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This brief essay comes under the category of speculative -- but it might also be construed as being based on most everything on this extended website.  It is in some strange ways, a Synthesis of what appears to be the Hierarchy of living, sentient creatures associated with the Earth at the present time.  It may not be true, but it makes a weird kind of sense.  


At the lower rung of any imagined hierarchy are the Fools, the Fool being best personified in the movies as Forest Gump or the character Sam in I Am Sam.  These individuals do pretty well, all things considered.  They are preyed upon by others, but their child-like wonder tends to negate much of the subjugation.  At about the same level, Children and other dependents are held in check by authorities.  The only saving grace for most of the latter (children), is that they will grow up and move up the ladder one or more rungs.  

Next up are the Minorities, individuals who are simply not in the mainstream (either by their choice or by the choice of others).  They simply don’t have the same rights, or they are not willing to abide by offered rights if they are also required to do what they consider to be stupid or undesirable things.  Many intelligent people, alas, constitute a minority of the latter case.  The notable fact, however, is that minorities are increasing in numbers, including the special case of “Cultural Creatives”.  The best thing to say about Minorities is they have mobility, and the ability to move up the ladder if they so choose.  

Next up in terms of authority are the Citizens.  The major problem is that citizens in the mainstream so often do not have a clue as to their status within the Hierarchy. These are the folks who dutifully vote the party line, readily accept authority, and never knowingly cheat on their income taxes.  They constitute the majority in many Western countries.  Unfortunately, being the majority, even being the “moral majority”, doesn’t really do a thing for them.  Fortunately, they don’t know this.  

Society’s Leaders, i.e. the local Aristocracy, is next up.  They’re not a whole lot more enlightened than the average Citizens, but thru fate (e.g., accident of birth), luck, greed, or sheer perseverance, they’ve managed to accumulate enough money and power to allow them to at least pretend superiority.  

Officials of Local Governments are at roughly the same level.  The key in both these cases is to buy your way to the top, and be elected and/or appointed to a position of authority.  By the simple expedient of basic intellectual dishonesty and what can only be described as “willful ignorance”, these people seem to get along quite well.  

Members of Law Enforcement Agencies come next.  While ostensibly under the authority of local governments and the like, these members are actually above.  The reason of course being that they are the ones with the guns!  [Guns tend to beat out The Golden Rule everytime!]  These law enforcement types are the Gangs in Blue, whose colors clearly denote their status, the guys who are well armed (and well trained at Citizen’s expense), and who protect each other’s back religiously.  

The next level is about “apparent real power”.  This is where the major figures of State Governments, their Political Friends and allies, and Celebrities reside.  They are in the position to make or strongly influence laws, to manipulate public support, and to begin to do pretty much what they want to do.  It’s the first level of real, illusionary, power.  

National Governments, National Militaries, and Influential Friends arrive at the next level, which is filled with sub-levels.  Militaries are sometimes empowered over their governments, and in some cases, seem curiously subservient.  (While militaries obviously have the guns to influence others, they are often too brainwashed to realize their power.)  Running at about the same level are the advisors, consultants, and former chieftains of power -- still hanging on to power in some form or another.  [There is a curious honor among successful thieves at the highest levels -- if only because those currently in power know that eventually they will join the former chieftains of power, and thus they don’t want to set any precedents which would eventually come back to haunt them.]  

It should be noted that backstabbing and other similar sports get quite serious at this level. There is also the possibility of a few of these “players” who may even have an inkling of the levels of the Hierarchy far above them.  

Domestic Corporations stand above their national governments by virtue of their money and the influence it buys.  The smart ones have even gone to the trouble to ensure that the militaries are dependent upon them for their new technology (bomb-building skills and the like), and generally treat the military big wigs very well -- inasmuch as a little money plied here and there tends tends to reap astronomical rewards.  

One more step up and we encounter the Transnational Corporations and Secret Societies.  One is overt, while the other is covert.  Both use money, greed, and every other form of manipulation to accomplish their aims.  Included in the realm of Secret Societies are the various Intelligence Communities (CIA, KGB, M-5, etcetera).  The latter proves the old adage: “Knowledge is power.”  Also, the inherent covert nature, the secrecy and total lack of accountability of these groups (including the Transnationals) allows them to operate with apparent impunity.  They are, in many respects, the apex of the Hierarchy, even when they are aware of activities above them.  

For just above them is The Veil, beyond which the news Media never wanders.  This is “no man’s land”.  This is not talked about.  This is what many hope doesn’t really exist.  And in proper illusionary fashion, many of the Transnational Corporations and Secret Societies assume they are operating above The Veil – even a few Domestic Corporations.  But with the legal niceties fully in place for them, the true Veil escapes them.  They can be seen for what they are.  

Above this elevated, rarified level, we first encounter the Cartels, the upper echelons of cooperation among allegedly competing Transnationals and Domestic Corporations, and which Secret Societies and Intelligence Communities admire from afar.  Here their laws are not on any books, and thus they operate with far greater impunity.  

