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Cindy, Et Al



 “How far do you have to go to find your true love?”




Daniel Sewell DocPtah Ward

Copyright 1997 Dan Sewell Ward





Any man over the age of twenty or so, who has had relations with more than one woman -- even in what is euphemistically termed “sequential monogamy” -- is inevitably referred to by most women as “a ladies man”.  (The guys refer to him as a “stud” -- and this male bonding requires the man being with far less women to qualify.)  Curiously, most of the women who so label such a male -- and are eager to convey this information to other women -- are very likely not to have met or know the particular male at all, but have drawn their conclusions from having heard through the grapevine from some friend or another who might have once actually dated the guy.  Nevertheless, he is so labeled.


But perhaps such a man is a bit more than a bull let loose in a candy store.  Perhaps he is genuinely interested in finding -- not just a suitable female as a life long mate -- but a true love, the ultimate mate, “his fantasy lady”.  Then perhaps, his amorous history is more of an earnest and intense search for precisely the right person, using every means at his disposal (including compatibility research, dating services, exhaustive evenings out with potential candidates, a few select intimate encounters, and even sharing the same home for an extended period of time).  You have to admire that kind of persistence.


Alternatively, we may be dealing with a shallow, immature jerk, looking to somehow hang onto or recapture his youth by seeking to constantly reassure himself that women as young as possible, and who inexplicably still find him attractive. 


Either way, as President Bill Clinton inadvertently demonstrated, there is just something appealing about the rascal.  And if our hero is simply misunderstood -- fat chance! -- it still might be politic to listen to his story with a gentle openmindedness.


Besides, the whole thing is really pretty funny.


                                                Episode I        The Three of Us

                                                Episode II       Psychic Bonds

                                                Episode III     Friends, Lovers, Relatives

                                                Episode IV      The Art of Relating

                                                Episode V       Tying Up Loose Ends







Cindy, et al





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