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Episode XIII

New -- 20 March 2004


© 1995, 2003 Dan Sewell Ward

Episode XII -- A Brief Chronology

It is perhaps time to bring these glorious annals to closure -- or semi-closure inasmuch as there remains the ever-so-slight expectation that the Earth and humanity's place in it may in fact continue for at least the foreseeable future. Say, until next Friday. (As one wag is reputed to have said, “The earth can't end today because it's already tomorrow in Tahiti .”)

In bringing these annals, these glorious chronicles, to closure, perhaps it is best if we RECAP, i.e.:


All dates “circa” (or “somewhere thereabouts, in the rough temporal vicinity”)

15 Billion B.C.E.—Creation of “Local Universe”.

4.6 Billion B.C.E.—Creation of Sun, Moon and Solar System planets (other than Earth).

4.1 Billion B.C.E.—Arrival of planet Nibiru (Marduk) into Solar System. Creation of Earth.

3.8 Billion B.C.E.—First evidence of Life on Earth.

544 Million B.C.E.—Beginning of Cambrian Period (the “Cambrian Explosion” of species).

155 Million B.C.E.—Beginning of Jurassic Period (Dinosaurs and the like).

68 Million B.C.E.—Cretaceous Period mass extinction and beginning of Cenozoic Era.

32 Million B.C.E.—First appearance of Aegyptopithecus , first possible ancestor of Man.

5 Million B.C.E.—First appearance of Australopithecus , Man's immediate predecessor.

2 Million B.C.E.—First appearance of Homo erectus , first truly man-like creature.

900,000 B.C.E. -- Alleged appearance of Lemuria civilization (according to Edgar Cayce ).

500,000 B.C.E.—Lemuria civilization apparently destroyed (Edgar Cayce, again).

485,000 B.C.E.—Alalu of Nibiru descends “to the dark-hued Earth”.

444,000 B.C.E.— ENKI and the Anunnaki (“Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came”) arrive.

414,000 B.C.E.—ENLIL arrives to take command. ANU directs Enki to mine in South Africa .

400,000 B.C.E.—First appearance of Archaics , semi ape-men – i.e., almost Homo sapiens .

350,000 B.C.E.—Lemuria Civilization supposedly restored (according to Edgar Cayce).

385,000 B.C.E.— The War of the Olden Gods (also known as “The Battle of the Titans”).

270,000 B.C.E.—The Anunnaki mutiny! ENKI and NINTI use genetic engineering to create Adapa, the “mixed worker”. This is, essentially, the first creation of man and woman using “Birth Goddesses”. [The mutiny occurred before the use of Birth Goddesses!]

250,000 B.C.E.— Homo sapiens “abrupt” appearance in Southern Africa . Time frame of modern Man's one common grandmother is based on mitochondrial DNA population mapping. -- This is also the time of the final disappearance of the alleged Lemuria (according to Cayce).

210,320 B.C.E.—Theoretical time for first appearance of Adam and Eve .

200,000 B.C.E.—First appearance of Homo sapiens neanderthalis .—According to Edgar Cayce, the Civilization of Atlantis began in this time period.

135,680 B.C.E.—Theoretical time for birth of Enoch (Who did not die, “for God took him”).

125,000 B.C.E.— Neanderthals begin migrating “Out of Africa”, sign movie rights, reach Europe , and began “replacing” remnants of Homo Erectus , without intermixing and without apparent bloodshed.

110,000 B.C.E.—First evidence of split between Negroid and Caucasian/Mongoloid races.

92,000 B.C.E.—First appearance of Homo sapiens sapiens , Cro-Magnon Man.

87,000 B.C.E.—First major disturbance in Atlantis (according to Edgar Cayce). [Probably the advent of “Water World” (with Kevin Costner).]

83,600 B.C.E.—Theoretical time for birth of Noah (“Respite”—aka Ziusudra, Utnapishtim).

40,000 B.C.E.—Demise of Neanderthals. Split of Caucasian—Mongoloid races.

35,000 B.C.E.—Time frame for “sons of God” and “daughters of Man” biblical reference [ Genesis 6: 1-2]. Also corresponds to the final extinction of Neanderthals (which essentially died out over a roughly 5,000 year time period).

20,450 B.C.E.—Ptah (aka the Sumerian Enki) begins kingship rule in Egypt .

15,608 B.C.E.—Beginning of the Age of the First Sun (The Aztec “Age of the White Haired Giants” and the Incan “Age of the White and Bearded Gods”) in MesoAmerica

15,000 B.C.E.—Earliest possible date for construction of Kalasasaya in Tiahuanaca ( Bolivia ).

