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Laurence Gardner

It is with great sadness we announce that Laurence Gardner passed away on the 12 August 2010, after a prolonged illness. His recently completed book, The Origin of God, is expected to be available in December 2010.

Laurence Gardner was a prominent author and speaker in the alternative history genre of research and writing, whose eight published works presented often controversial revisionist theories, challenging orthodox views of world history. From 1998 until 2010, Laurence  was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, a charitable body which promotes the study of the antiquities and history of Scotland, through archaeological research.

In the artistic domain, Laurence has been Conservation Consultant to Britain's Fine Art Trade Guild, while in the world of music and the performing arts, his libretto compositions have been performed at London’s Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. His writing career has included collaborative projects with national institutions such as the British Tourist Authority, the Government of Ontario and the Russian Ministry of Culture.  

In the popular literary world, Laurence Gardner is an internationally acclaimed author with national press serialization and published works in many languages.  These works include a Top-10 bestseller, Bloodline of the Holy Grail -- which gained a UK Author of the Year award -- as well as the international bestsellers Genesis of the Grail Kings and Realm of the Ring Lords.  His later books, which enjoyed Best Seller status and enormous success, included, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, The Magdalene Legacy, The Shadow of Solomon, and The Grail Enigma. His extensive research has provided scholars and interested lay leaders with a wealth of evidence and understanding of the earliest histories of man, as well as the why and when of numerous events and movements. In addition, his work has provided scholarly documentation of the genealogical descent from as far back as Adam and Eve to modern day individuals... of which this author is enormously appreciative in developing his own Mother of All Family Trees.

[Many of Gardner's books can be obtained from bookstores, his website and other sources.]

Laurence Gardner's final book was The Origin of God, which can described in part by:

"Belief in the One male God of Judaism, Christianity and Islãm can be traced back for something over 2,500 years to the time when the Hebrew scripture of Genesis was compiled in the 6th century BC. The narrative content of Genesis was clearly derived from older traditions but, on the face of it, we have no documentary evidence from any other source of a monotheistic culture in respect of this particular God from before that date.
"The Origin of God undertakes a biographical exploration of the deiform character variantly known as Yahweh, Allãh, or simply The Lord. It seeks to uncover and evaluate his original identity, as against his eventual religiously motivated portrayals. Then, following the course of his story into biblical scripture, we discover a strategy of pure literary evolution."

Book cover

For more information on Laurence's new book, see Dash House Publishing.

While you're waiting to receive The Origin of God, we might whet your appetite with some passages from Laurence's other books... the below excerpt taken from GeoCities, another excellent web site with an equally eclectic viewpoint... but one which is no longer available, except, perhaps, as an archive in the Wayback Machine. (That latter bit is really kind of cool.)


“In the context of our talks, we have stepped beyond the bounds of the Bible to witness the alchemical and scientific process which facilitates the Genesis of the Grail Kings. This line of succession from Cain, through Egypt [Egyptian Prehistory] to King David and onward to Jesus, was purpose-bred to be the earthly Purveyors of the Light. They were the true Sons of the Gods, who were fed firstly on Anunnaki Star Fire from about 3800 B.C.E. and, subsequently, on “high-spin” metal supplements [ORME] from about 2000 B.C.E.  In short, they were bred to be leaders of humankind, and they were both mentally and physically maintained in the “highward” state: the ultimate dimension of the missing 44 per cent -- the dimension of the Orbit of Light, or the Plane of Sharon.  

“Only during the past 150 years or so, and more specifically during the past 80 years, have the great storehouses of Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Syrian and Canaanite records been unearthed from beneath the desert sands.  First-hand documentary evidence from before Bible times has now emerged on stone, clay, parchment and papyrus, and these many tens of thousands of documents bear witness to a far more exciting history that we were ever told.  Had these records been available through out the generations, the concepts of a particular race enjoying a single Divine revelation would never have arisen, and the exclusivity of Jehova -- which has blinded us for the longest time, setting us in warlike fashion against those of other faiths who follow their own traditions -- would never had taken such an arrogant hold.  [emphasis added]  

“Gradually, as new discoveries are made, it is evident that we are now emerging from the darkness of our preconceived but unfounded notions.  Even so, our centuries of Church-led indoctrination make it very difficult to discard the restrictive dogma of inbred third-hand tradition in favor of a greater enlightenment from those who were there at the time.  

“The truly inspiring prospect is that the learning curve has still not ended.  Just as a single glacier is but a continuation of age old activity, so too are the ancient wisdoms that now fall to us one by one, with each new facet of learning ready to be stacked upon the former knowledge.  

“Fortunately, the dawn of Consciousness is already behind us and, although some will choose to look backwards beyond its veil, many will step with vigor into the new millennium to witness a bright new sunrise -- a revelation of unbounded possibility and a restoration of our true universal inheritance.”  


Similarly, another of Laurence’s efforts included:

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark  

Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark is subtitled: amazing revelations of the incredible power of gold, and might have been entitled “Destiny of the House of Gold.”  This latest effort is a brilliantly written and important book -- essential and must reading for anyone interested in the enormous and profound effects of ancient history and modern science on the near-term and incredible destiny of the human race.  Highly recommended!  

The official teaser/trailer is:  

“From the royal tombs of pharaonic Egypt, to the laboratories of modern science, comes the extraordinary account of gravity defiance and teleportation in the ancient world. The Book of the Dead refers to a hyper-dimensional realm called the Field of Mfkzt, which is now determined as a superconductive energy field of high-spin metallurgy. Mfkzt was the secret of the pharaohs’ rite of passage to the Afterlife, and was directly associated with the pyramids and biblical Ark of the Covenant, as revealed by inscriptions at the Sinai mountain temple of Moses.  

“With the old science now rediscovered, gold is fast becoming established as a logistically placed source material to the detriment of its traditional value as a currency reserve. The advantages of the revived technology are astounding, especially in the fields of medicine and space travel, but the political and social implications of IMF-approved national bullion sales could be very threatening if not contained.  

“No reason is given in the Bible as to why the Ark of the Covenant was so richly contrived. It is portrayed as having awesome and deadly powers, but these are not satisfactorily explained. There is, however, no mystery to the Ark. Its story is wholly related to the dynastic House of Gold - the Messianic bloodline of ancient Grail Kings from the Old Kingdom pharaohs to King Solomon and the descendant Royal House of Judah. What was the Ark? Where is the Ark? These questions, and many others, are addressed and answered in Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark.  

“In the field of quantum mechanics, NASA scientists have recently confirmed that matter can indeed be in two places at once. It is now an established fact that, through quantum entanglement, particles millions of light-years apart can be connected without physical contact.  Space-time can now be manipulated; teleportation is becoming a reality; gravity-resistant material is now heralded for air transport, and virtual science has led to a greater understanding of hyper-dimensional existence. The keys to all this are Mfkzt (referred to by the Institute of Advanced Studies as ‘exotic monatomic matter’), and the technology of Superconductivity (acclaimed by the Center for Advanced Study as ‘the most remarkable physical property in the universe’).  

“It is clear however, from the documentary evidence of ancient times, that the attributes of superconductors and gravity defiance were known, even if not understood, in a distant world of priestly levitation, godly communication and the phenomenal power of the Electrikus."

Clearly, the power of Laurence Gardner's words will continue to enlighten us in The Origin of God.



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