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Revised -- 6 August 2003

Synthesis Annex -- Part 7 of 9

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(aka: Anu)

The history of Earth is a history of “Prime Directive” Violations.  Fans of the television series and subsequent movies, Star Trek and Star Trek, The Next Generation are already well familiar with the “Prime Directive” -- a fictional man-made law of the future which prohibits absolutely any type of interference or involvement by humans in another world’s natural evolution.  Considering the general nature of human beings and their dysfunctional habits, this sounds like a pretty good idea.  The idea that our race -- of all those imaginable to us -- knowing what is best for others species is the height of arrogance.  Clearly, we haven’t even done a reasonable job on an inter-species level in our local neighborhood.  However, the idea of humans enjoying the benefit of a Prime Directive is also questionable.  It sounds more like our own preferences for doing it ourselves, even if we really, really foul it up!   

Nevertheless, the history of Homo sapiens sapiens is such that any choice in the matter of adhering to a Prime Directive was long ago decided by the Anunnaki, who blithely cross bred its genes with the progenitors of the human race, Homo erectus.  Genetically, humans are unlikely to ever practice the Prime Directive, nor enjoy its protections, despite its apparent appeal.  

In addition to the cross breeding, there are a host of other violations, ranging from the less traumatic to the mind-boggling.  The latter include letting the human race forge for its own at the time of the Great Flood and Deluge, the little incident at the Tower of Babel, and the destruction of the Sumerian and other Civilizations by a nuclear holocaust at Sodom and Gomorrah.  These pre 2000 B.C.E. events showed a casual disregard for the human race by the powers that were.  In fact, up until 600 B.C.E., the human race was not given even the slightest measure of due process or even the slightest of consideration.  

Since then, however, we’ve had a breather.  Maybe.  There is, for example, the specter of UFOs, Crop Circles, Cydonia, and the possibility of an Invasion of Earth.  [Compared to the history of Earth, the latter seems pretty ho-hum.  Oops!  Another invasion.  Darn.]  

In other words, Future Interventions seem likely.  Get Ye over it.  We already have, for example, Space Law, a strange beast which restricts out ability to ask for help from friendly extraterrestrials, beneficent Gods and Goddesses, and possibly extradimensional beings momentarily passing through our four-dimensional space-time continuum.  This same Space Law, however, does not seem to have the teeth in it with which to repel the average space invader.  It merely places restraints on our ability to look out for ourselves, or to ask for help from others, those with teeth.  

The good news is that the helping hand we’re looking for may reside conveniently at the end of our arm.  In other words, to paraphrase Pogo Possum: We have met the Seventh Calvary and he is us.  [How’s that for Creating Reality?]  


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