11,600 B.C.E.—Biblical and Sumerian Great Flood, followed by the Deluge . Also, the beginning of the Age of the Second Sun (the Aztec “Golden Age”, the Incan “Age of Giants”).

11,500 B.C.E.—End of Paleolithic, beginning of Mesolithic in the Near East .

11,420 B.C.E.—Ra, son of Ptah, becomes King of Egypt.

11,000 B.C.E.—Building of the Sphinx in Egypt . Also, possibly the Cheops Pyramid.

10,420 B.C.E.—Shu and Tefnut rule Egypt .

9,720 B.C.E.—Geb and Nut rule Egypt .

9,220 B.C.E.—Osiris rules Egypt . Ra later divides Egypt between Osiris and Seth.

8,770 B.C.E.—Seth murders Osiris and begins rule of all of Egypt .

8,420 B.C.E.—Horus avenges death of his father, Osiris, and begins rule in Egypt . Sumerian texts refer to the period as the First Pyramid War (which had begun about 8,450 B.C.E.).

8,120 B.C.E.—End of the Second Pyramid War (according to Sumerian texts). Rule over Egypt given to Thoth (Sumerian Ningishzida , son of Enki), followed by Maat and ten other divine rulers.

8,000 B.C.E.—Begining of Neolithic in the Near East (reaching England by 3,000 B.C.E.). First fortified city (Jerico) established. Prolification of agriculture occurs with human settlements in Mesopotamia . Mankind advances.

7,590 B.C.E.—Beginning of the Age of the Third Sun (the Aztec “Age of the Red Haired People, the Incan “Age of Primitive Man”).

6,550 B.C.E.—Upper and Lower Egypt ruled over by a succession of thirty demigods.

4,000 B.C.E.—Beginning of the Sumerian Civilization, giving rise to multiple “firsts” of human civilized life. In MesoAmerica , the megalithic walls of Cuzco and Sacsahuaman ( Peru ) built between 4,000 and 2,000.

3,760 B.C.E.—Mankind granted Kingship. Calendar begun at Nippur ; Jewish Count of years begun (making 2004 the Jewish year of 5,763 – there's no year “0”).

3,509 B.C.E.—Beginning of the Age of the Fourth Sun (the Aztec “Age of the Black Headed People, the Incan “Age of Heroes”).

3,450 B.C.E.— Tower of Babel . Marduk defeated and sent into exile.

August 13, 3113 -- Day One of the Mayan calendar's “Long Count” (ending in 2,012 A.D .).

3,100 B.C.E.—“Point Zero” in the Incan Calendar. Manco Capac given kingship at Lake Titicaca .

2,900 B.C.E.—Upper and Lower Egypt ruled by ten human rulers. The goddess Inanna given dominion over the “Third Region”—the Indus Valley civilization begins. Early Stonehenge construction in Southwestern England .

2,550 B.C.E.—Upper and Lower Egypt united by a human, MŽn (Menes); Capital at Memphis .

2,400 B.C.E.—MesoAmerican kingship begins in New Lands (beginning in Peru and Bolivia )

2,123 B.C.E.—Abram born in Nippur (Sumeria), the son of a Nippurian priest, Terah.

2,113 B.C.E.—Ur-Nammu enthroned in Ur . Terah moves to Ur to liaison with royal court.

2,096 B.C.E.—Ur-Nammu dies in battle. Terah departs with family for Harran .

2,048 B.C.E.—Abraham departs Harran for South Canaan , as leader of an elite corp of cavalrymen.

2,041 B.C.E.—Beginning of the War of the Kings, pitting the Kings of the East under Amar-Sin and the Elamite Khedorla'omer, against Abraham and the Kings of the West, the latter under Enlil and Ninurta.

2,024 B.C.E.—Marduk takes Babylon , fighting spreads to central Mesopotamia , and Nippur defiled, while Ninurta destroy Sodom and Gomorrah with nuclear weapons.

2,023 B.C.E.—Winds carry radioactive clouds to Sumer . Sumerian Civilization destroyed.

2,000 B.C.E.—Pharoah Khufu, Khafre and Menkarue rule Egypt during the Fourth Dynasty, waging wars against Kings of the East. Temple to Amon-Ra constructed at Karnak . Olmec Civilization begins along the Mexican Gulf Coast , coming to full bloom by 1,500 to 1,200 B.C.E.

