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Episode I -- One Night Stands

Premiered 20 March 2009


Multiple Choice -- Episode I

One Night Stands


David was lying in a king-size bed covered by a single sheet.  A lightweight blanket and classic bedspread laid in a twisted heap on the floor at the foot of the bed... the heap also in the classic albeit rambunctious style of hurriedly discarded bed coverings.  The surrounding room was a modern, bachelor’s medium-budget pad, clean and neat... except for the bed... and of course the his-and-her quickly shed articles of clothing littering the floor. It was just the sort of thing one might encounter in the early morning after.  The walnut furniture, wall paintings, and miscellaneous art works on the wall were tasteful, but without apparent rhyme nor reason as to the choice of diverse pieces... what the generous art appraiser might call: ‘eclectic’. 

A radio-alarm clock was ringing. 

David set straight up in bed, instantly alert for any clue that might present itself as to what, where, and how he was. When it was clear there were no alien attacks in the immediate vicinity, he blinked his eyes and sighed heavily. He quickly fell back and simultaneously rolled over slightly to stretch for the alarm.  With a quick hand movement, he turned off the incessant ringing.  Slowly rising back up from his side, his feet simultaneously finding their way to the floor, he yawned and shook his head from side to side.

His question served to answer a lot of our questions. “Geez!  What'd I have last night? Banzai Boilermakers?” For several moments, he tried to recall whether or not he ever tried such concoctions, decided that he never had, and that ever since that fateful night in the Navy, he had never really gotten drunk. That is to say drunk enough so that he could not lay on the bathroom floor without holding on to something. David, in fact, had of late begun to shy away from drinking any intoxicating beverages. It was not purely from a health point of view as much as seeing no basic point in such attempted escapes from reality. Surely, he had assumed, there had to be a more efficient, better way. Last night, on the other hand, he had apparently strayed.

Evyr, still covered by the sheets on the opposite side of the bed, rolled away from David, dragging the covers and slightly exposing his nakedness.  Her movement caught his eye – like, how could it not? Accordingly, and on the basis of a long-standing family tradition he looked at the apparition with a surprised, stunned expression.  Where had she come from? Come to think of it... Who was she? For a moment, he tried to peer over the sheets just enough to get a better glimpse of the woman’s face... purely for identification purposes, of course. Not being able to see with much clarity, he frowned. The puzzle remained.

David, however, was not the sort of fellow to be denied access to critical information.  Surreptitiously, he gently lifted a corner of the sheet on his side and looked underneath at Evyr’s backside.  He smiled slightly.  It was a nice backside. It was also naked. That was good.

It did cause David to look under the sheets on his side of the bed, discover that he too was naked, and for just a moment he frowned. David typically did not sleep naked – preferring to wear a pair of jockey shorts for safety reasons. Such security had never been conclusively demonstrated to be the best alternative, but a choice that seemed to be the better part of valor. The fact that he was now naked, would suggest that not only had the two of them participated in consensual sexual activities, but that they had also been sufficiently active/athletic that neither bothered to redress for bed. The sex, in a nutshell, had obviously been quite good. If David could just remember it!

[One of the advantages of a faulty memory is that one never recalls the details of bad sex... only the fact of it... embellished details to be concocted later for purposes of humor.]

After a quick glance around the room to see if the coast was clear, David quietly slipped out of the bed and tiptoed around to the woman’s side.  Evyr took that moment to roll back to the point where she was laying on her back in a face-up position, and thereby revealing a very attractive face, framed by long beautiful hair.  David raised his eyebrows at the sight, and then gingerly lifted the sheet from the same side to see more of her body.  He abruptly grinned.  Evyr rolled again, pulling the sheets out of David’s hand and allowing them to fall back on the bed.  With a cocky, male chauvinist smile, David began to strut across the room, taking a deep breath and unconsciously flexing his muscles.

“Oh yeah, David!  You still got it!”

Still strutting as he reached the nearby upright dresser, David opened the upper drawer and pulled out a pair of under-shorts.  Abruptly, his smile disappeared as he slowly pulled out a framed 8x10 photograph of Katherine with a handwritten scrawl: “With all my love... Katy”.  David’s hubris and cocky posture were immediately dissipated as his shoulders slumped, his breath exhaled in a heavy sigh, and his smile becoming a sad, almost mournful frown. 

