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It turns out that laughter is an effective tool in alleviating or even curing the effects of a wide variety of diseases -- including, but not limited to: cancer, heart disease, and terminal anal retentive syndrome (TARS).  Actually, we’re Sirius.  It’s similar to the Health Tips provided herein, in which the gist of the matter was that laughter promotes heavy breathing and ultimately more oxygen to the lungs, blood stream and body in general.  Oxygen being generally recognized as a good thing for human beings, it follows that breathing can do wonders as well.  And the more breathing, the better.  Breathe!

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Consider the fact when you really laugh out loud...  Try it.  Guffaw!  Really let out a belly laugh.  Then try it again, but this time, notice the muscles in your rear end.  Tightening?  What is happening is that you build up air pressure inside your body, and in releasing it to the outside via the mouth (Nose? Disgusting!), you must also close off the other orifices by which the air pressure might be released.  The whole process is rather funny itself.

Laughter and humor often rest upon the sudden reversal of thinking -- the same kind of radical change of pace prevalent in Connective Physics and The Fifth Element, in which the universe and the individual are profoundly connected.  Laughter and humor can be thus be construed as a means of reconnecting with the universe (thereby gaining its aid in dealing with a health problem).  At the same time, a funny bone can refocus one’s attention on the ludicrous nature of our existence, and in the process of Creating Reality of a humorous or punster nature, we can also create a healthier attitude -- and thereby a healthier body.  Admittedly, puns may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  As Bennet Cerf is reputed to have said, “Anyone making puns should be drawn and quoted.”  Got ya!

Just remember that the air pressure must find an escape.  If one is both close mouthed and suffering from TARS, then that persons is inevitably full of air, probably hot.  Let it go!  Read, for example, The Flight of the Zygo Mati or even Heir Apparent, Kingdoms, What Now?, Perceptions, Survival of the Fittest, and/or Multiple Choice.  For effect, you can even read them aloud (to avoid such things as Computer Game Problems).  And for the truly lazy, watch a good comedy -- one without commercials.  But laugh!

For Updates, see also the Halexandria Forum
(And for some special insights, see the DoK)



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