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A curious branch of Conspiracies is the one involving  “Factions”.  The idea is that there is not a single Great Conspiracy operating behind the scenes, but instead what once might have been describable in those terms now having plit into distinct, competing factions.   

If there is any candidate for the originator of a Great Conspiracy, it is likely the Knights Templar (created during the time of the Crusades) and their alleged “descendants” (Prior de Sion, Freemasonry, Rosicrusians, et al).  It was the Knights Templar, for example, who demonstrated over eight hundred years ago, the power of banking over nation states.  And with the very real power they wielded behind the scenes, they become the obvious targets for all manner of conspiracy theory Genesis.   

The most noteworthy heir apparent of the Knights Templar is Freemasonry.  Founding Fathers of the United States of America such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams have, at one time or another been suggested to have been active members.  Freemasonry has continued to the present day as a candidate source for the scourge of International Banksters plaguing the world.  After all, even when the King of France conspired with the Pope to destroy utterly the Knights Templar and their various secret wings, the fact remains that the Knights’ “Navy” apparently escaped the clutches of the King’s men, and took all their gold with them!  

As for the thousands of practicing Freemasons today in lodges throughout the world, it is entirely possible that 99% of Freemasons don’t have a clue as to what might be transpiring and practiced in the deepest recesses of the world organization.  Freemasonry may at some level still have access to the power of its “Navy” and its gold reserves with which to direct the fortunes of the world.  

The curious part is that when one investigates the history of Freemasonry, they are struck with the enlightenment displayed by the remnants of the Knights Templar.  One such document which (inadvertently) praises Freemasons and the Knights Templar comes from their arch enemy, the Pope of the Catholic Church.  The Encyclical of Condemnation is worth reading if only to gain an appreciation about the origins of Freemasonry, and to understand one particular religious faction of the Cartels.  But are the lofty goals and agendas of Freemasonry -- of which Pope Leo XIII was so incensed -- still intact and operating beneficently, if not covertly, in the world today?  

One thing that is clear is: all organizations evolve over time.  As in any group, which is constantly changing, they are prone to “growing pains”.  Many of the pains inevitably lead to the creation of competing factions, sprinter groups, and an assortment of conflicting agendas.  Such schisms do not necessarily heal over time, or ever!  Competing factions can evolve into distinct, “specialized” areas of control (known as Cartels), or can operate independently.  But all factions, cartels, and secret organizations have one fundamental Achilles’ Heel:  The members grow old and die and are succeeded by their kids. In other words, “Insanity is hereditary; you can get it from your kids.”  This classic might not be strictly true of the inevitable evolution of factions, but it does lend some insight.  

There is no reason, for example, to dismiss the idea that some grander world conspiracy, some Faction Two, may exist which acts in a beneficent manner toward mankind.  This Faction may be striving for some goal for which conspiracy theorists are incensed (e.g. a “One World Order”, elimination of nation states, etceteras).  But one or more competing Factions may be attempting to use many of the same apparent goals to accomplish their own goals.  It’s the case of potentially good idea being twisted for nefarious purposes, every plan a double-edged sword.  Everything depends on which way the blade is pushed -- and who gets their head cut off (i.e., which Faction is on which side of the blade).  

The nature of Factions is that they are not necessarily good and bad, but only different in their beliefs of how to achieve a specific goal, and what constitutes the precise nature or definition of the destination to which they are all attempting to reach.  These Factions will also be transferring the leadership from one generation to another -- many, many times.  

There may have been, for example, a strong sense of responsibility for the general welfare, which served as a discipline for those in the earlier generations.  As was remarked by one of the Cambridge Deans in the movie, Chariots of Fire, “you are a member of the elite, and you must therefore set the proper example.”  And while some of the Factions may have been very cognizant of this in times past, there is the distinct possibility that the younger generation is no longer bound by such a sense of duty or responsibility.  

Ultimately, we live in a world in which competing Factions are apparently attempting to direct our fates.  Their agendas may be laudatory or nefarious, but nevertheless covert.  It may not be possible to ever fully realize the depths of what is going on, but there is also the distinct possibility that we need not include their agendas in our reality.  In the process of Creating Reality, we can achieve our own Sovereignty, and thereafter dispense with the parental attitude so often exhibited by those who would save us from ourselves.  

There is also the very intriguing possibility that the Factions are largely unaware of a much grander Hierarchy as to who is really directing the destiny of this planet.  It’s not wise to assume that there is any limit of what might be.  Seeing past the Illusions is a talent which is highly recommended for anyone who likes to choose their own dramas.  


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