Leaning forward, he draped his forearms on the dresser top, while his head was hung in a hang-dog fashion.  He gazed forlornly at the photo, and then glanced back at the woman in his bed.  Evyr, while gorgeous, was clearly not the same woman as in the photograph.  There had been no mistakes of that particular nature and genre. David looked back at the photo and momentarily caressed Katherine's photographic cheek.  Until he caught himself, frowned, and slid the photo back into the drawer.  Noticing a telltale dust mark where the framed photo had been, he quickly brushed away the obvious pattern with his shorts, and glancing quickly at the woman in his bed, turned and walked to the bathroom door.


David’s bathroom was a modern complement to his bedroom -- spacious, well appointed, and with a full glass wall behind a shaped synthetic marble sink and a wall-to-opposing-wall counter.  The room was well lighted, with towels neatly folded and a green plant hanging in one corner.  It was the kind of bathroom one could enjoy twirling about in their birthday suits, feeling the freedom of nudity, and just being mischievous. In other words, decadence on a budget.

David now had his shorts on and was looking in the mirror, judging the growth of his beard, the one with bits of gray vainly trying to add a distinguished look.  His manner was subdued… stunted romance always having the ability to subdue most any mood. For a moment he looked away from the mirror, his arms straightening and supporting himself as he leaned forward.  Taking a deep sigh, he shook his head from side to side, as if critically reappraising something, before he looked again at his reflection.

In his mind, the conclusion was obvious: ‘This really sucks!” Despite the beauty in his bed in the other room, David was still under the sway of another woman. It was not as if the other woman -- the recent acquisition currently residing in his bed -- cared one way or the other; David didn’t have a clue as to her expectations or dismissals. It was just that David was not mentally or emotionally ready for a trade in... even for the latest and shiniest model.

And yet, the old vehicle had been pretty much totaled. No insurance adjuster could conclude otherwise. 'Katherine is gone, David,’ his reflection observed – apparently having reflected on it for some moments. To which the mirror image added, ‘She’s history! Get used to it?’ The shiny toilet was about to add its own off-color observation, but the expressions of the reflection and mirror image quickly inhibited that particular option.

Of course, the real David had never been one to acquiesce easily… something a friend had once suggested of David relishing the pursuit of “harmony through conflict.” That was a bit harsh, but it also carried a distressing amount of truth within those three little words. Just to make the point, David shook his head no… even as if the reflection and mirror image mimicked the movement with something akin to cynicism. The toilet made no judgment either way.

David was about to make his views known aloud, when his reflection succinctly described the situation, ‘Fat chance!’

The challenge did result in David hesitating, breathing a heavy sigh, and then a long, indrawn breath. With enough air to make his uninterrupted point, David announced, “Okay! Enough of that! Time to create a new reality… time for a whole new game plan!  New rules.  Something radically different!  Starting now, you’re in charge, universe!”

There is a theory about creating reality that claims that when one truly and totally lets go of everything... or just something, i.e., allows the universe free and uninhibited rein over one’s affairs… that the universe takes the charge quite literally. There can be no detailed plans offered to accomplish whatever, simply because it is fundamentally unnecessary to know how a new reality manages to manifest itself… only to believe that it already has.

Think of it like this: You go to a Starbucks, one of those not underperforming and thus closed back in ’08. You order a Chai tea with soy milk, wave your plastic magic, and then receive your new reality from a lovely young lady with a great smile and the magical name of Avyn! It is not necessary for you to know anything about how the Chai ingredients made it from the farm to the production to the distribution to the café you’re now in, nor anything about the soy, including anything about it having been a bean or some such. None of this information is needed, and in fact probably gets in the way of manifesting the desired end result... in this case a Chai tea. All you need know is that by stating your desire aloud and waving your magic card, you get just exactly what you want… even at the correct temperature (i.e. 150 degree Fahrenheit).

The fact that the ever increasingly beautiful Avyn gives it to you with a dazzling smile is just icing on the cake.

There is, however, something that might be worth knowing with respect to how the universe works. Specifically, the universe is playful, fun loving, delights in irony, and absolutely revels in mystery and surprise. There are no bounds on what it can do, how it goes about it, why it chooses the methods it uses, or if any of the above modus operandi conflicts with any current theory and/or fad of mainstream science. Theories of science are in fact just the easy explanations, the ones in which someone has managed to figure out how to do the mathematics. Anything a bit more complicated mathematically is automatically dismissed from consideration by science. If we can’t calculate it, we don’t assume it’s possible. It’s an efficient and time saving methodology.

