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Who's in Hiding

Revised -- 6 August 2003

Synthesis Annex -- Part 6 of 9

Who is in Hiding


(aka: Hades, Osiris, Nergal and Ereshkigal, Gaga the Messenger)

Between Tiphareth, the central Sephiroth (Synthesis: The Sun, aka: Helios, Utu, Apsu) and Kether, the uppermost of the Sephiroth in the Tree of Life, rests a “missing” Sephiroth.  It is the place of Gnosis or knowledge and wisdom.  It is often overlooked -- being the first to lie beyond the Veil -- but it is of critical importance.  

Any attempt to challenge the status quo -- the limitations and boundaries imposed by Saturn’s Sephiroth will first involve the necessity of considering the hidden aspects, the dark Sephiroth of Daath.  This Sephiroth, often ignored, but very much in the mainstream (stem) of the Tree of Life includes: Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Secrets and  Conspiracies, and everything from The Art of Cover Ups to Covert Activity.

Freemasonry, for example, has a notably bad reputation in many circles, despite the fact that virtually all of the principal founders of the United States of America were practicing Freemasons.  In fact, the Encyclical of Condemnation issued against Freemasonry by Pope Leo XIII in 1884 is a brilliant exposition of all the Freemasonry values the average American holds dear.  [The fact that Leo XIII was unlucky in this regard may be in part attributed to his choosing his papacy as the thirteenth of Leo.]  At the same time, it might be wise to consider the possibility that the Freemasonry of a hundred or so years ago is not necessarily the same beneficent force today.  One will need to look at the actions and choices, and not the name and/or its alleged history.

Meanwhile, one can hardly give away all the secrets here in this summary/synthesis.  Instead look deep into the crystal ball (i.e., the monitor) and go forth from there -- after completing all nine parts of the Synthesis, of course.


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