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Episode XVII -- Bierstadtland

Premiered 20 March 2009


Multiple Choice -- Episode XVII



David fell headlong into his fantasy lake, the one he had previously described to Avyn. David had not specified, or even been conscious of what the temperature of his own personal mountain lake might be. Suffice it to say that it was cold, and when he hit, he was immediately seized with the kind of cold shock reserved for researchers who winter over in Antarctica and just for fun take a sauna and then throw themselves into an outside snow drift. The temperature difference is substantial... and yes, they do it for fun.

In David’s case, he was definitely wide-awake and wide-eyed when he came up out of the water breathless and curiously refreshed.  With rapid strokes, he began to swim to the shore as quickly as he could.  It was only a matter of time before his body heat gave out and he became really, really cold. The body is adaptable, but it also has its limits. Cold mountain lakes must always be considered temporary residences.

David’s swimming style ranged from a sloppy, over-the-top butterfly to a free style in the best tradition of Olympic sprinters. The occasional trout he might have encountered had already been vacating the immediate area following David’s abrupt insertion into his new reality. Other forms of life… those perhaps less mobile… simply observed… wondering if the new item was worthy of a meal. Probably not. Too big.

He was soon in waist deep water and wading the last stretch to shore. Once he had reached the ankle deep water, he suddenly noticed: first, that he had no footwear (and thus could feel the bottom of the lake up close and personal). It was also about this time, as he stepped onto the grassy/gravel area of the shoreline, that he noticed the second noteworthy situation, i.e., he was now stark naked.  Standing there shivering on the rocky and grassy shore (but with a bright sun overhead), he made several motions with his hand and body to shield his nudity – but it was pretty pointless. He then began to look around.  His shivering was interrupted as his mouth suddenly fell open at the sight of surrounding mountains, trees, meadows, all draped about the lake. His smile turned glowing.

“Bierstadt! By heavens, I made it! Evyr!”

David looked around expectantly, but saw no sign, no hint of Evyr. His smile dampened as a consequence, as he placed his hands on his (did we mention, naked) hips, and looked heavenward.

“Good luck, Sweetheart! Don’t forget me.”

David turned his attention back to the scene before him.  A big grin slowly crept over his face, as he began to move about and get the feel of the land.  It was when he kept shivering, that the necessities of the moment begin to nag at him… again.

“Brrrr… Maybe if I rub two sticks together.”

“How about some hot coals?”

David turned to see Avyn approaching him.  She was now dressed in a colorful, rainbow style outfit.  The material had the consistency of cotton, but had the appearance of a series of broad stripes interwoven like a mat.  She was carrying a small clay pot, with just a hint of smoke rising from it, and in the other hand, more clothing in the same style as what she was wearing.

David was still a little shell shock, and momentarily oblivious of his nudity… which was probably the best of all possible worlds. “We meet again… Great!”

“It’s very nice to see you too,” Avyn answered, unabashedly sizing up David before tossing him the extra clothes she was carrying. “I brought you something to wear.  Later, I’ll show you how to make your own.  It’s pretty easy, and can even be fun.  As for a fire, where would you like it?”

After glancing around, she turned back to him for this final decision.  He could only smile and look around; he had no clue.

“Where would you suggest?”

“I’d put it over by those rocks… where it will be sheltered from the wind, and also with little chance of it getting out of control. The rocks also look ideal for Feng Shui purposes, such that you might want to consider building a future home there.”

“Great! I think…”

“Fine. I’ll get right on it.  Just don’t forget to put your pants on.”

Avyn walked away toward the rocks, while David with a bewildered look watched her as she moved gracefully over the relatively rough landscape. No… not really graceful… more like walking on rice paper without leaving the slightest mark. She could have put ‘Grasshopper’ to shame, even in his hey day at the monastery.


