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Episode XVI -- Rescues

Premiered 20 March 2009


Multiple Choice -- Episode XVI



Following the obligatory festivities for the conquering hero/heroine and saved damsel from a fate worse than medieval marriage, David and Katy found themselves walking about Men-Tor’s village at leisure. Evyr had carefully avoided interfering with whatever the two were talking about, making the correct assumption that her presence would bode no good for herself… much less David… and even less… well, in Evyr’ book, Katy really didn’t count. So that part could be safely ignored.

As the two former lovers walked, Katy decided to breech the subject that had been nagging at her. “I don’t suppose,” she began, “That it occurred to you that I didn’t want to be rescued.”

"No,” David said, with raised eyebrows. “The way I heard it: you were being held captive and married against your will.”

“Well… yes… at least from outward appearances. But there was also something rather exciting about it all.”

David stopped and took a long, incredulous look at Katy.


“Stimulating… dramatic… call it what you will. It’s just one of those things in which I occasionally like to indulge.”

“Sounds kinky.”

"Don’t get me wrong, David. I do like stability; that’s what first attracted me to you.  But periodically, I would also like to have the blood coarse through my veins with quite a bit more gusto.  Do you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I guess. I suppose it’s just that we have different blood-coursing dreams.”

“And that’s okay, right?”

“It’s okay.”

“And we can leave it at that?”

David hesitated, taking a long serious look at Katy.

“We can leave it at that.”

Katy smiled and kissed David on the cheek. Then gesturing to where Evyr and Avyn were talking, she added, “She’s quite taken with you.”

“Who? Evyr?”

When Katy only frowned, David shrugged his shoulders. “Well… maybe.”

“It’s nice to know I’ve left you in good hands.”

David smiled, as Katy turned and walked away.  David then moved closer to Evyr and Avyn, just as the latter turned away, and with a quick wink at David went into a small building.  Evyr then slowly approached David.

"Fascinating woman, that Avyn.  Somehow I think she’s more than she says.”

“Like what?”

“Like a goddess?”

“Are you kidding?”

“Well… maybe a goddess apprentice. She told me that, ‘All acts of love and pleasure are My rituals.’ That sounds very goddess-like.”

“You’re probably right,” David admitted. Then with a twinkle in his eye, he asked, “Were you suggesting that we engage in one of her rituals right now?”

“Don’t you ever think about anything other than sex?”

“Oh, sure. Sometimes when I’m having sex, I think about making up my shopping list.  Other times, I’m plotting to leave the toilet seat up for unwary females.”

“You’re incurable.”

“I’d certainly like to think so.”

“And what about Katy? She seems to be quite a lady.”

“I once thought so.”

“But no more?” Evyr suddenly seemed notably less lighthearted in her banter. She unconsciously held her breath as she waited for David’s reply.

“The problem,” David said with the full force of careful thought required by Evyr’ question, “Is that it’s not so much what I think, but what I feel.”

That was the incomplete version. There had to be more! “And how do you feel?”

David turned and looked intently at Evyr.

“That I deserve better.”

Evyr smiled, her tongue delicately touching her lips. That answer she could work with. She turned to stroll a bit further… assuming that David would follow her, perhaps even admire her as he walked just behind her for a moment or two.

“You know,” she began, the web closing in on the unwary male, “We do make a pretty good team.”

David smiled, as he recognized the gambit, but also knew that it was okay to be caught in the web if you’re doing part of the weaving. “I’m certainly at my best when you’re around.” But then for levity, he added, “Can’t imagine why.”

Evyr could play this game.

"Neither can I.  We’re not exactly a match made in heaven.”

David stopped in his tracks and looked at Evyr.


Evyr chose her words carefully.

“I want to make my mark in the world, make a difference, find out what I’m capable of… whereas you’ve already done that.  For you, it’s not such a big deal.  But it is for me… a very big deal.

“Can’t we do it together?”

“Maybe… if you don’t try to do it for me.  It may also depend on what’s next on the agenda.  Any thoughts?”

“Maybe it’s time for our fantasies.”

"I don’t know. I’d think that by now, we should have seen some sort of sign, some indication that we’re about to phase.”

“Good point,” David replied. “No water anywhere near. Could we be getting some genuine R & R?”

“I doubt that. It seems more likely that...”

As the two walked by an open door of a thatched roof and stone cottage, the resident emptied a pail of water by tossing it out the door, dousing the two of them and interrupting Evyr in mid sentence.  Both he and Evyr phased

Immediately following, Jeremiah -- still reeking somewhat from his time in the moat -- stepped out of the shadows just beyond their path.  He looked around in vain for David and Evyr -- his apparent sneak attack suddenly preempted.  He raised his sword and shield arm in frustration.

“What the hell!?  Damn!  This really isn’t working!”

For emphasis he directed his words toward the heavens and whoever might have been the one really running the show.

This is not working!”

When no sign appeared in the heavens, he turned away.  Looking particularly angry and frustrated, he slammed his sword against a wall.  The wall partially crumbled from the impact, but Jeremiah hardly noticed, sheathing his sword with excessive force. He walked away. He was not done with those two.


Episode XV -- Rook to Castle

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