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Revised -- 6 August 2003

Synthesis Annex -- Part 8 of 9

Who's Creating


(aka: Poseidon, Enki, Nudimmud)

The underlying theme of this strange and bewildering website is a belief in the unlimited ability of human beings in Creating Reality in a delightfully diverse manner.  Such talents inherent in the human species is considered to derive from the Connective Physics and what amounts to a Quantum Knowing. It is the recognition of Illusions and Holograms, and putting both to good use.   

In our stead of creating our reality, we invariably continue to find ourselves in the midst of others attempting to do the same.  This brings us to Intermingled Realities (or perhaps the less likely possibility of Multiple Universes).  It is nevertheless the exercise of Free Will, the ability to choose, to control our own lives.  

There is no intent here to “save others” or do what is best for someone else.  It is not to show interest in the well being of others (as per our judgment of "well being"), but to show  a non-vested Curiosity.  But it is rather to set an example by our actions and words.  We may undertake momentary and temporary charge over infants and children, but only with the proviso that our goal is to release them to their own devices at the earliest possible moment.  

The general rule is to take responsibility for ourselves.  We may use the power of the spoken word (aka prayer), positive thinking, or an “Invocations of Equations” -- the latter in the case of Techomages (magicians who use technology; as has always been done).  [I told you you had to get with the mathematics gig.]  

But ultimately and always, the creation of reality within the constraints of Time and space, within the limits of Paatah’s experiment, and within the Alchemy of transformations, the end goal is in the process itself.  It is serving as an example.

In many cases, this implies the decision to switch our lights on, to stand up and either be counted or at least be recognizable for what we represent.  It's the creation of our vision of the future, by creating it in the moment, letting it go, and moving on to more and greater creations.  And always with a grin or a smile on your face.  It's so much more effective that way.

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