The sun had traveled another hour’s segment across the horizon by the time David and Avyn were sitting around a small fire, close together.  There is a tradition among American Indians, that white men build huge fires and sit way back, while Indians build small fires and sit up close and cozy. David had a sudden appreciation of sitting close to not just the red-hot coals and flicking flames of the fire, but the warmth and glow from Avyn. That still left roughly 25% of his body not basking in the warmth, but the gradient of temperature across his body was not all that extreme. This particular mountain climate was comparatively mild. At the same time, David would soon acquire the ability to stay warm in the most inhospitable of days in his fantasyland… it came with the territory.

As the two sat there, enjoying moments of silence as well the subtler shades of natural sounds, sights, and feelings. The sky was nearing twilight (or so it might have appeared to the newcomer), and accordingly, a light breeze was evident.  David was eating a tasty but unknown fruit and a variation of corn-on-the-cob.  Avyn had finished her meal and took the opportunity to act as temporary hostess and tour guide.

“The twilight won’t last long.  Kehu, the second sun, is due up within an hour or so.” When David suddenly looked perplexed, Avyn added, “Yeah.  Two suns.” David smiled, while she continued, “You may find having twin suns to be quite interesting.  During parts of the year, when the planet is at aphelion from one of the suns… i.e., either of the far ends of the ellipse occasioned by the suns, it’s pretty much a normal Earth-type, day-night rotation.  But at other times, when we have both suns at different points on the horizon, we get less than four hours of darkness a day.  The good news is that you’ll find very little need for sleep here.  It’s a very energizing planet.”

Suddenly, David noticed a flashing on the horizon behind Avyn, a flashing akin to phasing. David realized that he couldn’t quite focus on what was happening. Avyn didn’t even bother to turn and look, already guessing what David was seeing.

“The reality hereabouts is not quite set yet.  Not enough people.  The theory is that it requires something like 144,000 unencumbered souls to form what we’ve begun to call a “Quantum Consensus Reality”.  Until then, until we have enough consensus thoughts, parts of this world will keep phasing in and out -- material reality somehow just beyond the world’s grasp.  But we’re getting there.  And I must say your choice of a Bierstadt painting is a great idea -- a great contribution to the overall design.”

David smiled. “I’ve wanted this for a long time.”

“Good,” Avyn agreed. “You’re emotionally attached to it.  That will help a lot to maintain this reality.”

“How many unencumbered souls are here...?”

“About sixty thousand.  Later if you like, I’ll show you around; let you meet some of the others, find the local energy ley lines, take you to the...”

“The ley what?”

“There’s a subtle energy grid about the planet, that if you know how, can be used for transportation.  That’s how I got here today. There are also sound vibrations which can be used to help you build your home with rock and other natural materials -- makes it easy to move really heavy objects, for example. Finally, I can show you how make clothes, find food, that kind of stuff.  Of course, you’ll also be learning about sacred geometry, zero-point energy, and so forth...”

“This place is fantastic!” David kept shaking his head, awe struck. “But at the same time,” he admitted, “it’s a bit intimidating -- so much to learn.  It’s nice to know you’ll be helping me.”

“Like I used to say -- when I was still stuck in the old reality called Earth -- The only viable social security is going to be your friends.”


Avyn was sitting, looking at the lake.  Behind her was an attractive stone cabin, surrounded in part with flowers neatly planted – or growing spontaneously because of the seedlings belief in the fundamental laws governing real estate: location, location, location. There were enough other items to suggest a homestead that had grown and prospered.  A doe was munching the greenery nearby, until she abruptly looked up and started moving away at an easy but rapid gait.  Avyn saw the movement, and then looked up toward something in the sky approaching rapidly.  David was approaching, flying without any mechanical devices, but obviously out of control.  He hit the ground running, stumbling, and heading directly for the lake... where he ended up plunging head first into the water along the shoreline… after which, he managed to pull himself back up, and staggered back out of the water, weaving and just a little punch drunk.

“Whoa,” he said… too late. “Flying these ley lines is great -- if I could just catch on to the landing part.”

"I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it eventually… or die trying.”

“One would hope so… and I hope not.”

“So…” Avyn began, “Show me your big project.”

David smiled as only the successful entrepreneur could. With a cocky gesture, he suggested they walk to the top of a hill.

“Ah, yes,” he said, “Come into my parlor, said the slider to the spy.”


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