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Dawn the Chosen

Now Showing -- Premiered June 24, 2003

Copyright 1983, 1996, 2003 Dan Sewell Ward

Dawn the Chosen is an original novel, ostensibly a science fiction love story, but also a treatise on a unique societal concept -- an essentially humanoid individualistic society perhaps best described as a benevolent Matrix.

The societal structure arrived in the author's consciousness amazingly complete and distinctive in the form of a dream -- one of those things consciousness does while the body sleeps.  It came into being roughly ten years before the basis of the novel began to take shape, and the plot materialized from even earlier ruminations.

The plot is a love story, pure and simple.  The fact the story is set on a fictional planet in another star system is only partially relevant, but does lend itself to provide both a study in alternatives of how whole peoples live together in peace and harmony, and as a vehicle for a tale of a higher love -- one including but extending beyond passion.

For the hopelessly romantic whose intent to cut to the chase, chapters four and seven could conceivably be passed over in the reading, inasmuch as they constitute the primary description of the society in which the object of love (her name is Dawn) lives.  The first half of the book, therefore, is the set up, the basis for all that is to follow.  The last half becomes the action equivalent of the race to the inevitable climax.  (Whatever you do, don't miss the last half!)

Dawn, the Chosen still remains as one of the author's favorite writings.  It was written in the early portions of his evolution, but has retained its meaning and value even as newer and more original works have followed.  Consider it the basis for all that followed.


                                        Chapter   1 ---- Star System XC-137                

                                    Chapter   2 ---- Lady Katherine                          

                                    Chapter   3 ---- First Contact                                

                                    Chapter   4 ---- The Riwanians                            

                                    Chapter   5 ---- The Funny Bone                        

                                    Chapter   6 ---- Boy Meets Girl                          

                                    Chapter   7 ---- Utopia                                                              

                                    Chapter   8 ---- The Garden                                  

                                    Chapter   9 ---- The Chosen                                  

                                    Chapter 10 ---- Confrontation                              

                                    Chapter 11 ---- Rendezvous                                    

                                    Chapter 12 ---- The Day of Renewal                               

                                    Chapter 13 ---- The Bruise                                    

                                    Chapter 14 ---- The Rescue                                  

                                    Chapter 15 ---- The Gods                                       

                                    Chapter 16 ---- The Gift                                          


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