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Jon Rappoport has sketched out the scenario in which seven specific cartels -- Energy, Government, Intelligence, Media, Medical, Military, and Money -- are involved in their own internal conflicts.  He believes, these cartels, which have all but rendered nation states obsolete, have been adversely affected by the events of 9-11-2001.  According to Jon, cooperation between cartels was stronger following World War II, when the specter of atomic annihilation was seen as a very bad idea, i.e. they could also be annihilated!  

Mr. Rappoport’s article is quite speculative, but sufficiently plausible, well written, and quite possibly of such critical importance that it is included here in its entirety.  It is, in essence, an example of The Fool’s Journey!  


The cartels originated, more or less as fronts for older groups, older controllers.  Over time these monopolies saw that they as the children were becoming more powerful than their parents.  And therefore the parents became front groups for the cartels.  

A few of the current front groups are the: UN, CIA, IMF, World Bank, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove, The Federal Reserve (US), and many governments.  

Each cartel seeks global power over its area of operation.  Usually, the cartels cooperate.  But an ongoing conflict within the seven cartels over the events of 9/11 is becoming much more serious.  Much more serious.  The conflict is reflective of other problems which have remained unsolved, which are getting worse.   

In these times of internal conflict at the top, cartel power tends to flow back down to the fronts, where it is hoped cooler heads will prevail.  “The child has become slightly deranged, so the parents have to step in and carry the ball.”  Inevitably, the cartels patch up their differences, and re-assume their PRIME top-dog role in running the planet.  

But now a host of problems is surfacing.  The older fronts, who are suddenly inheriting the task of running the show while the seven cartels wrangle with each another and kiss and make up, these older fronts are themselves in trouble. The older groups, the ones which created the cartels, are themselves weakening.  

The Bohemian Grove, for example, has so diluted its membership that it no longer can call itself a real secret government.  Many lower level players can come to the summer meetings in California and play weird games in the forest.  The NY-based Council on Foreign Relations has fallen into near-senility at times.  Its summer 2000 meeting on terrorism degenerated into a goofy puerile exercise in “brainstorming”, with no real leadership handling things.  The Bilderbergers as well are getting old.  The men who formerly planned many planetary OPS are, more and more, spinning their wheels, handling lower-level business deals, and reminiscing about glories past.  

Skull and Bones at Yale has, like the Bohemian Grove, diluted its exclusive “first-family” membership, and it often loses the connective brotherly frat thread in the real world of commerce, where its members, after graduation, take their “rightful places” in the top echelons of society and government.  The CIA is so awash in confusion that it can’t remember where it hid some of the bodies.  It has spawned a number of unofficial islands of intelligence over the years, and those spinoffs often make their deals on their own.  

The international banking and finance fraternity (i.e. Fed Reserve, Euro-banking groups, IMF, World Bank, stock and commodity and currency manipulators, etc.) has been slowly coming apart at the seams over the last ten years, especially in the area of the daily currency markets, where young lunatics are trading a trillion dollars a day like baseball cards.  And the enormous multi-faceted business of CREDIT at every level of society all over the world --a terrific scam -- is now expanding to such gargantuan proportions that the controllers are in doubt about the consequences.  As in, stare and look at the bubble growing and growing, stare at it in a state of paralysis and wonder how elastic it really is.  

The Trilateral Commission reached its peak during the Jimmy Carter days, and has been in decline ever since.  The once-vaunted non-profit foundations (Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, for example) have in many ways already done their dirty work.  They have subverted the education system of the West, they have taken over medical research, they have successfully drained off billions in non-taxable $$ for their owners.  Over the years, control of these foundations has passed into the hands of younger managers, who are consumed with organization and bureaucracy.  

The UN has passed many ominous resolutions, but it too has faded in its ability to fulfill the overt dream of official world government.  Although at some time an effort might be made -- a drastic effort to make the UN the savior of a planet in chaos, it is a bloated bureaucracy along a variety of fronts.  

IMF continues to destroy weaker nations with its draconian policy of lending them money and then in effect taking over their governments when they can’t pay up, but again, how much more damage can the IMF do?  It needs another planet to wreck.  It has lost the edge of its keen and disgusting “vision” of overwhelming the weak on behalf of the strong.  

I am giving you the bleakest picture of these front groups, these groups which are still very powerful.  But they are in decline.  They are getting tired.  Their own inner energy has been depleted.  They are no longer the same Huns racing across the landscape chopping down their enemies.  

So now, when the cartels need them the most, these fronts are failing to take the reins in a definitive way.


