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Episode XVIII -- Labyrinths

Premiered 20 March 2009


Multiple Choice -- Episode XVIII



David led Avyn up to the top of a rocky rise where extensive stonework was in progress on what appeared to be an elaborate system of rock paved paths along the sides of the hill.  In addition, on various sides of the path system were large, standing stones -- boulders of the caliber of Stonehenge and Avebury in England -- all situated in a large complex of rock.

Avyn had to smile in recognition. “This is going to be a labyrinth?”

“Yeah,” David answered proudly. “The Cretan design… one way in and one way out… making it something of a soul journey.”

“Well,” Avyn noted with beaming approval, “You certainly picked the ideal place. The energy here is fantastic.”

“You should try the center… massive trip!”

“But, I’m curious,” Avyn asked, “Why segmented into nine sections?”

David shrugged his shoulders. “It’s always been my favorite number, and I did want to have something unique. The nine aspect gives me a sense of completion.”

“Perfect,” Avyn commented, looking admiringly at David.

“Care to beta test it?”

Avyn laughed. “Thanks, but I think I’ll wait until it’s done and do the whole thing from start to finish.  I would want to take full advantage of your idea.”

“You’re always welcome.  Everyone is.”

“I’m sure the thought will get around.”

Avyn then hesitated, taking a careful look at David, who was looking admiringly at his work.

“So tell me,” she began, “Have you heard from Evyr?

David’s smile momentarily faded. “No, and I have no idea where she is or what she’s doing.  It was such a joy to find this place.  But without someone to share it with...”

“I understand,” Avyn commiserated, “Reminds me of the old adage: ‘Everyone needs something to do, something to hope for… and someone to love.”

“Hey,” David tried to boast, “Two out of three ain’t bad!”

“You’re efforts are certainly grounding, and you have begun to suspect what you can eventually become.”

“Meanwhile, Evyr is learning her potential.”

"And you have no urge to join her in her adventures?”

“Not any more,” David conceded, accepting the inconvenient truth. “I’ve got to allow her to have her space.  Besides, I used to be into excitement myself… at any cost.  But now... It’s like none of it counts.  All the other dramas, the other traumas: they’re just choices you don’t have to make.”

“No regrets at all?”

“Well…” David reluctantly conceded. “Maybe just a little. There really is something about the appeal of blood-pounding excitement of a battle for something important.  But it mostly passes.  Of course… the choice is always there.”

“Speaking of choices, I’ve some of my own. Time for me to take a running leap.”

Both smiled and hugged each other with affection.  Then Avyn turned and walked between two of the large standing stones, waved to David, and then became very quiet and very still.  David watched her, as currents of air ruffled her clothing, and her arms and hands slowly rose up, until her whole body began to slowly levitate.  Her eyes still closed, her body moved forward and began to accelerate.  Within seconds, she was out of sight, angling off past the peaks that surrounded the lake where David had first been immersed upon his arrival in Bierstadtland.  David smiled, and looked around the ground before him.  Quietly, he grabbed a clay pot and started down the hill.


Episode XVII -- Bierstadtland

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