The universe, however, unencumbered by any lack of mathematical ability to do the math in order to ‘prove’ an attempted description of nature, relies instead on its unlimited authority to do whatever, whenever, however, wherever, and why ever. This was one of those cases.

In other words, David, as a free will thinker, had given license. The universe had thereby taken license, and using one of its favorite motifs, decided to go with the flow… so to speak.

With another deep breath, David reached down to turn on the water.  Without warning, the water roared into the gracefully curved basin at roughly ten times maximum flow, and accordingly splashed up and into David’s face... very effectively drenching him. Obviously, it did so with considerably more force than would be expected from a simple bathroom faucet.  But we’re talking universal intervention here... where mundane limitations are routinely exceeded. The icing on the cake was that the scene simultaneously phased -- as if David had been transported elsewhere via some kind of Star Trek technology. Only in this case, there was the added twist of the phasing being accompanied with a blast of rushing water... and thereby avoiding the possibility of copyright infringement.

In the midst of the phasing, the bathroom suddenly disappeared and just as quickly reappeared as an old, Spartan style, 1950’s bathroom consisting of a simple, old-fashioned sink on a pedestal (with the obligatory and occasional rust stains), and an old, faded bathroom mirror/medicine-cabinet combination. There was clearly in the new version of the bathroom much less attention to detail, cleanliness and/or routine maintenance.  The version was the functional and practical bathroom, about two steps above your standard outhouse.

David, meanwhile, was soaked from the waist up, as he struggled to stem the flow. His success at turning off the fountain was hampered by the faucet no longer being a single throw located in the middle of the sink, and instead now required two hands on two different faucets on either side of the sink. The dual nature was further emphasized when David managed to turn off the hot water… but not immediately the cold water. And the cold water was… cold! But even this icy fountain, David managed to stem.

With the flood emergency on hold, David reached for a towel to dry himself, his eyes still closed… just in case.  He flailed about for a moment, trying to find the towel, but then laid one hand on it.  Taking the towel from a rack partially pulled out from the wall, he began to dry himself.  That was when the tower rack lost the other half of the struggle and one portion detached itself from the cracked and pealing plaster wall. The wall was in such dismal shape, it turns out, that it not only badly needed painting, but the plaster was in such bad shape that applying a paintbrush to the wall would result in pieces of the wall attached themselves to the paint brush, as opposed to the paint adhering itself to the wall itself. We’re talking about a really flaky wall.

It was about this time that David took notice of the towel rack and reacted with a justifiably stunned expression.  That was also when he slowly began to turn and look around the rest of the room, his mouth slowly falling open.

He did manage to mumble something like, ‘What the hell?’

Before David could recover from his shock, Evyr rushed into the bathroom.

Evyr was already hurriedly dressed, her hair in need of some serious combing.  She was wearing minimal makeup – an apparent holdover from the night before. She made a beeline for the mirror, where she began to brush her hair with David’s brush.

Never actually looking at David… save one mock-disgusted glance at his reflection in the mirror… she asked, “Jesus!  How long were you going to let me sleep?  Till noon?”

David had a momentary insight, a revelation upon the scale of Flood warnings: he suddenly recalled the name of the woman in his bathroom and using his brush. “Evyr?”

Evyr had the presence of mind to recognize the immensity of what had just transpired. “Hey… you remembered my name!  Wow. You must be a keeper.”

David was still stunned. “I don’t understand.  What’s wrong?”

“Those damned morality squads,” Evyr answered, “what else?  You may not be worried, but I’m the female. I’d be drawn and quartered if we were caught. And we can’t be sure that we weren’t seen leaving together. Some people really get off on turning in any and everyone else.”

David was still baffled. “What are you talking about?”

The lady frowned. “They’re always harder on the female than the male.  It’s the old scapegoating of Eve crap! Trust me... I know from experience!”

“Are you crazy? What’s going on here? And while we’re on the subject, what the hell happened to my bathroom?”

While David stared in bewildered frustration, Evyr glanced around and then turned to finish combing her hair. Shrugging her shoulders, she answered, “Pretty much the way it was last night, Hun.” Then she turned to him with a mischievous smile on her face. “Don’t your remember?” For a long moment, she looked at David’s uncomprehending, mouth-open stare. Then it dawned her that perhaps she had misjudged her companion for the evening. With a questioning look, she said, “Surely, you’re not that dense.  I mean, you seemed pretty intelligent last night.  In fact, that’s one of the things that turned me on.” Evyr suddenly looked very expectant.

