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Speaking of extraterrestrials, Kurt Vonnegut once told the story in one of his unique and creative novels about an alien (an extraterrestrial) who came to Earth to study its culture. In the process, the alien became absolutely fascinated about the story of Jesus Christ.  The ET scholar studied the four gospels, the Dag Hammaraj scrolls, and all of the related literature in great depth.  Eventually, the alien became convinced that somehow the point of Jesus’ life had been missed, and to rectify it, he wrote a “fifth gospel”.  

The Fifth Gospel was distinct from the first four in that Jesus of Nazareth was not born as the only son of God, but instead was the son of a carpenter and his otherwise typical wife in a poor village in an occupied country.  In effect, Jesus had absolutely no connections: no important friends, no influential relatives, and no means to acquire them.   

Nevertheless, in the Fifth Gospel, Jesus did somehow manage to grow to maturity with a sense of mission.  He then began a ministry of sorts, healing the sick, creating miracles, and teaching his profound wisdom to the multitudes.  In effect, Jesus -- according to the Fifth Gospel -- accomplished all the miracles, healings, wonders, and teachings alluded to or detailed in all of the other gospels.  But he was still only the son of a poor carpenter and had no connections -- despite his exceptional teachings and practices.  And as in the other gospels, Jesus eventually found himself upon the cross, being crucified for his revolutionary ideas and actions.  As someone with no connections, it was also appropriate that he would be crucified with two other common criminals.  

But -- according to the Fifth Gospel -- just before Jesus died on the cross at Calvary, an extraordinary thing happened:  God came down from heaven and in a dramatic moment adopted Jesus as his son.  Suddenly, Jesus had connections!  He had influential friends in high places -- even the highest place!  Jesus had been nailed to the cross as a nobody, but had died as the son of the only God.  “The least of these, my brethern,” had suddenly become someone who might be accorded the title of the “greatest of these.”  

The moral is clear:  Before you crucify, wound, or otherwise injure someone without connections, it might be wise to remember that your victim might suddenly find himself with connections, and thus you might find yourself the recipient of wrathful feedback.  


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