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Love is Not a Zero-Sum Game

On the subject of financial issues, Money is almost always considered a zero-sum game.  In other words, if money flows from point A to point B, then A will gain the exact same amount of money as B loses.  If A gains a thousand dollars, this requires B to lose a thousand dollars -- at least, according to the theory.  In this way, money is never created between the two. 

The Federal Reserve -- bless their pea-picking, nit-peaking, fraudulent little hearts -- have graciously provided us with a marvelous and wondrous example of just how to avoid the zero-sum game in matters of finance.  The Fed simply creates money by means of computer keystrokes (and occasionally a printing press), and thus provides heaps of money where there was none beforehand -- or more accurately perhaps, heaps of debt where there was previous solvency.  It’s like magic!  Or theft.

The money angle is the bad news.  The good news is that love is a lot like the Federal Reserve's blighted example.  Fortunately, the mere passage of love from point A to point B creates more love in the process, and both A and B end up with far more than they began with.  (No debts!)  Sigh... 

Thus the motivation for the following:



Love is Not a Zero-Sum Game


Superstrings of a kind,

Drifting in the dark.

From nothingness,

Forming loops and curves,

Infinitesimally small,

And constantly in motion.

Consciousness reaches out to focus them;

Using the power of emotion

To fuel its dreams,

Yielding all the forms of matter.


For only conjured matter

Exists in a sea of energy.

And it is consciousness,

That is the focusing lens,

The sole channel

Of creative spontaneity.

Flavored with unrequited emotion

Fueling the beast,

It uniquely taints it,

As in a custom design,

Leaving its own special mark

On the end result.


The inevitable implication

Of this state of affairs,

Is that we have nothing to give --

Only to focus.

There are no internal resources --

Only channels.

Everything is already connected.

It’s just the variety of pathways,

Or connecting links,

Which become interesting.


But if we create nothing,

In effect, own nothing,

Then we have nothing

To bestow upon others.

Our only choice

Is to direct the flow of love,

To select the beneficiary

Of our attention.


Net assets have no value --

Only cash flow does.

Love is not a Zero-Sum Game

Where increases and decreases

Must somehow balance,

But rather Love

Is simply a dispersal

To one’s Share Holders.


Motion implies life,

Structure implies created stagnation

Wasting away.

Flow blockages erode and diminish,

While all non-resistance flow accelerates,

Increasing its frequency

And lifting itself out of oblivion,

Achieving superconductivity a

And ultimately,

Light velocity.


Net worth is a weight

Far in excess of the “feather”

By which the quality of a soul is weighed.

It’s not how many toys

At the end of the game,

But how many found their way to other users.

Gifting in totality is an exercise

In the faith of cash flow.

And such faith is the triumph

Over any fear of lack.


“Easy come, easy go”

Is the motto of the fearless,

The rallying cry of all

Who savor the joy of life,

Love, and the interplay of rampant souls.

Thinking, analysis, and consideration...

Only slow the process, r

Retard the life in motion.


Leaping beyond “available” resources,

Removing all obstacles that prevent free flow,

Connecting with the universe

With accelerated motion,

We open the channels of cornucopia.

With the pivoting of abrupt changes in acceleration,

The universe rushes in to fulfill our intentions.


And when the one lays on the charge:

“But I’ve given you the best years of my life!”

The only logical response of the other is:

“Those were your best years!?”



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