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Revised -- 11 August 2004

Synthesis Annex -- Part 5 of 9

Who’s in Charge?


(aka: Hera, Anshar)

Even under the best of circumstances, it is highly unlikely that Enki would be allowed to operate in a completely autonomous fashion -- even during his age.  The Anunnaki are, based on their history, not so inclined to such generosity.  However, the anti-Enki factions may have switched from their previous overt dictatorial means of every act being on the authority of a God or Goddess to Covert Activity and multiple Conspiracies sufficient to make Mel Gibson jealous, harboring Secrets on a grand scale, and resorting to all manner of devious means by which they could influence their dominions.  [This may also be the technique whereby whole nations are enslaved in the modern world, but enslaved in such a way that they have no clue of their being slaves,  and thus no reason or inclination to revolt from their enslavement.  See Homeland Insecurity, Buy One, Get One Free, Oil Wars, and/or Hierarchy.]  

In effect, for the last two and a half millennia, the anti-Enki faction(s) may have been very busy maintaining control over an obstinate, and increasingly dangerous human race.  Such control would, of course, be via knowing and unknowing accomplices within the human ranks -- individuals tainted with a greed for wealth and power, and doing those things which are not beneficial to humans in general, but are in full accord with the anti-Enki gods.  The basic assumption is that the anti-Enki fashions are very wary of human beings.

On the one hand, humans do have their uses. They make excellent slaves. They do all the work that their masters would prefer not to bother with -- from mining gold to taking out the garbage. A more subtle factor, however, is summarized in the experiment to create sentient, comparatively short-lived beings who -- because of their short lives -- tend to be unbelievably creative, both technologically and artistically. This provides for a much greater quality of life for the masters. In effect, the created short-lived beings can be used at will and then discarded (and/or transformed) in much the same way humans treat laboratory rats.

On the other hand, the problem with humans, at least from one viewpoint, is that humans breed like rabbits, develop extremely rapidly (a likely result of their comparatively short lives with respect to the very long lived Anunnaki), and have the potential to outstrip their gods and goddesses in a host of ways.  There is the danger from the Book of Genesis of “the man is become as one of us.”  And “lest he put forth his hand” and take his heritage, it may be time to put an abrupt end to the saga. [1]  

From the Anunnaki perspective, the human race is indeed dangerous.  It is a trivial matter for a human to step on an ant and dispatch it to the hereafter, whereas army ants are virtually unstoppable by mere man. Thus, large masses of humankind may be considered to be very dangerous to their overlords, even when it is simplicity itself to eliminate specific humans on a one-by-one basis.  Furthermore, the potential for human to take the next step up to Homo sapiens sapiens sapiens (i.e. triply wise) may be especially troublesome to those dysfunctional Anunnaki best described as control freaks and anal retentives.  [See, for example, The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus.]

Accordingly, the fundamental goal of any covert activity of an anti-Enki, anti-human faction (the Mother of Factions!) would be to place serious limits on mankind and forge new obstacles to impede human development.  In terms of Justice, Order, and Law, this can be done by outlaw governments and other agencies (as well as secret Cartels and Factions) doing their best to:  

            1)  Misdirect scientific inquiry from any science or scientific progress which threatens to free man from limitations and hardship (e.g. Connective Physics),

            2)  Quickly classify and remove from the public sector any innovative scientific breakthroughs which threaten the status quo of the overlords,

            3)  Limit political and personal freedoms by Homeland Insecurity and corruption of the law (from excessive legislation to blatant violations of any freedom-based constitutions).

            4)  Impose financial and other restrictions on individuals through the means of governmental and Corporate Rule tyrannies,

            5)  Maintain control over the masses by the restriction of knowledge, inquiry and Education into anything not “approved” by the overlords, and imposing intolerance on all independent and philosophical thought, [This latter could include attempts to limit the IQ levels of human beings by early, premature inducement of labor -- thus short circuiting the natural full development of the human brain in utero.]

