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Updated 22 June 2009


One -- Paint Out the Numbers:  War can bring out the best in people, as they often sacrifice themselves for their friends or community.  (It’s just the sort of thing that got Screwtape’s nephew in trouble when he orchestrated a war.)  In peace, however, the honor and glory are not always that clear.  In Paint Out the Numbers the commanding officer of a submarine in peacetime discovers much to his horror that his fantasies of making the dramatic ‘command decision’ are shattered when he realizes he must pay the price of what amounts to an "unwarranted assumption of authority". Written in 1970 - Premiered on Halexandria 21 April 2006.

Two -- A Glancing Blow:  An original novel which tells the story of a worldwide catastrophe involving the near-collision of an errant planet with Earth.  The idea is based on similar near-collisions from the 15th and 7th centuries B.C.E., but the novel itself is set in modern times.  The story involves both the discovery of Earth's fate, the frantic preparations, and in the second half of the book, the aftermath of the planetary encounter as a small dedicated group attempts to survive in a devastated world. Written in 1978 - Premiered on Halexandria 20 August 2005.

Three -- Dawn, the Chosen:  A science fiction love story of an Earth-based interstellar star ship discovering an apparently utopian planet, where a society of independent and very contented individuals live in a free society.  The only possible flaw stems from their apparent need to acknowledge a great debt of gratitude to the gods who had created their world.  When interstellar love enters the picture, the truth surfaces, and simultaneously, the deeper meaning of what true love is really about.  Written in 1983 - Premiered on Halexandria 24 June 2003.

Four -- Heir Apparent:  It’s time for a great patriarch to step down, and amongst his many children and relations, there is both confusion and understanding about what the future will bring.  One son, at apparently relative ease with the transition, nevertheless spends a great deal of time discovering just what to expect and what his role might be in what portends to be a very new world.  A unique quality of this original novel is that all of the characters in the story are archetypes of mythological figures, making the novel one of Gods and Goddesses, and unlike most anything you’ve ever read.  Written in 1990 - Premiered on Halexandria on 1 May 2004 (Beltane).

Five -- The Flight of the Zygo Mati:  A romp through one fateful day in the life of an Earl of renown and respect.  A perfectly blissful life is interrupted when the highly mysterious Zygo Mati flies by, and thereafter, Earl is reluctantly taken on an adventure wherein he is finally clued into the realities of greed and incompetence by every imaginable faction of society.  Akin to Voltaire's Candide, Earl lives in the best of all possible worlds, but finds that shattered illusions have their place as well.  Written in 1992 - Premiered on Halexandria April Fool's Day, 2004.

Six -- We the Jury (the Novel): A juxtaposition of two trials -- one in 1670 London and the other in 2003 Denver. Twelve ordinary individuals play their respective parts (more than once) as they take on the responsibility for seeking justice in the midst of a justice system not so inclined. In the process, they must ignore the directed verdicts of the Courts, the law-enforcement authorities past and present, and the often biased opinions of the media and public. The jury must in fact seek justice on their own terms and thereby take full responsibility for their verdicts. Screenplay written in 1996 (adapted as a novel in 2008) - Premiered on Halexandria 22 September 2008.

Seven -- The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus    An unexpected heroine abruptly finds herself at odds with an enigmatic and dangerous group from whom she is forced to flee for her life.  On the run, she finds allies and a love interest, begins the process of an incredible transformation of her very being, and simultaneously discovers whatís really happening on the third planet from the sun.  A metaphysical mixture of elements from The Fugitive, The Net, Matrix, and Conspiracy Theory.  Also available as Humanki, a Screenplay, if thatís your preference.  Written in 1997 - Premiered on Halexandria August 22, 2003!

Eight --Multiple Choice (the Novel): Coming unglued from “consensus reality”, a reluctant hero embarks on a journey to new dimensions and realities where he gets to experience multiple futures, pasts and presents (albeit not always gift wrapped).  Everything from environmental hells and future tyrannies to sword fighting fantasy lands and interstellar war are encountered in the tradition up close and personal format. Think of it as a Final Exam, where the only question is a Multiple Choice one.  Just keep in mind that a Galactic Tyranny is only one of many possibilities. Screenplay written in 1997 (adapted as a novel in 2008/2009) - Premiered on Halexandria 20 March 2009.

Nine -- The Myth and Legend of D'PTah: The Earth is in pretty dismal shape when... lo and behold... extraterrestrials intervene in a thoroughly dramatic fashion. The ETs announce to a very startled humanity that things need to change substantially if the human race is going to be allowed to continue to inhabit the planet. They also inform the world of their random selection of one person to rule over the earth... giving him absolute authority in attempting to move the human species from barbarism to a true civilization. Not totally unexpectedly, there is a certain amount of resistance to their choice and what is ostensibly a last ditch effort on behalf of the Earth to save it... as well as its inhabitants. Written in 2007-2009 -- Premiered on Halexandria 9/9/9 (9 September 2009)

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