The older parents who created the cartels, and then had to stand aside when these children flexed their muscles, are now too confused to handle the crisis on behalf of the children.  

And there is another factor.  

These older fronts have lost their keen knowledge about important pieces of the real world-map of power.  They no longer know where all the power actually is.  

You can underline that last sentence a thousand times.  [Or just read it several times!]  

One very small example: These front groups (and the cartels) do not actually know what Osama bin Laden is up to.  

Perhaps you have seen an old film called Executive Action.  It is probably the best movie ever made about the JFK assassination.  At one point, Burt Lancaster, one of the assassination planners, says about Lee Oswald (who at that moment in the film is under discussion as a possible useful dupe): “This guy is in Mexico, he’s in Cuba, he’s in Russia, he’s working for the CIA, he could be a double agent, maybe he’s tripling.  We’ll never know.  But we can use him.”  (paraphrase)  

You use someone, but you don’t really know who he’s working for, of what he’s doing.  

All right?  Get the picture?  

Now... when you have a declining center of power, the partial vacuum is filled by new blood, by people who are riveted by their own desire to take power for themselves.  They don’t care about the old-boy network or the niceties or the tea in the library or the history of the East India Trading Company.  They are on the march.  

That is what has been happening for the last fifteen years, and now this trend is accelerating fast.  Fast.  

I will now use a word.  Commit it to memory.  It is a key word.  It summarizes the growing trend at the top of power on this planet.  Not just at the top, but at many levels of power.  The word is: Gangsterism.  

Eat that word.  Digest it.  Think about it.  Roll it around in your mind.  Gangsterism.  Every man for himself.  Form your own group.  Make your own deal.  Grab everything that isn’t nailed down.  

We’re talking about the theft of trillions of dollars through outright stealing of US and other government budget money.  (E.g., at the Pentagon: At least 2 trillion.)  We’re talking about pension funds and budget money invested by governments all over the world in trading markets, and the profits are kept, hidden, stolen.  We’re talking about trillions in street-drug money.  We’re talking about oil deals cooked up by strung-together coalitions of heavy hitters (e.g., the Bush family, Cheney, et al).  We’re talking about street gangs in the drug business, and Mafias all over the world.  We’re talking about Chinese agents buying up companies.  We’re talking about CIA money laundering of drug and arms money.  We’re talking about arms dealers who keep selling weapons to every country that’s still breathing.   

The arms trade is now so complex no one can make a map of it.  Guns, rockets, bio/chem. weapons, missiles, nuke components, planes, tanks, the works.  The actual manufacturers sell their products to a bewildering array of “agents” who then re-sell them to anybody and make out the paperwork, if at all, in deceptive ways.  


Terrorism is one form of Gangsterism.  These terrorists are hitched to a whole host of countries, governments, ethnic rebels, oppressed populations, oil interests, intelligence groups.  “Keep what you can steal from the victims” is a terrorist edict that is not lost on the actual ground-level operatives.  

Religion which sanctifies murder is mixed into the equation, just as it was in the Middle Ages in Europe, when the soldiers of the Vatican plundered their way through the “infidels.”  [All in the name of religion.]  

It is also a cultural trend alive in the world.  In the US, it proceeded through the “me” generation of the 1970s and came alive as the cocaine generation of the 1980s.  Hit hard, get what you can, steal and rob, cheat and lie, because that’s the real meaning of “Capitalism.”  Sell anything, any product, whether poisonous or useless or deceptive.  Self-inflated, cocaine-drenched losers who were thought of as blights in their high schools took over Hollywood studios and music companies.  They consorted with Mafia crooks.  The Ivan Boeskys and Mike Milkens came to the fore in the world of corporate buyouts.  They intoned homilies about “the redistribution of wealth.”  Wall Street was infested with insider trading.  The CIA, the Mafia, Texas businessmen and other lowlifes moved in and worked the S&L 500-billion-dollar theft.  Clinton and Gore and Bush 1 and 2 smelled money everywhere and courted it.  Ideals -- any ideals -- took a bath.  

The cartels and their storefronts thought of Gangsterism as some kind of degenerate sub-human game, when it wasn’t played according to the rules of their own degenerate sub-human version of the same game -- but they miscalculated the signs.  They didn’t see that this trend was leading to a huge wildcat splitting off of corrupt power.  

And now they are scrambling to deal with it.  The 9/11 attack was a green light given to an Operation which was supposed to have controllable consequences. But from another angle, it or something like it would have happened anyway as the result of a growing swelling trend: obscene Gangsterism.  