David almost smiled. “My brains…?”

“Well,” Evyr replied, her smile returning in full force. “There were some other features that were… you know… okay.” Turning to leave,she gave a now leering David a kiss on the cheek.

But of course David had to ask! “Like what?”

Evyr laughed and over her shoulder answered, “I’ll get back to you on it.”

She walked gaily out of the bathroom, with David -- after a quick look around at the bathroom -- following her.


David’s bedroom had gone through a similar transformation/phasing. Instead of the modern, relatively accomplished bachelor’s pad, it was now the Spartan version with a smaller, mere double bed, distinctly crummier furniture, and with everything poorly cleaned and maintained.  There are also various religious artifacts everywhere. David being several leagues (and/or incarnations) from involving religion in his daily life, the artifacts were noteworthy… almost gaudy… even potentially exhibitionist – with the latter likely a matter of cold calculations toward practical and necessary considerations.

David reacted to the sight of his bedroom with his mouth falling open – the mount falling open bit clearly becoming a habit -- while Evyr grabbed a large David Cross and draped it around her neck so it showed in full view. That, also, was definitely new.

David’s response was more mundane. “Shit!  My bedroom!” It was only after looking at Evyr for an explanation and getting nothing but a puzzled look of reply, that he added, “And what’s with the Golgotha cross? You didn’t have that before.”

She was now looking at him with a puzzled expression, one wondering if just perhaps this new man in her life, the one initially perceiving as having some real potential, was finally showing his true colors… essentially the orange-purple combination of dementia. This might turn out for Evyr to be just another major disappointment... hard on the heels of a half dozen or so others. Or else, it suddenly occurred to her, it was David’s M.O. to first have the sex, and then exit any further entanglements by pretending insanity. Not a bad, previously calculated exit strategy for a bachelor, but frankly, Evyr was pretty much done with exit strategies in place from the outset. She would have preferred as a minimum something created just for her.

Evyr smiled -- still not sure what David’s confusion meant – grabbed her purse and headed for the door. David started to follow her.

“Wait! You said you’d call. When?”


Evyr opened the door and froze in her tracks.

In the doorway were four figures, all dressed in monk’s habits.  The two men in front were dressed in brown robes, but despite wearing habits of apparently high quality material and stylish cuts, the two still managed to look like Caucasian thugs for the local Russian Mafia.  The third was dressed in black and was considerably more sinister looking, while the fourth figure, again in black, was smaller and less threatening. 

Evyr took one stunned look, stepped back, and tried to let the door swing back closed.  The first thug in brown used his well-practiced foot to stop the door from closing. That was not a good sign… it was not a case of mistaken identity… this was the bad news dressed in robes of black and… well… brown. Evyr continued to back away, cleared panicked.  The brown robed men stepped inside, raising their weapons from the previous concealment within their robes – the weapons themselves looking like near-future, Uzi-type machine guns that had been only partially and carelessly concealed by the elaborate sleeves of their robes.  Evyr stared at the weapons, having appeared to have lost all her fight and self-confidence.  The first figure in black, known only as Jeremiah, stepped inside as well, followed by the fourth figure. The second brown-robed thug closed the door – having apparently not been raised in a barn (and despite all other evidence to the contrary). Jeremiah brushed back his hood, took a quick glance at the thoroughly messed bed, and in a sinister, charismatic manner mixed with full diplomatic immunity smiled sadly.

“A grievous sin, my brother and sister: Eve’s original crime against mankind.  I must tell you that I am very distressed.”

The fourth figure shed her hood (and perhaps a false tear or two to show her own form of distress). The shocker was that it was David’s (former) Katherine, an unsmiling Katy, but otherwise pretty much a look alike with David’s framed photo. David’s face lit up.

“Katy! Honey! You came back!”