            6)  Encourage a false sense of humility and a severe lack of self-worth in human beings (lest they knowingly become too powerful),

            7) Degrade the health of individuals (and thus the ability to resist the covert control) by destroying food values and increasing environmental toxins),

            8)  Distract human beings (via a bastardized Work Ethic, television dramas, manipulated Media, and so forth) from their true business at hand, i.e. transforming themselves into truly sovereign beings, and

            9)  Engage in whatever conspiracy will accomplish the overlords’ aims (including manufacturing bogus sub-conspiracies so as to discredit all real conspiracy theories).  

It has been said that one should never attribute to conspiracy what can be explained by greed and incompetence.  However, a conspiracy which utilizes greed and incompetence (and the unknowing cooperation of the greedy and incompetent) as a means of accomplishing the conspiracy’s aims, is a very dangerous conspiracy indeed!  There is much to suggest that the collective humans of the planet earth are indeed in the clutches of a very dangerous Mother of all Conspiracies.  This is not to say that there are not pro-human factions at work as well, but it becomes us to increase our understanding of what is actually happening on the third planet from the sun and beyond, if only for our survival.            

One purpose of this website is an attempt to suggest the covert limitations being imposed upon us, to consider the evidence that hints that all such limitations can be overcome, and indeed, circumvented, and to have some fun in the process.  To this end, topics as diverse as Money, CEOs, The Golden Rule, Anarchy, Revolution, and the US Bankruptcy are considered.  From there all sorts of other possibilities are considered, even UFOs.  

It is important to recognize that the essential function of government is to create a social contract between sovereign beings to ensure Liberty for all those concerned.  Justice then follows as a means of Remedy and Recourse to conflicts, and the establishment of rules based on the Nature of Law.  The social contracts themselves are initiated by a relevant Declaration of Independence, and formalized in an agreement such as the Constitution for the United States of America.  All of this, of course, is just the set up.  

The inevitable “Trouble in River City” arises with bought and paid for politicians and such things as the Shredding of the Magna Carta, a proliferation of inexcusably deceitful, and freedom-destroying Executive Orders, the creation of Homeland Insecurity, and the establishments of a Corporate State, The Federal Reserve, and the dissemination of colored (false, counterfeit) Money.

Benjamin Franklin is reputed to have said, “We have given you a Republic.  It remains to be seen if you will be able to keep it.”   

There is almost nothing to show that we have been successful in this endeavor.  And perhaps the dye was long ago cast.  It is perhaps the nature of human beings that such freedoms incurred by the American Revolution are events which seldom survive the generation that achieved them.  For any social contract/constitution is only as good as the citizenry which make it up.  And if there is no pain, there may well be no gain.  Or it may be simply that there is insufficient appreciation for the gain to motivate anyone to defend what has been previously won.  

What is one to do then?  Possible responses include Anarchy, Revolution, a concerted push for Restorative Justice and/or Sovereignty, and a reinvigoration or reconstitution of the social contract under which we live.  The Constitution of Halexandria is one possibility of the latter.  As in the Wizard of Oz, the first step is to wise up and look behind the curtain to who’s pulling the strings, to perhaps discover the actual Hierarchy which rules our lives.  It’s the act of assuming a serious, individual responsibility.   

Just keep in mind that the “end date” of the Winter Solstice of the year 2012 A.D., may imply a sea change in our ability to freely transform our lives (to the degree that we have any of those freedoms left!), and thus this date may add a certain urgency to the situation.  

[On the other hand, there is always the appeal of Catastrophism, wherein something on the order of one of the Near Earth Objects (NEO) comes sufficiently close to the Earth to become a Crashing into Earth Object (CEO), and is capable of obliterating a good portion of the planet and its human infestation.  Historically, it’s happened more than once before!]



[1] The actual quote from Genesis 3:22-23 is: “And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is becoming as one of us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever; Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.”


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