To look at 9/11 more closely, the Go signal appears to have been given by cartel forces which had already secretly split off on their own as gangsters, in conjunction with “new friends”: 1) Forces which are intent on, among other things, overwhelming the so-called Third World with transnational corporate power and drugs and arms and depopulation; 2)  A strung-together Go-Order force which included: certain Nazi types from the medical cartel who are working toward bio/chem depop under the cover story of “natural” disease in the Third World; 3) Military loons who are convinced war is the only thing that can “save” the meaning of what a human being is supposed to be (General Pattons on vast overdoses of crystal meth would be the engorged metaphor); 4) A few Chinese military/ political bigwigs, who see a war as a boon to their nationalistic goal of world control; 5) A variety of terrorists (e.g., Saddam) using Islam as a front for Attila the Hun operations formulated out of a deep desire to destroy the landscape, any Western landscape; and 6) Plunderers and other One World Order types who view the planet as an ongoing race war in which they must preserve the genetic purity of what God “really wants.”  There is even a report that a secretive element of the Vatican is involved in 9/11, and that report is not chopped liver.  It has significant merit.  

All in all, breathtaking, if you like breathing sewer gas.  

In the face of global Gangsterism, which reaches from boardrooms down to street-level action in South Central LA, the cartels are bewildered.  All sorts of upper-midlevel players, like the Bushes and other semi-independent oil barons  [ENRON?] and CIA freelancers and Russian Mafia types and street-drug chiefs see this situation, or intuitively sense this situation, as a chance to move up.  

Deals and temporary alliances are flowing in all directions.  

The seven cartels are facing their most intense challenge in... perhaps ever.  

This is showtime.  

The cards have been dealt; the money is on the table.  

The new alliance between the US and Russian governments re Afghanistan and that oil pipeline -- this is just one move in a sea of moves.  There are people within the cartels who are urging this particular US-Russian alliance on as a hopeful thing, to re-stabilize planetary control at a government-cartel level, which can then be expanded to suck up or destroy many of these wildcat power grabs.  

But don’t count on it.  Old Cold War hatreds, and the emergence of the Russian Mafia and its plethora of global crime connections, which reach up into many boardrooms and banks -- these are counter-elements that may shred the US-Russian “new deal.”  

Attempts at cartelization of various global and national crime families is also underway.

From the perspective of this report, you can see what a crime it really is that the US government has never taken a real stand for freedom and prosperity of the individual in its American Foreign Policy over the last 80 years.  

A US, which really stood for those ideals, would now be the best bulwark against the lunacy which is spreading in all directions like ink on a blotter.  

No wonder the cartels and their store fronts have lost track of the centers of power around the world.  As a small example, if a country run by a dictator is really run by a street-drug crime group, and if that crime group has ties to Wall Street banks that launder its money, and if those banks in turn are lending money to other governments which are also quite corrupt… the chain of power becomes a twisted wire that disappears and re-emerges in some very strange places.  

As another example, an attempt to map out the S&L scandal in the US becomes a blizzard of names, many of which one has never encountered before.  We are at a crossroads.  

Now people like Bush and Frank Carlucci and Saddam and Tom Ridge and bin Laden and Texas businessman Walter Mischer and Don Tyson and George Tenet and a thousand other people stretch out horizontally in a maze of, Let’s make a deal.  

All bets are off and all bets are on.  

By wending through this labyrinth for years, searching for the common denominators and the areas of greatest power, one ultimately finds the cartels.  And always there has been a  feeling that power has been oozing out through the seams of the major cartel structures and infecting the planet through strange back channels.  

Now the situation, as chaotic as it is at the moment, is clear.  The Cartels have taken a series of heavy blows.  They are threatened at the core.   [By whom?]  

They will, predictably, focus on increasing the strength of the single government cartel, globally, through the collective and cooperative fixing in place of a secret de facto world government.  Not a building with an address or a dome, but an interlocking directorate dedicated to less freedom, fewer rights, more “emergencies, more “enemies” [Enemy Combatants], more direct control over the lives of citizens.  To put on the lid.  

This long-time ongoing project will be stepped up.  The medical cartel will chip in with an extension of its AIDS operation and other staged “medical emergencies,” in order to paralyze people everywhere with the fear of unseeable germs.  Germs which demand debilitating drugs and vaccines.  The military cartel will try to hasten alliances between the armies of various nations so that the world moves closer to an armed camp.  To, again, put on the lid.  

We will see a faction of the cartels dedicated to purity and morality, a rooting out of corruption everywhere -- which will actually be an effort to kill off and neutralize those gangsters who have spun off from the central Gangsterism.  