March 5, 1953 B.C.E.—Beginning of the Chinese Calendar, based on astronomical alignment.

1,601 B.C.E.—End of the Old Kingdom of Egypt and beginning of Intermediate Period of 50 years.

1,551 B.C.E.—Beginning of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt .

1,433 B.C.E.—Exodus of Jewish People, and end of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. After 40 years of wandering in the Sinai, Moses receives the Ten Commandments and builds the Ark of the Covenant .

1,392 B.C.E.— Sun stands Still , as the Israelites conquer Canaan . “The Day of Darkness” occurs in MesoAmerica (or a very long night with the sun rising, setting and then again rising in the East).

1,374 B.C.E.—The Olmecs of MesoAmerica construct Teotihuacan , a complex including the Pyramid of the Sun, Moon, etcetera. A strong similarity between these pyramids and Egyptian Great Pyramids exists to this day.

1,030 B.C.E.—Saul conquers the Amalekites.

987 B.C.E.—Beginning of the New Kingdom of Egypt .

980 B.C.E.—King Solomon receives the Queen of Sheba. Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt visits Punt.

950 B.C.E.—Menelik, son of Solomon and Hatshepsut, takes Ark of the Covenant to Elephantine .

920 B.C.E.— Palestine invaded by Shishak (biblical sources); Thutmose II invades Palestine ( Egypt ) [Perhaps there is a connection!]

830 B.C.E.—Akhaton rules Egypt and advocates a single God of the Sun.

722 B.C.E.—Ten lost tribes of Egypt are exiled by the Assyrians and then vanish without a trace.

700 B.C.E.—Ramses II rules Egypt .

650 to 550 B.C.E.—Birth of Lao Tze, Budda, Confucious, and Zoroaster, i.e. 600 B.C.E .

505 B.C.E.—The Persian Cyrus the Great conquers and rules Egypt .

404 B.C.E.—Persians expelled from Egypt with Greek aid. Egyptian kings enthroned.

341 B.C.E.—Reconquest of Egypt by Persians.

332 B.C.E.—Conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great. Founding of the City of Alexandria , and ultimately the Library of Alexandria ( Egypt ).

323 B.C.E.—Death of Alexander the Great (following his conquest of Persia , Egypt and most of the known world). Ptolemy (a general of Alexander) founds Ptolemaic Dynasty in Egypt . The Library of Alexandria is expanded and becomes an ecumenical center of wisdom and world religions – from Judaism to (after the time of Christ) Gnosticism .

200 B.C.E.— Teotihuacan abandoned—eventually becomes a Toltec City .

47 B.C.E.—Julius Caesar stupidly damages the Library of Alexandria.

4 B.C.E.—Birth of Jesus Christ.

The city again recovered a portion of its former splendor, only to have the main library destroyed in the civil war that occurred under Aurelian in the late third century. Meanwhile the "daughter" library, located within the temple to Sarapis, was destroyed by fanatical Christians in A.D. 391.

C.E. 200 -- Beginning of the “Classic” Mayan period (and lasting until C.E. 900)

C.E. 215—The Roman emperor Caracalla concocts a general massacre of the inhabitants of the City of Alexandria , again damaging the Library of Halexandria.

C.E. 350—Main Library of Library of Alexandria destroyed during civil war with the Roman Emperor Aurelian.

C.E. 391—Final destruction of the Library of Alexandria by fanatical Christians destroying the “daughter library”, located within the temple to Sarapis (a Greek-Egyptian form of Zeus-Osiris).

C.E.. 533 -- Beginning of the Age of the Fifth Sun (“The Age of Kings”).

C.E. 1000 – Miscellaneous events occurring in Europe , including subsequent crusades to “liberate” the Holy Land from the scholars and wise men of the Middle East .

C.E. 1,020 -- The Cuzco dynasty of the Incas established in Peru .

C.E. 1,325 -- The Aztecs (Mexica or Tenochas) establish Tenochtitlan as their capital.

C.E. 1519 -- Conquest of Aztecs by Cortez. Beginning of the destruction of the Aztec civilization and literature by the Catholic Church.

C.E. 1533 -- Conquest of Incas by Pizzaro. Subsequent shipment of tons of gold and silver from the Americas to Spain and Europe .

C.E. 1940—Burning of Books by Nazis – in the tradition of Catholics and other religions.

C.E. 2003— The Library of Halexandria – along with “ The Earth Chronicles ” and “ Annals of Earth ” posted on the web.

Interlude II -- MesoAmerica

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