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The Brilliant Mind

In a form a bit more poetic, we might address the subject of Illusions.  More specifically, the idea of whose illusions are whose: the collective unconscious, or each Consciousness connected to a holographic universe and to its Higher Self?  Illusions may in fact be more than flights of fancy; they may be the stuff of Holograms or the imaginings of David Bohm. They may be the physics which finally explains whatís happening in this universe of ours.

In Creating Reality, the movie, A Beautiful Mind, was briefly discussed.  Consider the below as being inspired by the movie, and the perils of the hero therein. 

(And when thatís all said and done, then you can read The Heroís Journey.)



The Brilliant Mind


Rumbling arpeggios of resonating pianos,

Haunting sounds of distant horns,

The chiming of bells and clanging cymbals,

The bubbling of artificially enhanced streamlets;

All creating an atmosphere of unreality,

One meshed with possibilities of what might be:

Rhythmic sounds amidst visions of fog-bound, hanging gardens,

From whence flow phantom, humanoid-like figures.


Is their reality anything but a collective choice?

Must more than one other acknowledge such a presence?

Or can my illusions serve as my reality,

Regardless of acceptance or popular perception?


Dream worlds that suffice the singular,

And overcome the prejudices of collective reality,

Seem a superior choice to imposed authority

Of what is real, what is illusion, and what is... what is.


Living in a Celtic dream of oneís imagination,

With flute sounds and light, allegro-inspired drums,

And where safety and delight are self-assured...

Swinging a broadsword suddenly becomes poetic in its sweep.


The flickering of three color-laden candles,

Enhanced by a wafting, repetitive music,

Inspire illusions within The Beautiful Mind,

A product of free will in a clueless universe.


Let my dreams be the stuff of legend,

My silent and unacknowledged contribution

To the sum total of universal manifestations -

Even in the midst of competing radical realities or illusions.


In sum, take whatever you like and leave the rest!




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