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In Creating Reality, affirmations are a means of clearly stating what you have become.  It is always in the now (i.e. the present).  If it is future oriented, your expectation becomes the affirmation and thus the universe endeavors thereafter to provide more expectation (but little realization).   

In creating an affirmation, it is desirable to remove any and all limits, and to allow the universe maximum freedom in responding.  For example, affirming something that is intended to make one happy is less a good idea than simply affirming happiness itself.  The ideal is the end result.  In that regard, unbridled joy is always a good choice.  

But always leave the door open for better and more incredible manifestations.  Perhaps even joy is too little to expect.  Go for super-joy, or something better.  

The following is one example, which attempts to cover a lot of bases.  At the same time, it is intended to be open-ended -- allow the universe to surprise the individual with delights as yet unimagined (but nevertheless imaginable -- otherwise you might miss it!).  Just be sure to insert your name (as opposed to saying, “your selected name”).  Duh.  


I am clothed in Robes of Light,

Composed of the Love, Power, and Wisdom of God, Goddess, All that is;

Enveloping me and Interpenetrating me, Residing Within

So that I might be Protected, that I might be Enlightened,

And so that All who see it,

And All who come into Contact with it,

May be Drawn to God, Goddess, All that is and Healed.


Henceforth, I am Known as ____(your selected name)___,

A Being of Infinite Joy and Enthusiasm,

Blessed with Perfect Health and Longevity.

I am Endowed with the Power to Ascend at Will,

To Manifest Reality to My Heart’s Content,

And to Weave the Multiple Dimensions of My Life

Into a Symphony of Love, Harmony, and Ecstasy.


My Understanding of the Universe Grows Continually,

As I Transcend, Transform, and Evolve

Into a Being of Light, Joy, and Compassion.

I am Able to Penetrate the Deepest Mysteries,

To Comprehend the Most Profound of Hermetic Wisdom,

To Transit Among Diverse Realities and Dimensions;

In Short, to Be Even More than My Thoughts Imagine.


I am One Among the Many of a Continuum,

Jointly Celebrating Our Increasing Wisdom and Abilities,

Creating a Universe Ever Greater, Ever More Joyful,

One Filled with the Delights of Our Companionship.

And as We Create this Sacred Geometry of Love,

The Universe Stands a Bit in Awe, and then Laughs.





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