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Our modern world has many positive accomplishments to its credit.  Among them are the incredible and rapid advances of computers and communications in general, along with such innovations as the Inter Net, the latter allowing worldwide access to virtually any information imaginable and for the use of anyone who chooses to log on.   

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However, similar advances in other key areas of modern life have not manifested themselves as readily.  Advances in energy technology, for example, have been worse than slow; they’ve been retarded.  Solar photovoltaic cells -- and the promise of anyone and everyone getting off the grid (and therefore out from under the thumb of control-minded authorities) -- has languished for a quarter of a century, despite an initial (but possibly fraudulent) enthusiasm by governments to invest in and support their research, development, and ultimately mass production.  Solar cells have failed to achieve economic viability, in large part purely from neglect.           

Potential breakthroughs in unlimited energy production and advanced propulsion systems, as envisioned in The Promise and the Problem, The World of New Energy, Motion Sciences, New Energy Ramifications, and The Fifth Element, and stemming from new technologies such as Connective Physics, “Cold Fusion”, Zero-Point Energy, Davis Mechanics, and Superconductivity have been thwarted, blocked, and cold-shouldered by both the governments of the world and by the government supported (and thus controlled) scientific community at large.

Patent applications which even so much as use the words, “cold fusion” or “superconductivity” are categorically refused, or in some cases classified Top Secret (thereby making it illegal for the inventors to discuss their work, or continue to develop their inventions further).  It’s almost as if someone is interested in preventing humans from achieving genuine energy independence and self-empowerment.  

The current patriarchal paradigm -- which according to Sitchin [1] and Bramley [2] was imposed on the human race by the Anunnaki -- has in fact gone to great lengths to be ultimately self-defeating to human beings.  Instead of cooperation -- an earlier matriarchal society attribute and aspect of Sumerian ethics, and which engenders immense progress in virtually any area of interest -- has been replaced in the patriarchal version of society with competition.  This in turn provides for all manner of devious subterfuge in preventing genuine progress in order to benefit the vast majority of people.   

The reigning patriarchal paradigm is also inherently anti-environmental, thus threatening not only positive increases in the quality of life for humans, but endangering their very survival as a species.  One simply must ask, “What’s the point?  Why as a civilization are we constantly shooting ourselves in the foot?  Is it possible that a less than benign extraterrestrial intelligence is following the old dictum of ‘divide and conquer’?”           

Another area of an apparent lack of progress is in defensive weaponry.  Is there a reason that our vaunted military seems to be moving only slowly on offensive weaponry, while virtually no efforts are being made to achieve a genuinely strong defensive posture?  Or is the problem that the really astounding advances are Top Secret, and thus the average citizen is wholly unaware that he or she is being protected much more than they think?  Is “Area 51”, for example, a hotbed of new innovative research, but research which is not being allowed to see the light of day for secrecy reasons?   

This is a distinct possibility when one recalls that during one of the space program’s orbital flights, there was footage of what appeared to be a laser attack on a space craft.  NASA, not surprisingly, denied any such interpretation, but also denied anything amiss in the unexplained loss of a Mars probe, denied the apparent rerouting of the Clementine mission to the planet Mars, denied the blatantly obvious “Face of Mars”, and so forth.  (NASA has thus earned the revised interpretation of its acronym as “Never A Straight Answer”.  Meanwhile, the so-called “Defense” Department of the U. S. Government denies even the existence of “Area 51”, despite the specific mentioning by name of the base in official documents [3].

It is entirely plausible that greed, incompetence, and resistance to anything which might be threatening to the bottom line of established industries, corporations, governments, and elitists, is the underlying problem of preventing real progress in the quality of human life.  But it is also possible that extraterrestrial “Prime Directive” Violations are a deeper and more covert reality.  It is said in deciphering any conspiracy to “follow the money”.  But if a deeper conspiracy exists, the establishment of lower levels of conspiracy based on money, status and power would be a natural move.  It’s just that there is an even deeper level which contains the true essence of apparent power.

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