Potentially at the same level, but by tradition and probably current reality in terms of raw power, another quantum step upwards are International Banksters and the Factions of deeply rooted Power.  This may truly be the apex of human endeavor.  But it may also exist only because the operatives of five or six levels above them, quietly permit it.   

For above these Factions, there is not a veil, but The Abyss, a quite opaque curtain of time and enormous distances.  This curtain exists primarily because of a lack of day-to-day involvement, and an apparent adherence – one that is possibly temporary – to the equivalent of refraining from further “Prime Directive” Violations; where the human race may be being allowed to progress at its own pace, and to follow its own destiny.  

Beyond The Abyss are the Anunnaki (the “Gods and Goddesses” of alleged mythology).  Extremely important is the fact these extraterrestrials may be overtly under the command of EN.KI. (“Lord of Earth”).  Being the “Father of Mankind” (i.e., the being who did the necessary DNA work on Homo Erectus in order to create Homo Sapiens Sapiens), Enki may have been, since from about 600 B.C.E., ostensibly in sole charge of Earth.  This is not to negate the likelihood, however, that other Anunnaki (possibly under the control of EN.LIL. -- “Lord of the Command”) may also be covertly attempting to direct their own competing agendas.  

Just above the Anunnaki are the Lords of Nibiru to which even Enki and Enlil must show allegiance.  Represented by the figure of ANU, this measure of authority may be overtly and openly reasserted over the Earth sometime around or following 2012 A.D.  This may very well lead us back to the situation that existed prior to 600 B.C.E., when no human did anything on a major skill without the approval of a god or goddess.  

However, the Anunnaki and Nibiru denizens of the deep may no longer be the top dogs in the local region of space.  Other races, with varying intentions and agendas, may likely be in the neighborhood, keeping their own counsel as to what they will do next.  This may or may not imply actions necessarily to Earth’s advantage -- such as destroying the planet in order to make way for an Intersteller Freeway (as in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).   

The relevant issue with respect to any extraterrestrials’ agendas with respect to Earth may be had from an observation once made by Ken Carey (author of Starseed Transmissions and other books).  Upon being asked if there were aliens or extraterrestrial races that were both meaner and technologically more advanced than the human race, Mr. Carey said that races which were meaner than the human race, never made it to the point of being more technologically advanced.  A comforting idea?

Along these lines, the next level up in the Hierarchy might be called the Highest Rank Extraterrestrial Races.  These might constitute the same level as Angels or Archangels – the latter being virtually by definition, “extraterrestrials”.  The level at which they operate would seem to imply a beneficent attitude to Earth, but in the parental sense of implying a reduced level of intervention in our affairs.  A child’s growth is more prone to ups and downs when left alone, but it also allows for some real growth, and often in ways not anticipated (which might be the whole reason for our being on Earth).

At the next level are the Fools again, inasmuch as they seem to be under the special protection of the next and final level, God, Goddess, All That Is.   

It should be pointed out that ALL the lower ranks theoretically have access to the highest level.  That in some manner is the definition of God, Goddess, All That Is.  However, those who think they have access, who believe they have “connections” with the highest level, must always of necessity, i.e. continually test their faith, and question if the destinies they are following are prescribed by their connection to the highest level, or rather by con men/women, the latter who are on decidedly lower levels within the Hierarchy.  This is the crucial question for any one at any level!  

With respect to such “connections to highest authority”, it might be very instructive and beneficial to read a paraphrase of Kurt Vonnegut’s The Fifth Gospel.  It seems essential to ensure that one is not victimized (by their own choice) by adhering to alleged authorities, who themselves are interested only in their own futile quest for power.  

Simultaneously, it would be wise and appropriate to refraim from bursting anyone’s bubble and/or Illusions, just so long as they are content to maintain and/or pursue them.   

A Friend, in fact, may be defined as someone who knows where you’ve been, understands where you are, appreciates where’s you’re trying to go; and yet is willing to gently invite you to grow.  On this basis, it might be appropriate to very gently prod a friend’s illusions, if only to discover if they truly are mere fantasies.  

And now, what you’ve been waiting for:  

The Hierarchy in Brief:  

(from the lowest level:)                               

Fools -- Children -- Dependents


Minorities (including “Cultural Creatives” and intellectuals)


“Responsible”, Mainstream Citizens


Local Societal and Government Leaders


Law Enforcement Agencies


State Governments -- Political Friends -- Celebrities


National Governments -- National Militaries -- Influential Friends


Domestic Corporations


Transnational Corporations -- Secret Societies -- Intelligence Communities


{The Veil}


International Cartels -- Factions -- International Banksters


{The Abyss}


The “gods and goddesses” (“Anunnaki”)


Lords of Nibiru (“The 12th Planet”)


Medium Rank, “Local” Extraterrestrial Races


Highest Rank Extraterrestrial Races – Angels and Archangels




(to the highest level:)                                            

God, Goddess, All That Is  


Corporate Rule         Sovereignty         Justice, Order, and Law

Globalism, Neo-Tribalism and False Reality

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