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Episode XXI -- Shazzam

Premiered 20 March 2009


Multiple Choice -- Episode XXI



David watched Jeremiah’s departure with surprise, shaking his head and smiling broadly. After glancing down and seeing his broken clay pot on the ground, he went over and picked it up.  It was cracked on two sides, with one piece dislodged and separate.  Pulling the broken piece out of the interior, he set it in place and with his hand unconsciously mended the break.  Then he held it up for inspection and smiled, as he suddenly realized a new ability.

Lowering the pot to a comfortable carrying position, he walked to the waterfall to try and once again fill it with water.  Once there, he hesitated. He began to carefully check the water for falling bodies, and when the coast appeared to be clear, he held the clay pot out under the waterfall.  But just as he extended his hand with the pot filling it half full, a futuristic warrior arrived in the waterfall, taking David and the pot into the pool with him.  Curiously, the pot survived the fall. But as to whether or not David was not cracked himself, this was not immediately obvious.

David was surprised by the abrupt fall into the water, but somewhat more so in that he had not phased. Accordingly he came up relatively calm.  The warrior, on the other hand, came up fighting, swinging a high tech sword.  He was dressed in the most warlike, Star Wars/Star Trek threatening Klingon and/or Romulan Warrior outfit imaginable, and looked as if he was still in the midst of an incredible futuristic battle.  He was also wearing one mean-looking helmet, such that he was not readily identifiable.  Scrambling out of the deeper water and into a knee-deep section of the pool, the latest intruder into David’s sacred grove, looked around quickly, attempting to size up the battle situation.  David was still in the water as well, but was next to a rock where he was standing in waist deep water.  Then the warrior slowly turned to him, with infinite menace in his warrior stance.

“Look, fella… I know I didn’t just think you up.”

The warrior continued to study David and simultaneously search the surrounding area for any other threats.  Then turning his full attention on David, the warrior cradled his laser pistol in his second hand, as if fondling it in preparation for its use… or else trying to decide to cut or burn – the traditional oncology decision for prostate and certain other cancers.

“Okay! Cut! That’s it. This is not my stuff. No drama. Just leave, with or without my blessings… it’s your choice.”

The warrior didn't phase, didn't even flinch, and instead continued to look at David for a long, lingering moment.  Abruptly, he twirled his laser pistol back into the scabbard with more than just a practiced fanfare. He then swung the sword in a wide arc and by some means attached it to his belt. Both hands now free – and hopefully not constituting an alternative in ripping David limb from limb – the warrior began to take off his elaborate helmet. That’s when it got interesting, as long hair collapsed about her shoulders and revealed Evyr with her bright glistening eyes and wry smile.  For a moment, she held the helmet in her hand, bouncing it slightly.  

”Evyr,” David exclaimed! “I was just thinking about you!”

Evyr smiled as broadly as David, then tossed the helmet aside and into the water… where it sizzled for a bit and then slowly sunk, disappearing from view.

“Hi, honey. I’m home,” she announced gaily.

David could not help but laugh. “Have a good day at the office?”

“It had its moments,” Evyr replied, thinking about it in some detail. “It was exciting as hell… at least at first. Then it sort of faded. You know… done that, been there, bought the T-shirt, had the T-shirt burned off my skin. That kind of day.”

David shook his head in agreement. “Yeah… I know what you mean.”

Then Evyr cocked her head. “Was that Jeremiah I passed on the way here?”

“Quite possibly.”

“I thought I recognized his energy.”

“It has undergone some interesting changes,” David added. “It seems we’re now comrades.”

“Amazing.” Evyr was genuinely impressed.

“So… what brought you back here?”

Evyr took a long appreciate look at David. “Actually, it’s my own fault. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Besides… now I know what I can do… which is a lot!

David attempted the casual approach. “My invitation still stands.”

“There’s just one thing,” Evyr replied, an embarrassed smile on her face. “What with all of the excitement of the battle and all… I’m still pretty turned on right now. And assuming you’re available…”

David smiled, but still managed a measure of cool. “It guess it depends on how long it will take you to get out of that outfit.”

Evyr threw her head back, laughing, and then began shedding pieces of the outfit as they were all attached with advanced Velcro. She accomplished each movement by slapping the respective place on her body, allowing body armor to fall by the wayside. In all respects, it was the Klingon Warrior version of a strip… and without the hint of a tease. As she became nude, she jumped into the water and began swimming toward David. He jumped from his perch, and they met midway, where they kissed and passionately embraced.

David then began leading her out of the water, his hand extending down to help her as well.  As he drew himself up on a high point, Evyr, smiling from ear to ear, crouched down and grabbed his leg, such that they once again took on the heroic, comic-book pose.  David laughed at the positioning and held his arm straight up.


Nothing happened. The beautiful, serene day was undisturbed. David looked around, a mock chagrin on his face.

“Hmmm… Not quite what I had in mind.”

“Don’t worry, Sweetie,” Evyr replied. “I’ll show you Shazzam!”

Whereupon she stood up, wrapping her arms about his neck, and planting one ferocious kiss on his eager lips. It was just what David needed: someone to love.




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