Jeremiah’s expression turned to bemused surprise, as he slowly turned to a wide-eyed Katy Grace. Brethren of the hood, all camaraderie aside, were loyal to one another in the same manner as certain species of birds... in which the first-born is obligated to kill the second born at the first opportunity -- all for the betterment of the species, of course. All totalitarian regimes who use the time-tested methods of informing on any and everyone as a means of fear-inducing, fear-paralyzing control of the masses, inevitably have loyalty among the elite fostered entirely by similar knee-jerk reactionary, survival at any cost competition between said members. It’s one thing to rely upon one’s hooded sister; it is quite another to risk missing a manicure to prevent her from being forced into slave labor, beheaded, or kicked off the planet.

Jeremiah had never had illusions, fantasies or goals that included anything or anyone but those dedicated for his own personal betterment. The same could presumably be said of Ms. Grace… or so was Jeremiah’s assumption. If one is willing to unhesitatingly throw another to the wolves, then logic demands that they would do the same to you, should the occasion arise. Jeremiah’s question was then clear in its meaning and depth.

“Sister Grace, you know this man?”

“No,” was Katy’s unambiguous and forceful reply. “Nor do I know by what ulterior means he may have known my name.”

Jeremiah was really loving her quandary. “Perhaps your fame has preceded you.”

Katy turned to avoid Jeremiah’s mocking smile and began to stare icily at Evyr.  David continued to stare at Katy.  The two brown robed thugs just stared at... well... whatever. Jeremiah, having never been into staring, turned instead to David, his smile abruptly vanishing.

“Your identification.  Now!”

Evyr mechanically opened her purse and handed an elaborate Passport Identification to Jeremiah, who quickly glanced at it.  David simply looks stunned.

“Katy, what the hell is going on here?  Who is this guy?  And what the hell are these clowns doing in my apartment?”

Jeremiah looks surprised and began to take a longer look at David.

“Is this some kind of... denial of what is patently obvious?”

David almost threw up his hands – just prior to calculating the effect of such an action on the brown robes. Instead, he asked, “Denial of what?”

Jeremiah continued to stare at David, while one of the brown robes casually picked up David’s pants, that had been draped over a chair. With the deft hand of an accomplished (and allegedly reformed) pickpocket, he one-handedly pulled out an identification card similar in style to Evyr's.  He handed it to Jeremiah, who acknowledged its receipt by, "Thank you, Brother Celt."

Jeremiah immediately opened the Passport Identification and examined it.  David stared at the process until he started to step forward -- rousing the other brown’s guard.  David took one glance at the latter, and quickly stepped back.  He then watched Jeremiah go through the second ID.

“You know of course, that’s not mine.”

Jeremiah took a careful look at David’s ID, comparing its photo to the real person. “Curious. It’s a very good likeness. Unfortunately…” he began, a genuine sadness descending upon his normally sunny disposition. “There does not seem to be any indication… whatsoever… of any legal, binding relationship with this woman. Which suggests a pressing need for repentance… don’t you think?” When David looked aghast and Evyr resigned, Jeremiah added, “Naturally, my brother and sister, we’re only doing what is best for you... and for your fragile souls. You do understand that, don’t you?

Brother Celt took Evyr’s arm and started moving her toward the front door.  Katy moved to take a position alongside the two of them, keeping her eye on Evyr.  Jeremiah approached David as if to share a confidence with the condemned criminal.

“It is understandable, my friend, how a mortal man can be swayed by a Siren of Eve.  And hopefully, your judgment will be lenient.  But do keep in mind, the greater crime is getting caught with your pants down!” Jeremiah chuckled at his own pun.

With a wink and a knowing, confidential laugh, Jeremiah looked to the second brown. "Brother Austin, if you please?" Brother Austin quickly tossed David his pants.  David, still at a loss, took the pants and began putting them on… as they say: ‘one leg at a time’.

Under his breath, he noted the obvious, “This is crazy.”

“Careful,” Jeremiah immediately warned, “Such comments are noted! And we are long past the dismal epochs when insanity was a defense.”

David looked at Jeremiah, and then turned away as he silently tightened his belt.  Brother Austin, having taken a one-on-one interest in David, tossed him a shirt, and then put an arm on his back to push him to the door.  Jeremiah, still holding the IDs in his hand, took a position alongside Katy and in front of David. David was still momentarily perplexed.


Jeremiah scoffed, without bothering to look back. “You won’t be needing them.”

All six people exited the front door, as David hurriedly put on his shirt.


