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Multiple Choice - The Novel

Premiered 20 March 2009


A Story of the Present, Past, and Any of Several Futures

A Novel (adapted from the Screenplay)


Daniel Sewell DocPtah Ward

Copyright 1997, 2003, 2009 Dan Sewell Ward


You’ve just spent the night with a beautiful woman and somehow it doesn’t mean a thing. In fact, life no longer seems to have any real meaning at all.

So you ask for a “whole new ball game”. And you get it! In spades!

Coming unglued from “consensus reality”, you embark on a journey to new dimensions and realities where you get to experience multiple futures, pasts and presents of today’s Earth. Everything from environmental hells and future tyrannies to sword fighting fantasy lands and interstellar war -- all brought down to Earth, up close and personal.

For better or worse, you’re not alone on your odyssey, but encounter in one reality after another some of the same people as you knew before, each of them on similar or parallel courses. Unsurprisingly, there seems to be a strange consistency in their personalities and their inevitable evolvement, just as in yours. But it’s nice to see a familiar (if not necessarily a friendly) face on this strange journey.

Curiously, for a while you merely visit these other realities. Until the day you find one which suits you to a tee. And you settle down to build a very personal future.

The problem is that now all of the enemies and situations from your journey through other realities suddenly arrive on your doorstep. And this time there’s no place to run.



In the final analysis and in choosing our reality, the principal question always becomes: “Which one?”

Think of it as The Final Exam, where the overriding question is a Multiple Choice one. Just keep in mind that the Galactic Tyranny is only one of many, many possibilities.


Episode 0 -- Fools and Fantasies

Episode I -- One Night Stands

Episode II -- Underground

Episode III -- High Plains

Episode IV -- Five Sided Buildings

Episode V -- Spinmeisters

Episode VI -- Ancient Histories

Episode VII -- Unauthorized Zones

Episode VIII -- Interstellar Space

Episode IX -- Iapetus

Episode X -- Domed Cities

Episode XI -- Sand

Episode XII -- Bunkers

Episode XIII -- Land of the Druids

Episode XIV -- Robin, et al

Episode XV -- Rook to Castle

Episode XVI -- Rescues

Episode XVII -- Bierstadtland

Episode XVIII -- Labyrinths

Episode XIX -- Errant Thoughts

Episode XX -- Paradise in Jeopardy

Episode XXI -- Shazzam!


Short Cut to Fictional Works

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