetened cookie consumed before bedtime?

Or the number of hugs accumulated over the day.

Or better yet, the vibrational synthesis of all of the above.

It is, indeed, quite possible.


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