As Evyr and her brown robed escort, Celt, exited the front entrance of David’s poorly maintained and rapidly decaying Brownstone, they came upon a gang of youths who were in the process of attacking the “morality squad” van.  A wounded monk was lying in the street, with several boys hitting him with rocks and sticks, and several of their co-conspirators trying to push the van over on its side.  Evyr reacted to the street attack by elbowing her escort, the kind of surprise attack traditionally associated with the heroine saving herself with quick action and thereafter escaping in an exciting but predictable car chase.

The problem was that our brown robed extra from central casting’s ‘stunts r us’ was into bodybuilding, and Evyr's elbow hardly ruffled Brother Celt's well-oiled feathers. Instead, the Brown Robe nemesis straightened his arm and held Evyr at arm’s length (said arm’s length being notably longer than Evyr's own, personal best, arm’s length). Everything now seemed to be in control in the Celtic world… until two boys slammed into him, causing him to abruptly release Evyr from his grasp, and thereby… momentarily… free her. 

Jeremiah and Katy took this opportune moment to arrive on the scene, causing a momentary withdrawal of several of the boys, as they recognized that black robes were typically a cut above the browns.  Their withdrawal from the fray was also supported by the sounds of approaching police sirens. Suffice it to say, the boys abruptly scattered. 

Evyr did a well-executed karate kick to Jeremiah’s genitals, only to have minimal effect.  Then she jammed her straightened fingers into his throat, causing him to gag and fall back.  Brother Austin, who still had his hand firmly on David's shoulder, quickly took in the situation as he arrived on the scene. In the process, he momentarily let go of his charge and moved to help Jeremiah.  In his quest, however, he was blocked from his quarry, Evyr, by Jeremiah falling back against him. 

David rushed forward to help, but then stopped, suddenly unsure of himself.  Evyr grabbed the IDs that Jeremiah had dropped on the sidewalk, turned and ran.  David hesitated, and turned to Katy, who had pulled out a cellular telephone and was calling for help.  David frowned at her, fulfilled an unconscious desire by connecting a fist with her pretty little nose, and then turned to run after Evyr.  Automatic gunfire was heard, while up ahead, several of the boys scattered into a nearby alley with at least one boy apparently being hit or wounded.  One of the other boys helped his wounded comrade, as the gunfire appeared everywhere and at random.  In the same approximate direction, Evyr ducked into a small retail food store, with David running after her.

The store clerk, an elderly man, took one look at Evyr and David, and ducked behind the counter, yelling, “No hable Inglesh!”

Evyr ignored the man and sprinted for the back door, with David hot on her heels. David could in fact run with the best of them. In any time or space, it was a good attribute to have.

Outside the store’s back door, Evyr ran to the end of an alley and turned onto the street.  Just behind her, David turned the corner as well, but was momentarily slowed by the scene of an elementary school with a heavy chain-link fence around it and rolled razor wire on top -- the place looking like a prison, all-in-all confirming most kids’ worst nightmares.  In the schoolyard, kids in stark uniforms were lined up in military-style rows waiting for an opportunity to use the swing set.  All were quiet, including the kids on the swings who were barely smiling, but nevertheless doing their duty to play and recreate during recess.  The scene was grim and the antithesis of what some might imagine when told about kids at recess.

Evyr dashed down the street alongside the school, with David abruptly sprinting and almost catching up with her.  As they turned a corner, they came upon a robed, grinning Brother Austin who turned on a fire hydrant, one with a hose that was aimed at the two escapees.  Katy and Jeremiah, the latter with one hand on his throat, were on site as well... both grinning with the prospect of imminent success. The water blast took their feet out from under David and Evyr and they began to roll toward an open construction hole in the badly maintained street.  Evyr attempted to regain her feet, as David fell into the hole, and began to… well… phase.  In other words, we’re back to the water bit... and going with the flow. Of course, for Evyr, it was supposedly a new experience. She actually took a split second to observe the phenomenon and be amazed.

That’s when she found herself being sucked into the whirlpool and down into the hole, phasing in the process. Jeremiah and Katy ran to the edge of the hole, looking astounded at the sudden loss of their prey. They had turned to look at one another... in part to wonder at the mysteries of the universe... and simultaneously to consider how the other could be blamed for this apparent violation of the due process of such no-due-process legal matters, when other processes took precedence. Suddenly, the paving slab on which Katy was standing collapsed and she fell into the hole as well. Jeremiah looked down in amazement as Katy upon hitting the water, suddenly phased.


Episode 0 -- Fools and Fantasies

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Episode II -- Underground


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