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The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus

Premiered 22 August 2003

The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus by Dan S. Ward is a story of transformation, a fictional account of what might very well be true.  (And much of it is.)  To put it into perspective...

            Imagine a dysfunctional family of extraterrestrials vying for control of the Earth.

            Imagine also that this struggle has been going on for millennia.

            Imagine you are caught up in this conflict.

            Imagine that at some point you realize that in order for you to survive...

                    For even your very species to survive...

                    You must evolve into a higher being.

            And finally...  Imagine that this story is true.

The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus is a fictional account of Dawn Riordan, a woman who finds herself in the midst of an out-of-control situation that may very well be a true account of the world.  While the events and storyline are fictional, the basis and underlying plot are, in the author's opinion, true.  Many of the characters in the story are archetypes or real beings -- not necessarily human -- and their characterization is based upon the best available evidence from historical documents.  


The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus is first and foremost a story of one woman’s journey of the soul, her own versions of The Hero’s Journey and/or The Fool’s Journey (probably a little bit of each).  In her journey, she encounters challenge after challenge, only to ultimately transform herself into something far beyond what she had ever previously imagined.   

On one level, the novel is an adventure, filled with intelligent (but misguided) bad guys, chases, narrow misses, unique escapes, exotic locations, comic relief, and the inevitable romantic interest. Tantalizing clues are liberally dispersed throughout the story, and find resolution in a stunning manner.  The storyline itself is fast-paced, filled with revelations and exciting events and ideas, and in the end, covers a great deal of territory (pardon the pun).  

Very importantly, The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus deals with prophetic and extraordinary truths about ancient history, governmental Conspiracies, vested interests, covert Extraterrestrial activities, bewildering and anomalous events and theories, the incredible truths about the strange events occurring on the third planet from the sun, and the potential for the transformation of the human species from Homo sapiens sapiens to the next evolutionary quantum leap and something far greater.  

The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus premiered on these webpages on August 22, 2003.  Perhaps you noticed the spotlights and stars at the gala opening.


                                    Beginning                                             The Fool

                                    Chapter One                                         The Hierophant

                                    Chapter Two                                         The Tower

                                    Chapter Three                                      Death

                                    Chapter Four                                        The Hanged Man

                                    Chapter Five                                         Temperance

                                    Chapter Six                                           Strength

                                    Chapter Seven                                      The Hermit

                                    Chapter Eight                                       Justice Card

                                    Chapter Nine                                        The Moon

                                    Chapter Ten                                          The Chariot

                                    Chapter Eleven                                    The Emperor

                                    Chapter Twelve                                    The Empress

                                    Chapter Thirteen                                 The Sun

                                    Chapter Fourteen                                Judgement

                                    Chapter Fifteen                                    The Star

                                    Chapter Sixteen                                   The High Priestess

                                    Chapter Seventeen                             The Devil

                                    Chapter Eighteen                                The Lovers

                                    Chapter Nineteen                                The Wheel of Fortune

                                    Chapter Twenty                                   The Magician

                                    Chapter Twenty One                           The World

                                    Chapter Twenty Two                           Again, the Fool


Copyright 1997, 2000, 2003 Dan Sewell Ward


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