You will know these “pure ones” by the fact that freedom will not be a part of their program.  They will use the word freedom, but it will be a counterfeit, it will be equated with purity and morality and loyalty and a dozen other things, none of which is actually freedom.  

You will see efforts by many to huddle under the protective wing of some group which promises to protect them.  These groups will be religious, political, financial, military, corporate, and so on.  

If we track this immense and disparate overall corruption back through time, we see that it is rooted in two things: an ignorance, and an unwillingness, to find out what the human being actually is.  

As abstract as this may sound, it is a crucial point.

 At moments we catch glimpses of reality, of ourselves, of other people, of the world, of the universe, which suddenly take the lid off the puppet show and expose us to the sky and the stars and something much more fantastic.  [E.g. pulling back the curtain in The Wizard of Oz.]  That something is in fact connected to what we are, our potential existence, our real power.  

The denial and corruption of those secrets has placed us all in a shadow play run by the puppet masters, who are the ones most dedicated to denying the search for what we are.  

The truth begins to dawn when we are in the most trouble.  

This can be explained in a brief analogy from Plato.  In his famous image of the cave, the human race sits facing the inner wall of the cave and sees only reflections cast by the sun outside.  The sun is shining upon Ideas, or Eternal Forms, which are also outside the cave, and the humans inside see only the pale reflections of these Eternal Forms on the walls.  

That is their reality.  

In his famous essay, the Republic, Plato sketches out the ideal political state, in which all the fragmented and, he would say, dangerous impulses of Man are held in check.  I believe on closer reading of Plato, he is actually setting out a plan by which the elite of this political state would guard its “naturally” greater knowledge of these Eternal Forms from the mass of “less intelligent” humans.  Because the less intelligent ones would be driven into confusion and chaos by proximity to the Forms, they would unthinkingly resort to their most base impulses.  [emphasis added]

 Plato thinks his ideal political state should be constructed.  He thinks this is the best way, and to his credit, he spells it out: A “perfect” fascism.  

In distinction to Plato, it is suggested that: The Eternal Forms are a delusion.  The elite is protecting a delusion.  The “less intelligent ones” are, perhaps, looking at a series of shadows which are a delusion of a delusion -- but the most important fact is, everyone is in a state of sleep.  [It’s all Illusions.]  

They all need to wake up.

If they can find out what they truly are, what they can truly do, they will wake up.  And that road toward discovery is always blocked when the starting point for Reality is some external thing or series of things, like the so-called Eternal Forms, which are supposedly perfect, unchanging, which are supposedly the very wellsprings of all our thoughts.  That is an enormous lie, one of the biggest ever told.  [emphasis added]  

Yet, ironically, the kind of dialogue Plato suggests in all his writings, if undertaken in a vastly expanded way, beyond his logic, has a chance of opening up the golden door.  To anyone.  

The shape of the United States was built originally by two types of people.  The first, agents of the Vatican and [certain factions of] the Masons, sought independence from England so that they could control the destiny of this continent, so that they could become the new kings.  The second, much smaller group, revolutionists within the revolutionists, had a different plan: The creation of personal freedom that could never be extinguished.  And they succeeded in their time.  They succeeded in framing a Constitution to obstruct any elite which wished to impose a series of external Eternal Forms on the people.  

That was their work.  They did it.  

For those who demean freedom, or seek to append to it “more important principles,” one can only say this: There is only one appended principle: In being free, you may not infringe on another’s freedom!  [This is fundamental; this is Common Law!] 

From that point on, it is up to you.  No one said it would be easy.  No one said everyone would reach true self-realization in a span of short attention.  No one said we would be exempt from abusing our freedom or smashing it on a rock.  But freedom does not ultimately smash.  It waits.  For you.  

That is its fascination.  That is its challenge.  

Just because you may not feel up to it, don’t pile foolish abuse on it.  Don’t try to rationalize your present life by making yourself into a paragon of virtue in order to avoid freedom.  Don’t become an agenda of endless morality. Don’t try to return to the imagined glory of a better time.  This is the time.  

These are the days.  

The cartels and the men behind them are fatuously trying to set themselves up as those Eternal Forms.  That is their work.  That is what  they have done with their freedom.  

They can run but they can’t hide.  They have helped spawn a new generation of corrupted idiots, criminals who are cloaking themselves in the symbol of Gangsterism.  So the cartels are reaping their own whirlwind.  From their own created offspring.  

We have other places to go, other things to do, other powers to reclaim. About which powers, there are no limits.  I mean exactly what I say.



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